NST: Standing Firm in November

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    And we're off!

    Welcome to all contenders - let's make November a good one.

    My 3 habits are::
    - drink a big glass of water every morning before I start on my coffee(!)
    - complete a 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. Only 2,500 per week...
    - keep off all grains and sugar
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  • Happy 1st November everyone, and heres to a good month :)

    Pulled this weeks money out of the bank last night. So I'm ready to go!

    I'll post later with my updates and goals.
    Still here..... but working on that!
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    Morning all and welcome newbies :)

    I'm not too sure about budgets yet, but my 3 new habits:

    Make a list of what i want to accomplish each day and it has to be stuck to,

    Without fail, do an activity with the youngest every saturday and
    make sure at least one room is tidy each evening before bed.

    Three things I'm grateful for today: I can provide heating, food and shelter for myself and family, I manged to source my plant pots cheaper than expected 2 for 50.00n including delivery-they are over a foot high each :) and I woke up in a positive mood :D

    I'm still trying to feel comfortable about paying less at debt and setting up an EF, funny how it has now become a habit,lol. I will though. My aim is 100 each month into my ISA and 400 at least to my debt. My son pays this amount in rent, so it will go straight in although this also needs to be under review. I allow him to pay this low amount monthly, so he can fund his business and get it off the ground without getting into debt as he's only 22 and I don't want him owing all over the place. But he i starting to do alright, so I think a chat is due :D

    Well today I need to either physically or on line get the scotia for the flooring, declutter my bedroom and get ready for going back into the office tomorrow -bitter sweet that last bit :D I also need to keep playing myvegas as I have enough points for a show ticket that the little one really want to see and two breakfast buffets at the monte carlo :T I still want a buffet at the Bellagio, so need to keep playing while collecting my free chips, so all this for time and no money :T

    Well have a good day everyone and take care of yourselves :)
    :A Your Always in my heart, you never ever will be forgotten-9/9/14:heart2:
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    Morning all,

    My three daily changes are:-

    1.) have three pieces of fruit or veg a day

    2.) to not eat any gluten (I'm coeliac but have very mild symptoms with many foods, so I haven't been being strict with myself)

    3.) drink a glass of water with every meal

    Ill be back later for an update on the other aspects
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    Morning turtles and fab to see you over here ani :)

    Have woken up feeling a bit more positive/motivated - the power of a fresh start in a new month :D

    My plan for November
    - budgets: have reduced food budget by £10 to £120
    - NSDs: 15 should be ok
    - lunch to work: do this anyway, being gf it's just easier to take my own, however, need to look for new lunch ideas as I tend to take the same things
    - declutter 80 items: LOVE this part of the challenge, the flat sorely needs a good clear out so hoping this will kick start it
    - £5 donation: to a cancer charity
    - 3 new habits: drinking more water, going to the gym 3 times a week (I know this aim isn't new but I still haven't achieved it :o) and doing something nice/helpful for someone else every day

    I plan to make a cooked breakfast for OH today so that can be my 'something nice' for today. I'm just away to go to the gym so a good start on my new habits :) Today will be a spendy day as I need to get the weekly shop in and then we're off to the cinema later.

    Three things I'm grateful for today
    - I have a day off work
    - the sun is shining
    - we're going to see the new Bond film
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    Good Morning!
    So, here goes with the first post of November. It looks as if we have found the house we want to move to (we're in the process of moving back to the UK after living abroad) so now the reality of needing money in the bank bites.

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. beautiful sunshine and gorgeous autumn colours,
    2. the opportunity to spend a couple of hours alone decluttering and
    3. the fact that I have choices in life.

    Have a good Sunday.
    Trying to keep in budget.

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    Morning guys. Welcome to the new faces.

    My budgets for November are:

    Fuel £115
    Food £340 for 5 weeks less £10 so £330 until 25th.
    Entertainment £80 but I've halved this month and put the £40 to one side as we had a busy half term and DD's birthday is the beginning of December so we can have a cheap November without feeling hard done by.

    All money for kids activities has been withdrawn in cash ready to pay out, fireworks have been bought for next week too.

    Out of November's money I have paid £50 installment towards DS's school trip next year, paid £100 into the car repairs account, transferred £98 to the EF and paid £189 into the holiday account, paid £100 into Christmas/Birthdays account and left a £30 buffer in the main account to cover any unexpected spends such as prescriptions etc, if we don't need this it is left there and not frittered away.

    Today I need to fill my car up with LPG and a little bit of petrol. DS is playing football and DD is riding so I will get some jobs done and go for a run.

    I will do my best to remove items from the house and the garage and will be trying out freecycle for the first time.

    I am all for meal planning and batch cooking and don't use vending machines at all, I will avoid coffee shops although that is not a problem for me either really. I spend a lot of time outdoors, dog walking, cycling and running and will continue to do that.

    I will have a think about my 3 new habits.
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  • Morning everyone!

    I'm grateful that work hasn't taken me up on my offer to do an extra shift this weekend, that the sun is shining so I can take my dog on a long walk this morning and that I saw a post here on MSE about student loans for taught masters which has given me the push to start looking at courses even if I don't actually want any more student debt but would be a nice safety net if I can't secure funding.

    My new habits for the month are to read a minimum of 10 pages a day (I'm out of the habit of reading regularly though when I'm in the right mood I can still read 300 pages in a go), to tidy up before I go to bed every night and no computers after 9pm. I'm getting in the habit of getting home after a late shift (10.30pm) and then messing about on the computer for a couple of hours. That time would be put to much better use if I just went to sleep.

    Moved £500 into my ISA. Now I'm seriously considering going back to uni, I'm going to have to start saving like crazy.

    Beef stew for dinner today. Should have lots of leftovers - some for lunch tomorrow and some to freeze for later.

    £1 donated to the Royal British Legion for my poppy pin (much more practical than the paper ones).
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    Morning all - Happy November everyone! :D
    Nice to see you here ani - it's a great challenge and very friendly bunch.
    I will be back later to post progress and gratitudes.
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    Good morning fellow NST's! It's a brand new month, a new chance to improve our finances.

    Here are my aims for the November challenge:

    1. DH and I have already sat down last week to plan our budget. We are working on Dave Ramsey's ZERO BUDGET, i.e. giving every penny a name. Everything is budgeted for. The monies for the envelope system have been taken from the bank and sitting nicely in their own homes.
    a. Food and Household budget - £400 or £100/week but will only spend £90/week as per rules and put £10 extra in the EF. Any left over from the weekly budget will also be going to the EF. I have less late and night shifts this month so I could do more YS shopping so I am hoping for a bit more reduction in the food budget.
    b. Petrol - was originally £200 but we only budgeted £160 because DH has 2 weeks annual leave this month.
    c. We increased the dining out budget to £100 because it is DH's birthday next week.
    2. Savings - Since reading Warren Buffet's quote "Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left AFTER SAVING." We have put aside £525 into 3 different savings pots: a) CASH ISA b) Emergency Fund c) Holidays/Christmas/Birthday savings.
    3. I will try to be better at counting my NSD's and aim to make 15 NSD's this month.
    4. Lunch to work and coffee shops - I already take my LTW's everyday and I avoid the big coffee shops. I take my own coffee too.
    5. Remove 80 items from the house. This is a major priority this month. Our house is in need of decluttering and we hope to utilise DH's 2 weeks annual leave to do a major decluttering.
    6. Hone and tone cupboards and do batch cooking. Thanks for putting this in the challenge. It is also much needed after a very busy October, doing lots of nights and lates at work, the shopping and cooking had pretty much been taken care of DH. I hope to look after this area this month and cook more from the stores. The same goes for toiletries and household cleaning materials.
    7. Donate £5 to charity. We have £50 in our donations envelope which we call Good Samaritan funds. We also make £80 monthly offerings and contributions to the building funds in our church, which is a registered charity. We aim to give 2 bags of goods to our church's food bank. Do these count?
    8. Earn £80. We badly need to make extra income this month to add to our EF.
    9. My new 3 habits are a) lose weight by increasing the fruit and veg and reducing meat in the diet, drinking more water and less coffee b) getting more sleep and less screen time c) declutter the house.
    10. Thanks for encouraging us to get out more and enjoy fresh air. I will try to have at least one outdoors day a week.
    11. I will try to get in touch with a friend who I don't regularly see and help someone in need at least once a week.
    "There is Life AFTER DEBT."
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