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Las Vegas 2007 bargain hunt + tips

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trets77trets77 Forumite
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LAS VEGAS.... i love the place and hope to go back this year if i can get a good enough price but ... as i have spent a lot of money already on going to New England in the fall budget is tight for a second holiday.
it seems like every week a new post appears on this board requesting help with money saving on getting out there and accomadation. so how about posting all thoose good deals us moneysavers find on here.

EDIT on 9.3.2007 previous to orginial scope please ask for any tips on going to keep the thread fresh

here are some previous posts to help

I have saved a block of Annual leave with the view to booking a week April to June. See you over there !!!!!:beer: :beer:
Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:


  • phill79phill79 Forumite
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    Good thinking Trets77.
    I'm looking for the Easter Hols (1st 2 weeks in April).
  • Kezza25_2Kezza25_2 Forumite
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    £458 for 3 nights between 22nd - 25th November.

    Flying with Virgin, staying at the Mirage.

    I've booked - bosh
    Matched Lay Betting Profit £992
    Casino Bonus Bagging Profit £3002
  • Great idea trets77

    Im looking to go in May for the Mayweather v De La Hoya fight, which is on the 5th May

    Okay this is what ive got

    For 2 People for 7 nights:

    Hotel: Stratosphere - $490 (£249) -
    Flights: $1186 (£601) - american airlines

    Total Price: £850 - £425 per person

    Can anybody beat this?


    (Ive chosen Stratosphere as its the cheapest hotel I can find on the strip, apart from Circus Circus which I dont want to stay at)
  • debasurdebasur Forumite
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    i booked a few days ago to go out to Vegas with Virgin on the 28th April to 14th May.
    Flight was £312.50.
    Gonna wait a few weeks before booking a Hotel as fatwallet and other sites hopefully will have some offers on.
    But at the moment you can get the stratosphere (ok far end of the strip) for 50 dollars a night.
  • Watching this with interest - I'd like to go back in Mid October (for a couple of weeks), London Airports are my preference, where am I best looking for flights (just the virgin atlantic site or do others fly direct?). I'd prefer not to do a package as I will stay in the area for a couple of weeks (probably 4 days in LV and 10 days elsewhere!)
  • trets77trets77 Forumite
    2.9K posts
    looks like Virgin have a january sale on till the 23rd. here are the details

    £284 05 Jan - 31 Jan 07

    £304 1 Feb - 28 Mar 07, 06 Apr - 30 Apr 07, 01 Nov - 09 Dec 07

    £439 29 Mar - 05 Apr 07, 01 May - 30 Jun 07, 20 Aug - 31 Oct 07

    £609 01 Jul - 19 Aug 07

    expect a few add on charges on top of that i think but if the differnce is say only £50 i.d go with the Virgin flight BAZ simply because it is direct. That said AA would be better seats ect.

    i think it is prudent to say to ALL Book the flight first if you see a great price and worry about the hotel will get somewhere whatever happens

    just in case it was missed is a great resource for hotel deals. free to register as well.

    i have also opened a similar thread to this one on the LVtalk flights threads for cross referencing .

    here is the hotel thread on LVtalk forums ( will need to register to view)

    i was particually intrested in the thread in which a guy got a room at the Alladin for $99 a night from a site called looks similar too priceline (maybe same site with differnent skin) . anyone know if it accepts UK bookings ect. i like the way it tells you where your unknown hotel is situated as you can narrow it down to what is in that area.

    Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:
  • trets77trets77 Forumite
    2.9K posts
    London Airports are my preference, where am I best looking for flights (just the virgin atlantic site or do others fly direct?)

    BMI fly direct out of manchester about twice a week last i checked. only problem with this it Restricts the actual amount of days you can stay for.

    also a new Business class only service out of stansted but i doubt it will be within this sites price range.:lipsrseal :lipsrseal

    personally i,m not to fussed about direct or not this year. Price is my major concern. i would love this kind of deal
    oh and I forgot mytravel direct from manchester approx 11 hrs we paid £300 for 3 of us last year
    that was £300 for all 3 by the way.

    as posted by MAESMAESMUMMY in one of my OP's links.

    this is of course a game of nerves i can afford to wait to last min as i have flexiable dates and a major holiday booked , so if i miss out not to big a deal . however i understand that others are not in this position and need to strike at the right time or risk not going or paying more.
    Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:
  • Kezza25_2Kezza25_2 Forumite
    271 posts
    PS - this came down to £432 - that's a ridiculous price for virgin flights and mirage accomodation.

    er, this should have quoted post 3
    Matched Lay Betting Profit £992
    Casino Bonus Bagging Profit £3002
  • The AA flight price is including taxes, £300 return each. I dont think im gonna get any better than that
  • debasurdebasur Forumite
    98 posts
    has anyone stayed at the imperial palace?

    At the moment it is the same price as the Strat but it is centre of the strip.
    Out of the two which would you go for?
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