NST: Standing Firm in November

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    Right - I have my own copy of the rules printed off and with me at all times... I am planned, prepped and ready to go.
    o Grocery budget is £230 (including cats and household items if needed)
    o November debt payment £566 to Stepchange on 1st
    o Aiming for 15 NSDs
    o Already put aside £83.80 for medication and kids clubs for the month :eek:
    o Only get 20-30 mins lunch at work so packed lunch is the norm for me
    o Decluttering will recommence on 1st November
    o 20 mins outdoor exercise each day
    o Cats Protection donation £12 on 1st November
    o My reach out and help will focus on getting dh back to fully functioning
    o Joined the Make £10 a day challenge
    o New habits for November:
    :D No drinking alcohol in the house
    :D Exercise at least 4 days each week
    :D Give chores to dh and kids so I can focus on decluttering
    We'll be living on a lot of happiness and free things to do in November, but we'll have everything we need in terms of a home, food, fuel and each other.
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    Right - I have my own copy of the rules printed off and with me at all times... I am planned, prepped and ready to go.

    Loving the dedication! Does no drinking in the house mean you'll be knocking it back in the garden instead?!
  • Please sign me up Apple ... I will be sorting out my budgets and posting ASAP

    thank you
  • Please can I join in with the challenge I am aiming to overhaul our finances over the next year and getting really WANT at the mo new 3 piece, decorating living room kinda wants when really the 3 piece is fine and I decorated last year so this could give me the boot I need to declutter and make use of the lovely things we have anyway, can the £80 be overtime cash ? X
    NST October #24.
    NSD 16/20
    £125/£150 Family Budget..
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    Here are my budget's/aims etc. for this month:

    - Groceries etc. £220
    - Fuel £130
    - Debt - £23 off NPower - £10 off OD
    - Savings - whatever is left over
    - NSD: I know it is 15 but I will be away for a week so can I reduce this to 12?
    - Coffee/Vending/Corner shops - should be ok as I don't generally use any (use corner shop for leccy so will ONLY buy my leccy no drinks etc.)
    - Lunch to work - did quite well on this last month (was on bring your lunch to work thread)
    - 80 items - got a lot of bits already that I know need doing so hoping to do this :)
    - Toiletries - been doing this for a while now so think I'll be good there :D
    - Food cupboards/batch cooking - did a big cook this week and loved it so hope to keep that up :)
    - 2 outings - now this will be hard :/
    - Going to have my lunch outside when I'm working and "garden" at home needs a bit of work so will be doing this too.
    - Charity - will have a look into this
    - £80 this month
    - 3 new habits: 1. Drink at least 2 pints of water a day. 2. Exercise at least twice a week (might not sound much but don't want to set a target too high) and 3. Eat 5 fruit and veg a day

    Hope this is all ok :)
    Read my diaryHere :)
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    Re making £80. I'm going to have to be strict and say that it has to be made all in Nov. So, overtime in nov that you get in your paypacket in nov is perfect. But not claimed back expenses, or overtime done in oct. (however, we shall cheer any extra money you get, cos we're nice like that :D)

    Removing 80 items is by giving them away, or recycling, preferably via fr33gle/fr33cycle - not the recyc collection! . If you sell them, it counts in the 'make £80' rule, but not the 'remove 80' rule.

    Hope this makes sense...

    See you on Sunday :D
    NST July; NSD 14; Ex 17

    Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish
  • Thank you for adding me Apple and running the thread at such short notice.

    Here is my budget for the November challenge

    Food -£200
    Petrol - £200
    15 NSD
    20 LTW

    I will be making a £5 donation via the link to my local food bank thank you Apple

    My three new habits:

    Read more books ( I am going to stop buying magazines)
    drink more water
    go to the gym

    I will struggle with the 80 items as currently living in a room at my MIL but will see what I can do.

    I love the post 3 things we are grateful for this will help me to stay motivated.

    Thanks again Apple

    see you all Sunday xx
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    andrar wrote: »
    Loving the dedication! Does no drinking in the house mean you'll be knocking it back in the garden instead?!

    That would be dedication - it's blimming freezing and dark out there by the time I get home from work. Maybe I could count it as my 20 minutes outdoors each day.
    I know it's not November yet but I've done my first bit of spends for the month as it's payday. First round of grocery shopping £28.98 and fuel £31.51 - that needs to last until at least this time next week and ideally longer.
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    Morning all,

    Budgets/aims for this month:

    - Everything budget - £200
    - Debt - £250 paid credit card
    - Savings - £200
    - NSD: 15
    - No wee shops - ok
    - Work lunch - ok
    - 80 items - will do my best but have been Kondoing already.
    - Toiletries - ok
    - Batch cooking - ok
    - 2 outings - beach walk & ?
    - Charity - brother's defibrulator fund
    - £80 this month - books ready to sell.
    - 3 new habits: 1) run regularly 2) prepare lunch every evening. 3) aim for 10 fruit & veg.

    I should be getting £100 this month for switching bank accounts, if it comes can I count this towards the make £80?
    DEBT 6 March - £688 NSDs- 3/301 (start 6 March 21)
    Goal 1 - Prudent reserve - £2,500/£10,000 (25%) - represents some security
    Goal 2- New hearth - £50/£2,000 (2.5%)
    Goal 3 - New to me car - £0/£8,000 (0%)
    Goal 4 - Rewire house - £0/£4,000 (0%)

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    Morning, I've been lurking for a while and would like to join you this month please.
    We are going to be moving house next year so I am starting to de clutter, sort out, minimise and save money because honestly it's going to cost a fortune and we're not even sure how much!!

    I've printed out the rules and am adding the following (I might think up a few more too).

    Declutter 2 kilos by the end of the month - I got on the scales this morning and it wasn't pretty.
    Use up at least 5 pieces of material in my sewing stash.

    Use my free gym trial voucher for a month of exercise.
    Eat my 5 a day (might help with weight loss)
    Stick to my alcohol free day targets.


    400 euro for the month for food (shouldn't need cleaning/toiletry stuff.
    I hope to make money this month buy selling of the stuff I am decluttering,
    Trying to keep in budget.

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