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The Complete Vegetarian Collection

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The Complete Vegetarian Collection

edited 18 November 2009 at 12:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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edited 18 November 2009 at 12:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
This post is going to be a complete collection of ALL "Vegetarian" threads here on Old Style.

Please do not add any posts or questions into this Index Thread but do your best to choose from the many threads below one which is most closely related to your query and by all means join that one.Or ask your question in the Vegetarian Quick Questions thread

Thanking you.

This is a work in progress so bear with me. New to this! :o:D:j

If you spot a faulty link please let me know. :A I have double checked them all now and should be ok!

Click here to pm me - with suggestions for things to add if you have any.

* Indicates the recipe has been listed as a vegan recipe. Other recipes may be vegan

Starters & snacks smiley-eating-sushianimal-smiley-4923.gif

Avacado on toast
Carrot and apricot pate
Cheese sauce
Crustless quiche
Easy lunch
Fried halloumi cheese
Fried halloumi cheese with capers, coriander, lime and mustard
Heuvos rancheros (fancy egg on toast)
Mini veggie haggis (not offal i promise :P )
Peanut butter fingers
Roasted mushroom salad
Roasted root vegetables
Roasted veg with goats cheese, ciabatta and pesto
Tabouleh - parsley and cracked wheat salad
Simple meals in minutes

Main Courses animal0026.gif

Baked red cabbage and apple (steak pie optional :p)
Barley Risotto
Basque ratatouille
Bean and veg stew
Bean burgers
Bean jar
Bean stew
Bolognese sauce
Brazil and cashew nut roast
Brown rice salad
Cheddar and vegetable bake
Cheese and potato pie
Cheese and potato pie #2
Cheese and potato pie #3
Cheese and potato pie #4
Cheesy bubble and squeak
Chickpea burgers
Chickpea stew
Chilli bean casserole
Cornish pasties
Cottage pie
Courgette and tomato bake
Cowboy and sausage bean hotpot
Fried rice
Fruity nutty cous cous
Dhal Curry and Rice
Herby roasted veg with bulgar wheat
Hot pot
Korma #2
Lasagne #2
Lasagne #3
Leek and Blue cheese bake
Leek and cheese lasagne
Lentils and coconut
Lentil and vegetable pie
Lentil pasta
Lentils with tomato and rosemary
Mexican beany thing
Mexican rice
Mexican tortillas
Mixed bean casserole
Mung Bean Pie
Mushroom curry
Mushroom pilaf
Mushroom Risotto
Mushroom stroganoff
Oatburgers with cashew gravy
Onion and mushroom pie
Pasta and cheese sauce - Lamewolf's
Pasta and cottage cheese flan
Pasta, brocolli & pine nuts
Pasta with lentils
Pasta Pie
Potato cheese and beans pie
Potato pie#2
Potato pie #3
Potato pie #4
Puttenesca sauce for spaghetti
Quick storecupboard thai vegetable curry
Quorn and roast veg lasagne
Quorn pasta
Red lentils with parsley and pasta
Rice potatoes and onions
Satay spaghetti
Sausage Hotpot
Savoury rice
Scotch eggs
Scotch pancakes*
Shepherdless Pie
Shepherds pie
Shepherd's pie - using TVP
Spanish Omelette
Spicy baked aubergine
Spicy bean burgers
Spicy cannelini bean and vegetable stew
Spicy mexican wraps
Stuffed tofu
Sweet and sour peppers with pasta
Tomato tart
Tofu loaf *
Vegetable Bread
Vegetable Burritos
Vegetable casserole with dumplings
Vegetable Crumble
Vegetable bolognese/lasagne sauce
Vegetable lasagne
Vegetable mince with tofu
Vegetable pasties
Wild mushroom risotto
Yorkshire puddings

Soups muh-55.gif

Butternut squash soup
Butternut squash and chickpea soup
Curried parsnip soup
Knife and fork soup
Leek and potato soup
Lentil soup
Lentil soup #2
Pasta and bean soup - Low GI
Red soup (remove worcester sauce)
Soup using no blender

Sweets/Deserts eat-drink-smiley-5146.gif

Chocolate brownies
Chocolate fudge pudding *
Chocolate mousse
Date loaf
Gingerbread (vegan)
Fruit and jelly cake
Fruit cake
Malt loaf
Microwave fruit cakes
Tiramisu - Pink stylie
Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream #2
Vanilla ice cream #3

Meal Planners little-chicken-47.gif

Gingham's Vegetarian Meal Planner
Gingham's Vegetarian Meal Planner Spring
Gingham's Vegetarian Meal Planner Summer

Meal Suggestions (ideas, not specific recipes )kaos-animal-cow-smiley-6120.gif

Meal suggestions #1
Meal suggestions #2
Meal suggestions #3
Meal suggestions #4
Meal suggestions #5
Meal suggestions #5
Meal suggestions #6
Meal suggestions #7
Meal suggestions #8
Meal suggestions #9
Meal suggestions #10


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