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OS Christmas 2015 thread!!!!

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OS Christmas 2015 thread!!!!

edited 30 December 2015 at 6:42PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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zippychickzippychick Forumite
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edited 30 December 2015 at 6:42PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Official MSE Insert:

Thanks to zippychick for creating this incredible thread devoted to how to thriftily spend time, rather than cash, on your festivities. If you're coming from the weekly email, scroll down this top post for the Complete Christmas Dinner Compendium.

Back to the original post...

Right, I realise we're still reeling from Christmas 2014... and it's only March.... BUT!!!!!! I think it's a nice positive thing to have on the board. So if the Christmas early preppers want to post about Christmas, then they have a place to post.:j

If this is too early for you (which it will be for most), then that's not a problem... just
ignore until the time comes and you're ready for some festive planning. !!!:rotfl:

I do need to maybe spend some time checking links etc but if anyone finds a broken link, or something we need to add, then just PM me.:A

I have now checked and there should be no broken links. I have also added some more links! HStree.gif

Any other links to go in, let me know!

HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!!HSchristmaswindow.gifHSxmasmerry.gif

So this will be the one running Old Style Christmas 2015 thread

I'll make this a kind of Christmas mega index if that makes sense!

PREVIOUS YEARS - worth a read if you have time ;) FULL OF IDEAS!!!

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Some linkies:D:A
There is an existing "chatty" thread in the special occasions board HERE

Our very own Homemade Christmas thread and I've been told this thread - Santa's Challenge 2015 Chat etc, really long title - is worth a visit.

2015 Christmas chat thread

Don't forget to visit the Christmas board

They also have thrifty Gifty Santas challenge 2014 &

Christmas 2014 Savings and Handmade gifts

And christmas hampers 2013

Some older threads from Special occasions board

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Other useful specific food links :jHScandycane.gif


Frozen home made roast potatoes - and Pinks specific post

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The perfect mashed potato

What is the point in mashed potato? (use your leftover to make potato farls for boxing day brunch ! )

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Oodles of carrots

Cauliflower- recipe please?

Cauliflower cheese


Mushy peas

Spruce up your sprouts

Freezing sprouts

Red cabbage recipe wanted


Gravies/sauces HSdrift.gif

Decent gravy please

Making gravy when you haven't had a roast

Bread sauce

Apple sauce

Making own cranberry sauce

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HM Ham glaze

Homemade stuffing

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Meat Preparation/making stock/using up leftover meatHS_santa_dancing.gif

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How to roast a whole chicken

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Help with cooking a goose please

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What to do with a gammon joint?

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Pheasant recipes/suggestions


Best way to cook a joint of beef

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Desert/sweet related snow_bear.gif

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when is the right time to make a christmas cake

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HM custard

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The best mince pie pastry ever?

how to use up single cream

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Can i freeze cream?

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Cream refuses to whip

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Make your own ice cream

General Food:j

Homemade food gifts for the holidays

Christmas hamper help for a pensioner please

Home baked pressies

Vodka jelly

Christmas eve - dinner/tea

What do you have on your christmas day menu?

Christmas breakfast - ideas please

Christmas pudding flapjacks

Best Christmas recipes hunt

Christmas buffet ideas

Can i freeze cheese?

Cheese straws

What to do with leftover bits of cheese

Cheese rind

HM cheese scones


Make your own Christmas booze

Flavoured vodka

Turning cheap vodka into expensive tasting vodka

Mulled wine recipe

Home made irish liquer

Homemade wine

Old Style Christmas presents

Homemade gifts

Homemade kids christmas gifts


Best Old Style moneysaving christmas hints and tips

How long after christmas day will you be food shopping?

Is anyone taking their OS hat off on Christmas day?

Christmas eve - what are you cooking today?

Christmas dinner -what did you learn?

We don't like turkey

New year old style resolutions

traditional new year meals

How long does wine keep when opened?

Wine to cook with

red wine stain help


A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
    9.4K posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    I went to the paperchase sale and bought loads of bits. Cards, gift tags, stampers, and some beautiful sparkly butterflies for my tree. Oh, ive promised the other half we can have a Star wars themed tree this year, but let's hope he forgets ha ha ha

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
    Norn Iron club member #380

  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
    9.4K posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
    Norn Iron club member #380

  • miffy257miffy257 Forumite
    890 posts
    That looks very good zippychick you could just put his decorations on the dark side !!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • jaybeejaybee Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    Looking at that list I think we need to start now!!!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Love it! We've had to adapt to a different christmas since we had our first little grandson Ezra and last christmas was his first so his mum and dad visited us before christmas and stayed in their own home for the actual christmas day. Odd having only the elder girlie and us but nice too as we changed some of the traditions and had slightly different food and did things slightly differently and despite some nostalgia managed to enjoy it immensley. We did skype on christmas day, which was lovely so thank heavens for modern technology in a changing world!
  • azzabazzaazzabazza Forumite
    1.1K posts
    I have most of my adult presents bought. Child presents will be bought nearer to time, depending on what said children are into. Cards, wrapping paper and crackers also bought. I keep a spreadsheet to keep me right but I sometimes forget to check it!

    Not sure where we will spend Christmas as family scattered. Maybe abroad this year with son and family, or more locally with daughter. I did Christmas 2014 so most likely I won't do 2015.
  • nursemaggienursemaggie Forumite
    2.5K posts
    Sixth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    I thought GG already but then I thought well I have already knitted a scarf for DB as I had 300gm of self patterning Aran yarn left and it was in his sort of colours.

    Waiting for circumference of DDs head have another 300gms self patterning Aran yarn. Visiting DD in July so she may get as birthday present.

    Still got enough cards, wrapping paper and crackers accumulated from previous years.

    I have always had a few cards left over every year kept putting them in an old card box. I decided to count them about 2 years ago won't need any for years.

    I even have my stamps this year thanks to Royal Mail Surveys.
  • mum2onemum2one Forumite
    16.3K posts
    Xmas Saver!
    I'm slowly getting sorted for Xmas 2015

    wrapping paper
    gift tags
    stamps (another Royal Mail survey)

    Presents - 30 finished, 6 work progress
    Family - get nearer the time.

    all presents were brought in the sales, esp Boots 75% - save a fortune. xx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • TravellingAbuelaTravellingAbuela Forumite
    5.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    I have quite a stash of Xmas presents already in the back wardrobe (and quite a few birthday presents too) courtesy of the after Xmas sales. Boots was nowhere near as good this time but I still managed to get quite a lot of stuff when down to 70& off. Both instore and on-line.

    I can't get the 3 DGDs presents till nearer the time though as you never know what the latest craze is going to be!

    I have had a prune of my Xmas card hoard and sent a lot of packs to the Charity shop. They got carried forward year after year and never sent to anybody - only bought them 'cos they were well reduced I think!

    A bit early to be thinking of food though I did get a few jars of mincemeat and chutney in Sainsbo reduced to 10p, good dates on them.
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  • cat4772cat4772 Forumite
    2.5K posts
    I was lucky enough to get to Wilkos and grab some chrimbo bargains in the January sales and added to my stash of tree decorations (to gift), wrap, crackers, cards, gift tags, sticky tape etc.

    I'm planning to make a few HM gifts - I've taken up crochet so will be gifting decorations, scarves, blankets etc that I make over the year. My gift list has greatly reduced but I think this year I need to treat the hubster to an all signing and dancing ipod! we bought one apiece about 7-8 years ago and his died and he's now using mine but I'm sure that will not last forever.

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