NST: Standing Firm in November

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    Morning everyone :)
    So been a bit naughty already (sorry!!).
    OH took me into work today as he was going into town anyway (so saved fuel there :)) Because I went to work in OH car I completely forgot to grab my water bottle for work so I got a drink from the fuel station on the way in :/ and I forgot my lunch too :/ feel really bad now! :o

    I had granola for breakfast which has pieces of apple in (rather yummy) so that will count as one of my 5 a day :)
    Going to get some fruit with my lunch (so that will be two)
    And going to get a bottle of water with my lunch too :)
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  • Hello,

    Please count me in this month, I didn't follow along last month and it certainly had an effect on my bank balance and waistline! This month we are moving to another rented house and going on holiday next month, not to mention Christmas and my Credit Card balance, so I must be strict this month. I had hoped to pay off my credit card bill by the end of this year but that will not happen. In fact this month I know that I will end up using the credit card just to get by but aiming to keep this to a minimum. Really needing this challenge.

    1) Have been sitting down this morning and setting my budgets (hence I know that I will end up using my credit card this month for things like groceries :mad:) My food budget for the month is £100 a week/£400 a month so I'll take off £10 for each week and aim for £90/£360.
    2) Paid the minimum amount on my credit card this morning, I hate only paying the min payment but it's all I can afford.
    3) Aiming for 15 NSDs (hoping for more!)
    4) Chain coffee shops and vending machines won't be a problem but will need to be more organised so that I don't need to pop to the corner shop
    5) I am planning to take my lunch with me to work every day and also aiming to make sure that there is no eating lunch out at weekends either -I will eat in or bring packed lunch/snacks out with me
    6) Since I am moving house, the removing 80 items should not be a problem. Just to be clear - I will be getting the council to pick up some things like a tumble dryer that is on it's last legs - I take it this doesn't count as I am not passing it on to someone?
    7) I am usually good with using up the toiletries/household cleaners so that is fine
    8) Due to the move my aim is to use up what's in the cupboards so this rule works well for me
    9) Now the 2 outings may be a problem as I have 3 planned! Two are craft sessions with my daughter that are booked (one is paid for) and the other is a night out with friends that I hardly ever see and it takes for ever to co-ordinate us all meeting up together so do not want to make any changes there. I think that I will have to stick with 3. Question - I was thinking of using my Mr T vouchers for a trip to the cinema/for a meal, does that count as an outing if i don't spend any actual money?
    10) I like the idea of walking as I am in desperate need of more exercise and we will be walking a lot on holiday so need the practice!
    11) Will have a think about where I will donate the £5 too.
    12) 3 things that I am grateful for today:
    - that I managed to get myself up early this morning to get the housework done
    - I have time to myself today to sit down and focus on money as my husband is working, my daughter is at a friend house and my son is lazing around in his bedroom
    - that I have found this forum to keep me focused on managing my money better
    13) I have a job that involves helping others but I will look for any other ways to reach out to other people
    14) Well I am already doing the Make £10 a day thread and I am aiming to make £300 this month although not sure how I am going to manage it!
    15) I really need to do better with my health/diet so my 3 new habits will focus on this area:
    - I will stop drinking full fat fizzy drinks (coca cola is my normal tipple)
    - I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week this month (only made it about once a week last month)
    - I will not eat anything after 8pm

    Sorry for the long post, just needed to get my head around all the rules. Here goes...
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    Credit Card2:
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    OK, have done my £5 donation to http://socksandchocs.co.uk/

    May be worth a look at the site if you are clearing out clothing and bedding as they take donations of clean, used sleeping bags, hats and paired socks.
    Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.
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    Morning lovelies, clocking up some overtime in work with the added bonus of it being very quiet so can have a little skive and pledge my lists..

    1.Planning ahead and reduce food budget- I have joined the Nov groc challenge as I am embarrassed to say I honestly haven't a clue how much I spend monthly on any part of my budget so a total learning curve on all things budgeting, so I took a stab in the dark and will reduce it by £10 if at all possible.
    2.Paid most of my outgoings already for the month, also paid into xmas fund, emergency fund, and fridge freezer fund(3 mini savings accounts). I refuse to touch emergency and freezer fund all month, presssies will be used on spendy days and only if its on my list.
    3.15 NSD - Doable.
    4.I never use coffee shops as to tight to spend £10 on a cuppa for 3, venders wouldn't usually anyway and corner shops will be a bit trickier as hubby manages local petrol station and brings home lots of close to date or just out of date items for freezer etc but we don't pay for them so hopefully this will be fine.
    5.Take lunch to work- This will be fine also as usually do, I may go one step further and take breakfast too as really enjoying porridge at mo so nothing stopping me using bosses electric :)
    6.Remove 80 items I will give this my best shot, I have lots to sell or pass on but just the bonus of a tidier home would be pay back enough too.
    7.Use up toiletries and cleaning stuff- This is also a goer, I started doing this last month as under my sink was pathetic chock-a-block so had a clear out dispensed lots of like items together and been using these all Oct, toiletries the same have loads may have to buy hubby a shower gel as only able to use sanex but other than that we are good to go.
    8.Hone and tone food cupboards- We had decided to do this a few weeks ago after hols so will continue, meal planning and batch cooking fall into slimming world practice so just need to carry on now,
    9.Tread lightly- I walk to work daily and will make sure I walk home too weather permitting, will walk dog daily too.
    10.Donate £5- I am sure childline or something appears in Nov but will give to foodbank too.
    11.Post daily 3 things I am grateful for I will enjoy this.
    12.Reach out and help others-I will try and be kinder and will aim to be more positive and gratuitous.
    13.Aim to make £80- This will be achievable through overtime.
    14.3 new habits- Drink more water, early nights on work night will encourage hubby too on this one, join in on flylady. I am calmer when our home is tidy and A serious declutter is on the cards.
    15.2 outings, 1 will be doing something for our anniversary, other will be something as a family probably shopping day out as park hampers are about to drop through letterbox :)
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  • Hi all - welcome to November! Right, let's do this:

    Food budget is £40 per week, but did all the shopping for £27 this week (YS are amazing!) - will have to keep away from the shops to stick to this.
    Aiming for 20 NSDs as usual
    No chain coffee shops should be okay, don't have vending machines at work and the "corner shop" is further away than the big @sda!
    Lunch to work should also be okay as I'm used to it now.
    Removing 80 items from the house will be impossible, as we live in a small house and when we moved last year I only brought with us the bare minimums - however, I do have a "baking drawer" that I will go through rigorously :)
    2 outings - got free tickets through MSE to both the allergy/free from show and the christmas/cake and bake show this month, so that's what we'll be doing - will try not to spend any money when we get there too!
    I can make £60 this month with marking, just need to think about the other £20.

    Today, I am grateful for:
    - my body responding well to me pushing it hard with exercise this morning
    - having lovely fresh food to eat
    - my OH doing some household chores so I don't have to worry

    Three new habits:
    - DRINK MORE WATER! This is a big one for me, I'm sure I'm chronically dehydrated but I will be trying my best this month not to be.
    - Eat what my body needs, not what it wants (less sugar, more protein)
    - Move my body every day - yoga or HIIT

    Good luck everyone! :j
    Bought my first house in 2014 - now, to be mortgage free! :D

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    tog - re your point 7: absolutely fine!!

    498louise - the td being picked up by the council does count, as they will recycle it for you! You may use vouchers so long as you spend nothing more when out. The goal is to save first, not to see what is left at the end, especially as you know already that you will have to use your cc this month.

    Justforme - if your hubby brings home free food - awesome!! The rule is to avoid paying extortionate prices by planning ahead or doing without.

    academia - I can imagine you scouring the streets for dropped pennies to make the final £20!

    I am v jealous of those of you who get ys goodies. I simply can't get to the shops at the right times, and neither can dh. Boo.

    Today a chap came to collect a pile of empty cd cases, so although there were aver 50 there, I'll count it as just 1 item :D
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    Afternoon Turtles

    The day started off very foggy here a Londres, but has since turned into a gorgeous bright day. If cold. OH took his camera out to the garden and took some pics of the spiderwebs all covered in droplets.

    I am so glad to be feeling almost 100% again that today feels even more beautiful. Managed 2 walks so far. Found 20p roadkill. Made soup. Am planning a fridge tidying session as it's got a bit messy after a week of not really caring. The soup used up some leftover egg noodles and veg in any case.

    I think my November will be tight because I want December to be flush. In December I will have around £1500 extra to throw at the debt but only if I keep things tight this month. Which isn't easy (is it ever) as we have 3 birthdays in our home, OH has a £200 dentist bill (which he can claim 50% back of on his company DenPlan) but we still have to pay it out first. Around another £300 in budgeted for bills like insurance annual premiums. So you get the picture. But I am not feeling down or hard done by. Just got to keep my head down and plough on. If my sig doesn't read £1500 by December I will be most cross.

    Removing 80 items from the house won't be hard. Although I suspect 99 of them may be nappies ;)

    Today I am grateful for
    1. My health
    2. Seeing my new baby start to focus on us when we speak.
    3. Beautiful Autumn weather.

    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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    Today I'm grateful for:
    - My lovely family
    - My two adoreable kitties
    and my job :)
    Read my diaryHere :)
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    Hi everyone - heres my list, hope i haven't missed anything out
    • I have also joined the November groceries challenge and my budget which is a guess is £120 so £110 will hopefully be fine, Petrol Budget is £60.00, filled up car this morning with £46.36 hopefully will only need to put another £10 in by end of month,
    • My payday is on the 28th so all bills and debt for this month are paid.
    • 15 NSD should be doable
    • I work in centre of town so its very easy to go into takeaways and cafes for lunch and we have a bakers right downstairs. I will only need 9 lunches this month as I'm off for a week and I do a half day each week so always eat lunch before I go in.
    • 80 items – need this started back in august decluttering still have a long way to go
    • Toiletries and cleaning products – already doing this :)
    • You will!hone and tone!your food cupboards by!meal planning!and!batch cooking. (Even doing enough for one extra meal counts) – Really need this don't know the last time I cooked tea from scratch.
    • I will look at ways I can help others
    • You will go on!2 outings. Its my BF sisters 30th at the end of the month so thats one outing, not sure if I have anything else planned.
    • You will!donate!£5 or time to a charity. Will donate my local foodbank
    • The hardcore among you will aim to!make £80. I have a few things to ebay so hopefully I can get £80 :)
    3 new habits – cut out sugar in my coffee, read more, not sure the last time I finished a book, make sure dishes are done before bed, I have a terrible habit of 'i'll do them tomorrow'

    Today I am grateful for my health, for my friends and my bf who did some chores while I was at yoga this morning :)
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    Afternoon all,

    So here is my plan for the rules;
    • Food budget reduced from £80 to £70, although I have spent most of it already with the beginning of the month stock up and a top up shop (I started my budgets on payday on 23rd!)
    • Petrol budget is set at £80, and I have spent around £30 of that during half term but should not get by on £15 a week as I just go back and forth to work and to my family's once a week.
    • Misc budget = £120. This is for going out, presents, hair cut and colour etc. Most of it is already spent as I have been on half term.
    • I have paid towards my debt £299.88 (this is minimum payments plus £25) and will use any extra I earn to pay towards it too. This month I have however paid for my MOT and car tax from my wages and didn't use my credit card or add to the debt :j
    • Definitely will do 15 SFDs as I have run out of money already!
    • Will definitely avoid chain coffee shops or use vending machines or corner shops.
    • Will take lunch to work every day.
    • I'm looking forward to removing 80 items from my house as I love a declutter and have recently fallen foul of putting stuff in cupboards or the garage when I really don't need them. I will be back on the Kon Marie method.
    • My food cupboards are already very lean but I will use up everything possible this month to save money.
    • No outings planned at the moment but they will need to be free if I go anywehere.
    • I'm just about to go out for a little walk with the youngest dog before we decamp to my parents for some ball throwing and generally wearing them out.
    • I've already donated to my usual charities but will put £5 in the food bank trolley too.
    • I will have to plan who to help as I am a little stuck of ideas for this one, any suggestions?
    • I definitely want to make £80 this month, although not sure how. I'm putting in an invoice today for some extra work I did but I did most of that before today so I think it's probably cheating!
    • I already posted my habits earlier :)
    Thanks for the thread apple - I am really excited :)
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