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  • Christmas - presents in progress. As we don't have kids, nieces and nephews, and my father! Are getting spoiled. Or my DH is - light sabre for my niece, therefore he has to have one to be able to play with her:rotfl:

    I have had to buy 2 n3rf guns for Christmas as DH says DS will need someone to play with ;):rotfl:

    Spends - Bought food from October budget and some Christmas toys at half price in Mr T and some Christmas chocs on special offer. DS had 50p for the school tuck shop and I paid for parking which will be reimbursed by work.

    Overall this month spending hasn't been too bad apart from our food budget which was so far over it impacted on other budgets

    Eats - Biggest success this month has been meal planning again

    Presents - I don't buy for may people and have made good progress here ad have started a list of items for DS form us and ideas for others to buy

    Time - Getting back in to reading has been my me time this month

    Empty - Only cleared 2 out of the 3 drawers I planned to do

    Meet - Met up with parents, went to cinema with friend and today I have contacted another friend to meet up when she is back from a trip and have an invite from another friend

    Bed - All duvets washed and 4th bedroom has been sorted :)

    Exercise - Ran a half marathon, 2 PT sessions a week and have tried to do exercise every day for the last week

    Reading -Read 4 and 1/3 books, visited the small village library where I now live and also borrowed audio books for the car

    Thank you eager_elephant for this month's challenge. I have really enjoyed it and it is the first NST challenge in ages I have kept up to the end. I have had fun and it has re-charged my frugal battery :A

    See you all in October :)
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Thanks for this month's challenge, E_E :) x

    SPENDS - made my target of 7/7 NSDs. First half of the month had lots of spends for DD going to uni
    EATING - did well at eating freezer and cupboards - will continue this into Nov as still more to do!
    PRESENTS - have bought several this month and have done my list of birthdays from now- Jan and Xmas and sorted through my present stash. 2 tubs of Xmas chocs bought :D
    ME TIME - not as much as I could - some reading, a long bath soak, a couple of solitary walks
    READING - only managed one full book and have started another. Not sure way (change of season, maybe?) but I have been shattered and have gone to bed and slept, rather than read a chapter or two first
    EMPTY - my bathroom c-o-d sorted through and tidied. SOme towels removed and given to charity. Some items given to DD for uni. Totally failed at wardrobe - huge mess and needs doing asap
    FAMILY/ FRIENDS - big family party at start of month
    BED - still too warm for Autumn duvet - still on 4.5tog with pooen windows :D However, under bed sorted and vacuumed. Garden - some progress made - pots to finish off and final lawn cut to be done in the next week (ran out of room in garden waste bin - was emptied yesterday but it has been raining since!)
    EXERCISE - a couple of good weeks, a couple of poor weeks. Weight gain over month of 3lb :(
    MICHAELMAS - dropped off items in food bank collection point at supermarket. School is doing another collection in Oct for harvest festival - have started collecting things.

    Feeling optimistic about October! :D
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    .Thank you for running the thread Eager Elephant. I haven't done very well but then all in all I haven't done too badly.

    Didn't make the SFD target and overspent on food (well rubbish actually) especially considering I started with lots of leftover party food (still have some eggs and cheese).

    Reading - must have read 30 books, a few non-fiction (Christmas crafts, Local history trains and trams) and enjoying the classic sci-fi titles. Currently reading 'The Martian' which I picked up at the librry when x_raphael_xx mentioned it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had some sleeping and reading days but also substituted reading for screen time.

    The garden still needs more work but have made a start on re-filling the green bin today. All the bedding has been (quilts and coverlats) washed so they are ready when we feel the need to have extra layers.

    Several drawers and cupboards have been put in order. The new increased dosage of anti-depressant seems to be suiting me. Only started this week but I am feeling much clearer and in control - at least if I decide to do something, I haven't forgotten what is was five minutes later .

    Money is okay, far better than expected but I need to keep trying.

    Today I have made a start on a tedious project which needs doing. I have also rounded up all categories of rubbish/ recycling and washing up. There are several jobs which are not yet completed but I keep hacking away at them.

    Didn't really do the social part of the challenge (had just done mum's party which was the largest family gathering for some time) but I have just come back from film club. I am a bit anxious before I go out (counselling, crafts, local history) but once I get out I am okay, just need to keep fighting the urge to hide under the bedclothes.

    Today I am grateful for my socks. I had a 5 pack of sports socks gifted to me by DS1 and some black ones (4 out of a 5 pack) which DS3 bought thinking they would 'do' plus assorted oddments. These did me for about 3 years. Last year I used a voucher to buy a multi-pack of pastel colours/ white stripes and this year I bought a new pack. I use a simple process of finding the ones with most cotton content and then picking something which goes with the clothes I wear (still got some black ones left).

    So I have some with small spots on them, some with large polka dots on , mostly white but with some silvery glittery spots and today I chose my bee socks. These are white with a turquoise line every so often and life size drawings of bees. If I'm dressed up I try for a subtle pair but all my socks give me joy and it has becoame a regular little pleasure in my day.
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  • FmessFmess Forumite
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    Thanks for the challenge EE :)

    I got to 14 SFDs :) and met most of the other parts of the challenge except reading a book, which is on my list of things to entertain me during half term.

    See you all on the other side ;)
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Thanks for running this month EE.

    We have kept within our budgets mostly with just a few unnecessary spends along the way.
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  • Eager_ElephantEager_Elephant Forumite
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    Spends – I managed 15 NSD’s this month.

    Eating – Have been eating bits from the freezer but we still have a lot in there (not including the pork). I took lunch into work every day except one.

    Presents – Got one present this month for Xmas but have some ideas for others.

    Time – I have been taking time for myself, just little bits here and there and am definitely going at a slower pace.

    Empty – I sorted the spice drawer and also got rid of some of the alcohol under the sink – I sent it to Uni with DS.

    Meet met up with my bestie, we had a fab meal out. Time always flies when we meet up.

    Bed– small shed roof not yet fixed, need to find suitable wood – preferably scavenged than paid for!! Did under the bed which took all day!!!

    Exercise – Loads of walking with the dogs, even better when its colder as can go further.

    Reading – Have managed to read one library book – My Life On a Hillside Allotment by Terry Walton. Terry is the allotment gardener who features on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 programme and it was a book about his life and how he got into allotment gardening. I found it fascinating when he talked about the characters on the plot and the community spirit, I am now 2 years into my stint of a newly formed allotment group and it gave me some good ideas.

    Budget – massively overspent with DS going to Uni. Did not update YNAB all month.

    Didn’t donate to food bank in the end but did partake in a shared meal with fellow smallholders.
  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Thanks for running the September thread EE. I had a very mixed month all in all - massively over on the grocery budget just because I'm unwell and can't be bothered with food generally but have a family to cater for...
    Hand made Christmas is progressing ok, I made my NSD target with a sneaky 14th NSD yesterday. Haven't finished reading the book, but I have lots of other relaxing projects on the go.
    Right - I'm off to be a ferret for a month now :D
  • Eager_ElephantEager_Elephant Forumite
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    Just wanted to thank everyone and say t2027.gifand t2036.gif

    Thank you all for joining in with my October challenge.

    Everyone did amazingly and you are all fab Turtles!!!!!
  • Calling14Calling14 Forumite
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    Aww Cheers EE:j
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