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Hi folks. In the olden days I used to write an article and leave it until it was update time. Now as you know we try and update all articles as often as possible with special focus on cards, loans, savings, banking and home phones.

Therefore if you spot a rate change we've missed - or a new product that hasn't gone in yet - please send me or MSE Dan a PM to let us know.

I don't want to make this a general thing as we'll be swamped - just an open invite to regulars :)
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    Not sure if I've posted this in the right place. If not, apologies. I linked to https://www.moneysupermarket.com from your site and was looking at the View My Accounts option they offer. When I clicked on the Verisign logo, the message I got was that the site's security with BT Trust Services Secure Site program expired several months ago.
  • Thought you may be interested to know that Bradford & Bingley are introducing a new monthly saver account as from Saturday 4th February paying 10% gross interest. It is designed for Christmas savers, as it matures on 1st December 06, and the monthly amounts can be between £10 and £150 per month (10 monthly payments) and don't have to be the same each month - great account for people like me who get caught short each Christmas.
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    The tips received today show the above as having a rate of 5% and I actually opened one up on the 3rd April for last years allowance only to be told a week later that it has now dropped to 4.75% :eek:
  • Direct Line no longer advertising typical 5.6% APR. It is now 6.1%APR.
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    This post is reference the ASDA credit card listed, in your Best Balance Transfers Article, as being one which allows 6 months Balance Transfer with no handling fee. Having just followed the link provided with a view to applying for the card - the small print on the first page clearly indicates that there is a handling fee.

    Also note I have tried twice on different days to apply, online via your link, for the Post Office Credit card also listed as one without fee and it allows you to get all the way to the summary and then says the service is not available.
  • Have not seen new target saver from ipswich bs anywhere on your site best i have found with no ties to curent acc @8.25%
  • There's a new way to make calls worldwide called JAJAH.com Works like Skype but goes through the phone so you don't have to be anywhere near the PC. Clarity is excellent and works worldwide and it's totally free to subscribers. Interested to know if Martin has used it yet?
  • I joined MBNA to gain the 12 month interest free period. They are offering customers a free £10.00 if you set up a monthly direct debit, to be payed in January if you sign up before Dec 22nd. You can set it up as a minimum payment and still send regular payments in addition. Its a free £10 as far as I can tell!!
  • Hi - just got a rate change from Foresters Health Care Plan. It looks as though they have regraded their subscribers, altered the complementary treatment to just 60% of the claim (used to be 80%) but kept the subscription the same.;)
  • Sorry, not sure if this is the right place.
    I'm with Powergen dual fuel on line. Having followed the article & looked at alternatives (thanks everyone), I happened to look at my own tarif & found they had an alternative wintersaver extra 5% discount. I phoned PG & they switched me , expect to save about an extra £60(?!). Well worth a free call & no hassle of changing & only about £10 different to cheapest Npower.

    Also, might be worth extra mention of discount off water / sewage if all surface water goes to soakaway. Very likely if you live on chalk.
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