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We love the menu planning collection. So much so it's in our 50 Family MoneySaving Tips.


This thread is going to be a complete collection of ALL Menu Plan threads here on Old Style. Please do not add any posts or questions into this Index Thread but do your best to choose from the many threads below one which is most closely related to your query and by all means join that one.

- Make your lunch menu for the week ahead
- Black Saturn & Others Menu Planner
- [post=2857738]Gingham's vegetarian meal planner[/post]
- Eat For £12 A Week & Menu Plans
- Meal planning - where do I start?
- Meal plans and store cupboard
- Menus again
- Once a month cooking
- Organising recipes
- Planning Ahead - Dual Purpose Foods

- [post=928536]Budget Weekly Meal Planner[/post]
- [post=1068019]Meals ideas needed[/post]
- [post=1076613]Staples......what should I buy?[/post]
- [post=1089441]Need very very quick and easy recipes[/post]
- [post=1080764]Cheapest recipes???[/post]
- [post=1093848]Christmas dinner ideas[/post]
- [post=1140801]Boxing Day meal for family gathering - ideas needed[/post]

- [post=1236770]How much do you spend on food?[/post]
- [post=1212217]Vegetarian main course Christmas meal[/post]

- [post=1279139]Meal planning for 2 on rota?[/post]
- [post=1297549]Old Style cooking for one[/post]
- [post=1318607]Cheapest meals ever[/post]

- [post=455530]Bored with rubber chicken[/post]
- [post=1365710]Recipe websites[/post]
- [post=1374232]Inspiration required (vegetable ideas)[/post]
- [post=1366154]I need help (menu and budgeting assistance)[/post]
- [post=1381027]A different recipe for every day of the year[/post]
- [post=1379986]Easy vegetarian Old Style recipes[/post]
- [post=1377882]Meal planning[/post]
- [post=906878]What can I cook for dinner tonight?[/post]
- [post=1386753]I want to reduce my food bill[/post]
- [post=1426214]Stuck on meals[/post]
- [post=1385077]Can't cook - please help[/post]
- [post=1441588]Feeding growing teenagers[/post]
- [post=1467932]Organic boxes and menu planning[/post]
- [post=1467300]Useful recipe site[/post]
- [post=1326354]Menu to inpress needed[/post]
- [post=1448370]My children are fed up with OS[/post]
- [post=1486992]Recipe maker[/post]
- [post=1468667]World War 2 rationing - meal ideas[/post]
- [post=1513889]Cooking for 12 on a budget - help?![/post]
- [post=1576315]£40 budget to feed 5! How?[/post]
- [post=1456814]An Old Style Valentine's meal?[/post]
- [post=1585048]Low fat recipes required please[/post]
- [post=663989]Once a month cooking[/post]
- [post=1586010]Newly diabetic - any ideas?[/post]
- [post=1593240]Saving money by NOT meal planning[/post]
- [post=1622381]February seasonal cookery[/post]
- [post=1615106]Where is the recipe site please?[/post]
- [post=1621440]Fussy, meat-eating hubby! Help![/post]
- [post=1618647]Meal planning worked for me! Thank you![/post]
- [post=1636278]Old Style help required on 3-day menu plan[/post]
- [post=897816]Meat and 3 veg without the meat?[/post]
- [post=1396404]Money saving recipes for Slimming World[/post]
- [post=1655479]Cheap low fat recipes[/post]
- [post=1665082]New meal planning idea[/post]
- [post=1651290]A typical week's meals at the house of Pooky[/post]
- [post=1653108]A week with Tootles[/post]
- [post=1661268]Sing for your supper[/post]
- [post=1665674]EASY Mexical meal[/post]
- [post=1699222]Food budget[/post]
- [post=1699981]Recipe ideas please?[/post]
- [post=460156]What's for breakfast/lunch/dinner[/post]
- [post=1714378]Children and OS food[/post]
- [post=1702049]Healthy snacks for kids[/post]
- [post=1722071]Vegetarian food budgeting ANY TIPS?[/post]
- [post=1732940]What can I make?[/post]
- [post=1724769]After school but before dinner[/post]
- [post=531637]Tiny budget for next 2 weeks[/post]
- [post=1731862]Making chicken last[/post]
- [post=1609859]Another good recipe site[/post]
- [post=1667351]Weight Watchers (no count)[/post]
- [post=1766094]This is what I managed to eat with £15[/post]
- [post=1763087]Cooking by numbers[/post]
- [post=1779633]Underactive thyroid recipe help[/post]
- [post=1785120]New ideas for lunches[/post]
- Deserts for packed lunches
- [post=1590034]Eat for £12 a week?[/post]
- [post=1809214]Mealplanning - weekly, fortnightly or monthly?[/post
- [post=43819]Low fat/low carb/diabetic/vegetarian recipe site[/post]
- [post-1816647]Tonight for dinner..........[/post]
- [post=841776]Treats for diabetics[/post]
- [post=183391]Is there such a thing as a recipe generator?[/post]
- [post=1819205]Dinner for 4 for £1.89[/post]
- [post=1837785]Starters[/post]
- [post=1855552]Finding almost out of date bargains (meal planning)[/post]
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- [post=1865188]Fussy eaters thread[/post] ***
- [post=1909472]Eat Healthily for £1.93 a day BigBarn Article[/post]
- [post=1922731]Supper ideas please[/post]
- [post=1808152]Can you help with my summer meal planner?[/post]
- [post=1937693]Grocery budget and school holidays[/post]
- [post=1956034]What's that link for odd ingredients........[/post]
- [post=1937582]Shopping on a very tight budget[/post]
- [post=1972277]What's for supper tonight?[/post]
- [post=1982301]Need help newbie Old Style[/post]
- [post=1972764]Batch cooking tips[/post]
- [post=1985141]Questions about WW2 ration diet[/post]
- [post=1992515]Spending way too much on food and rubbish at cooking[/post]
- [post=2006119]Preparing meals on a budget with a 4month old baby[/post]
- [post=1964173]Old Style vegetarians??[/post]
- [post=2018927]Shopping bill reduction and meal ideas please[/post] ****
- [post=1819370]Self-catering holiday - how can I do it on the cheap?[/post]
- [post=2038670]First meal planner![/post]
- [post=2050620]Food bill nightmare![/post]
- [post=2052143]£20 left until 15 May[/post]
- [post=2031376]Vegan on a budget[/post]
- [post=2076599]Three meals in one day (meal planning without a freezer)[/post]
- [post=2090339]Camping Old Style[/post]*****
- [post=2084744]Dietary problems - all help very gratefully received...[/post]
- [post=2098019]Dinner ideas needed[/post]
- [post=2095188]Organic festival shopping list[/post]****
- [post=2092274]Dinner for this week - any ideas?[/post]
- [post=2101449]Never ventured into here before (meal planning for beginners)[/post]
- [post=2072640]What yummy foods do you include in your picnics?[/post]
- [post=2115171]Black Saturn's recipes[/post]****
- [post=2119726]Here's what I have in my freezer...[/post]
- What yummy foods do you include in your picnics?
- Money saving meals when on self-catering holiday *****
- Ambient healthy packed lunch ideas?
- Vegetarian
- Eating on a budget and IBS
- Veggie meal challenge
- Food - looking for inspiration
- Hitting brick wall with menu planning *****
- I want to cook a nice meal for someone with Crohns
- Help! - Freezable toddler meals recipe ideas
- Lasting a week for lunches
- Need help with some kiddie friendly recipes *****
- Summer picnics
- Most meals out of one item?
- Need help with making menu list for next month
- Old puddings
- Any ideas? (menu planning for a beginner)
- Self catering ideas and recipes *****
- What to give children for supper
- Point me in the right direction (feed 4 people for £12 thread)
- Help me out with my food bill
- Feeding a family of 5 *****
- Easy summer meals
- Summer Suppers
- Can you help with my summer meal planner?
- Food for hot weather
- Meals out of a roast chicken
- Simple cheap main meal recipes?
- Lost the will to cook
- Stuck in a meal rut
- Last minute self-catering OS!
- Having problems menu planning due to fussy kids!
- Shopping list creator
- Storecupboard ingredients
- Meal planning and contending with different dietary needs
- Cheap kids' dinners for this weather (summer)
- £20 a week for food - any ideas?
- Your fully comprehensive storecupboard
- Dinner party menus please
- Vegetarian OSers
- Menu planners - share your lists!
- Cold dinners in this weather - tips please
- Recipe book meal planning
- Vegan dinner party

-[post=3840722]The cheapest healthy meal ever[/post]

This is where LINKS to all the meal plannners will be collected - and members will be able to find THIS thread in the Cooking section of the MEGA Index listed under "Menu Planning".

The latest weekly planner is here:-
Meal Pans WB 11 February 2007

And older weekly planners are listed below

Meal Plans WB 4th February 2007
Meal Plans WB 21st January 2007
[post=4005017]Meal Plans WB 14th January 2007[/post]
[post=3923948]Meal Plans WB 7th Jan 2007[/post]
Meal Plans 1st January 2007
Weekly meal plans 18 Dec 2006

Meal Plans - December 2006

Meal Plans-Week Commencing 19th November 06

Meal Plans-Week Commencing 9th October 2006

I'm planning to make more posts, to allow me to put different types of threads together (meal plans, courses, special diets, special occasions, budgeting, recipe sites, Losing weight and low fat, etc). :beer:

I've started collecting threads together (now that I've reviewed more than 1000 threads :eek: :eek: ). Please PM me if there are further headings that you would like to be included.

Work in progress - keep watching :D

If you spot any broken links, or mistakes, please PM me and I'll do my best to correct things. :j

Penny. x

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:rudolf: Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding :rudolf:


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