MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you ask for your tip back?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you ask for the tip back?

After a £40 meal and drink for two in a perfectly pleasant restaurant, you pay by card, tap in the gratuity, and type in your pin. Once the receipt prints out you realise instead of the £4 (10%) tip you meant to give, you've given £14 ( 35%). The service was fine but not special. Do you take the hit or ask the waitress for the tip back?
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  • Since I know the restaurant has to pay for card processing (and they probably have to declare the tip to Inland Revenue), and the transaction is over, I probably wouldn't.
  • I would just put it down to experience and be more careful next time! After all you are usually asked to check the amount BEFORE entering your PIN therefore once entered the transaction is complete. If it wasn't my fault that would be a different matter however...
  • def ask for it back - I cannot afford to give away a tenner!

  • OK, I made a mistake (although this would be unlike me in this situation!) and as it wasn't the waiter's fault, I would explain to the management that I am sorry, and that it was my mistake and that I therefore request a refund of the overpaid amount. If they refused to do this, I would explain, politely, that it would be in their best interests to do so, to save any potential negative publicity (ie. the prospect of having everyone I know, plus "well-known" restaurant guides/web sites know of their un-cooperative and unhelpful attitude and that this would probably not be beneficial to their future custom). Should I receive a negative response, I would leave the premises, never to return, (and I would notify the said contacts of my experience). However, I would not penalise (ie., by withdrawing my tip from) the poor person waiting at my table, as she/he has to endure the "activities" of the management on a daily basis - and she/he is possibly on minimum wage, too!
  • worbikeman
    worbikeman Posts: 2,971 Forumite
    I would not normally include the gratuity in a cc payment but leave it as cash so I know it will be picked up by the waiter/waitress who served us. But for the purposes of this dilemma...
    Definitely ask for the tenner back OR an equivalent voucher off a future meal (saying how much we enjoyed it and will def come again) OR leave with equivalent value in take-away drinks. If the restaurant refuses all these options I might brandish my mobile and remind them that I could stop the transaction altogether before it got processed. I think a restaurant shouldn't really include the gratuity in the bill, as how does the customer know where the money goes?
  • At £14 for a £40 meal the restaurant staff would surely realise it was a genuine mistake and would likely be accommodating, so yes I would ask for the transaction to be cancelled and a new one issued.
    If they can't or won't then I would not make too much of a fuss since it was my fault after all.
    It does seem to me though that if I didn't check the amount first I probably wouldn't check the receipt afterwards either.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • Yes, as the money may well not get to the waiter/ress anyway as its at the discretion of the restaurant whether they pass it on. Personally I always tip in cash and always make a point of asking if they will be getting it!
  • No, chalk it down to experience and be more careful in the future. Hopefully the overworked and underpaid staff will recieve all of the tip.
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  • what the hell are you doing spending £40 on a meal out let al;one over tipping??? Come on, get a grip, ask for your Tip back and an explanation of why the bill was so HIGH in the first plac e..:j:mad:
  • toadhall
    toadhall Posts: 369
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    yes, i dont tip unless the service is exceptional, cant afford to eat out that often !
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