O2 New Retention Tariff Discount 500 / Discount 750

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  • raj75raj75 Forumite
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    Does anyone know if these offers are available for new customers?. A NO-CASHBACK deal with atleast 6 months free and a free handset, is hard to get anywhere else.
  • dc1popdc1pop Forumite
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    raj75 wrote:
    Does anyone know if these offers are available for new customers?. A NO-CASHBACK deal with atleast 6 months free and a free handset, is hard to get anywhere else.

    Unlikley they will due to you not being a current customer and not being a current customer you usually get offered the better phones for free :)
  • meandu229meandu229 Forumite
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    just a word of warning o2 were supposed to change my tariff today but didnt , quick phone call to that 0800 number and they did it straight away, so just check they are doing it
  • Hello all, some amazing info contained on this site!

    I was just wondering what type of deal I could try getting? I am on O2 through carphone warehouse and my 12 month contract is up mid September. I'm currently on the combi 100, I get 100 xnet anytime mins and 100 txt for £25 month.

    Can good deals be obtained through CPW/O2 the same as they can be directly through O2?

    Any help would be much appriciated

    Thank you. :)
  • matrix999matrix999 Forumite
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    O2 CPW customers are unable to get the deals that O2 Direct customers will get - Best thing to do is speak to CPW Retentions and see what they come up with, i doubt it will be as good an offer as an O2 Direct customer will get. In which case get your pac code and get a new contract from an O2 shop where after 12/18 months you can get a great Retention Deal.

  • Thanks Matrix999, I'll do that. I'll update you soon as.
  • katyl_2katyl_2 Forumite
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    How do I go about blagging one free from o2?
    I'm at the end of my contract. I called them today and they have offered me 12 months £20 per month for 750mins and 750texts. I've been with them since they were Genie and currently have 100minutes and 600texts for £20 per month. I'm happy with the tariff they have offered but the guy said they'd have to charge me £300 for an o2 mini xda !!!

    How can I convince them to let me have it for less?

    Thank you! :D
  • 1Foxylady1Foxylady Forumite
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    Hi all

    I'm new to this forum, I was reading everyones threads yesterday and thought I would give O2 a call to see what deal they could offer me.

    I currently have an old genie sim which I get 500 free texts and 500 mins (off peak to any landline and only other O2 mobiles) for £15 per month. I've been with O2 for years.

    At first I thought O2 weren't going to offer me anything good until I said I had seen 300 mins and 750 texts on the online shop which was closer to what I wanted. After the guy spent sometime looking he finally came back with a deal of 500 x net anytime mins and 800 texts with free Samsung E900 (when in stock) on a 12 month contract for £20 a month!
    I think it's a great deal, I was hoping to get it down to £15 pm and a free bluetooth headset, but there was no budging him!

    Never mind, I suppose I was pushing my luck. I need to wait until the E900 is in stock before I can change over, the guy promised to put all the details of the offer on my account notes for when I ring back.

    Thanks for all the info in the previous threads that helped me get a fantastic deal!

  • danjaq2004danjaq2004 Forumite
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    I have been offered 1000 xnet mins & 500 SMSs for the first 6 months, then 500 xnet and 200 sms for the remaining 6 month for £20 per month plus free handset (band c phones only).

    Does this sound worthwile?

  • camasoncamason Forumite
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    Just to update on earlier,

    My grilfriend who was O2 200 (200 mins, 150 txts, £30) called up today:

    O2 200 (200 mins, 500 texts) @ £15 a month,
    £100 cashback as she didn't want a replacement phone.

    Slashing her yearly bill from £360 a year to £80!
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