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The following is a quote from the Citizens Advice Website Adviceguide:

Overpayments of tax credits

If you are getting tax credits and have been told that you have been overpaid, there are some situations in which the Inland Revenue may not recover the overpayment. This is usually when they have made certain types of mistake.

The Inland Revenue has designed a form to help them decide whether to recover an overpayment. If you think you have had an overpayment of tax credit which should not be recovered, you should ask the Inland Revenue to send you one of these forms by calling 0845 900 0404.

Tax Credits info & manuals - government website - Thanks to CIS for this link.

*Tax Credits - A guide April 2005(PDF) - Thanks to Ted Hutchinson for this link.*

*Poll: How Have Tax Credits been for you?*

*Working Tax Credit Forum - Adviceni*

These are links to the threads on this board that have already asked WORKING TAX CREDIT or CHILD TAX CREDIT questions. Most recent first.

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