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  • Getting quotes of around £45-£50 for 1 off 47kg propane delivered in North Yorkshire, anyone getting better prices?
  • Thanks EZAWIX......... Pity I didn't see that two months ago, I have just signed a two year contract with Flogas. They wanted five, but I stuck to two. Hope I can get out of it easy if new switch regs come in.
    I have had them for over 10 years and the price has NEVER come down, not once. Now paying 42.1p per litre plus 5p surcharge, plus tank rental. What a money grabbing company they really are, they want sorting out !!!
  • Hope you can all help, we are new to LPG having bought a bungalow in September this year which has central heating and gas hob running on LPG. The previous owners kindly left us with the tank 75% full, however this is now down to just under 40%. As soon as we moved in we were sent a new 2 year contract to sign from BP who own the tank, however, I had done a bit of research and knew about the new regulations which should be coming in, although it was thought by most suppliers that it was going to be January, now we know it is not happening until April, what I want to know is, will BP still come and fill us up if we haven't signed a contract? I don't want to be freezing through the winter!!

    If the worst comes to the worst we will have to shop around and sign up to a new supplier, if BP aren't competitive, and we have been told that we won't have to pay an uplift fee as we aren't in contract, should we decide to change supplier. Shellgas were the only suppliers that would charge for a new instal.

    any advice gratefully received on average usage, how long we can expect the 40% remaining to last etc.. it is a 3 bed bungalow, there are 2 of us and we both work full time.

    thank you
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  • Im no expert by any means and I wont pretend to be. I moved into a property this time last year. The property has a propane tank which belongs to calorgas. During the last year Calorgas has been topping the tank up with no problem. They new full well that the property had new owners. They did contact us when we moved in and said that they would send a rep around to explain the propane gas system, but they never did. We never signed a contact with them, but have been charged for the gas top ups plus the rental of the tank + vat. No problem with paying for this as we used the gas and the tank. Calorgas has now written to us to tell us that they are putting up the price that we pay to 0.48 ppl. We were paying 0.36 ppl. This is a big jump in the cost per litre. What Calorgas is not aware of is that my car runs on propane so I do have some knolage of fuel costs both locally and nationally as I keep an eye on the cost of propane. Propane for cars is known as either LPG or Autogas. Either way its propane gas. Some of the people on here may well be paying more for their domestic propane gas then I am for the propane gas that I and many others are putting into our cars. I pay calorgas .48 ppl for the gas that I put into my car. The cheapest Lpg/Autogas that I have heard of costs if true 39.9 ppl. A lot of petrol stations, ie, Morrisons, Total and Bp are charging 49.9 ppl. In Birmingham there are places selling autogas for around .44 ppl. (Flowgas deport). These prices include road fuel duty and vat. What you see is what you pay. With knowing what I know I will not be paying Calorgas the .48 ppl. I have now found a supplier who will supply me with 47kg bottles of gas for £37.50. I will have to buy 10 bottles at a time. Each 47kg of bottled gas should contain 94 litres of propane gas. With a minor modification to my gas system I intend to use the bottled gas if Calorgas dont want to play ball and reduce their prices.
    I dont want to tell them to stuff it as I dont want them to remove their tank.
    I will simply tell the Thanks, but no thanks and to contact me when they can offer me a better price and one that I can afford. My reason for this is that things will be changing next April and I dont want to suffer any unexpected costs. ie. having to pay for a new tank installation. I still have about half a tank of gas in the tank so I will carry on paying the rental for the tank, but I will do my best to string it out until next April by using the bottled gas instead. I hope that this infomation helps others.

    Best wishes.

    PS. For autogas prices try petrolprices.com. They DO NOT show the prices of the smaller indipendant autogas retailers who can be a lot cheaper, but its a good place to start.
  • Hello, can anyone else confirm what a customer service agent at BP told me a few days ago, i.e. that there was a price change on the way for LPG? when I replied, "I hope that it would be in a downwardly direction" she seemed to agree it would be! I'm paying around 45p /l now, and using a LOT of gas, (400l per month - 2 bed bungalow)

  • Have recently moved into our new house on Anglesey which is heated off LPG. Currently using 2x46kg bottles every 3 weeks for heating and water only. Was quite surprised at how expensive this is but must admit only heating water in Summer seems to use hardly any gas. Currently paying £43 per bottle(delivered) from CamGas which actually seems quite reasonable compared to others on this forum. Have enquired about a bulk tank and was quoted £250 for installation plus £42 pa standing charge. Current bulk price 42ppl but told that this would fall to about 40ppl in January. As others have said, deregulation will occur in April which will allow you to shop around without having to change tanks. If anyone knows of a cheaper way to obtain domestic LPG I would love to know.
  • Hi,
    I would just like to update people to my dispute with calorgas. After sending a few emails and receiving a few back I was offered £25.00 as a goodwill gesture. I sent an email back refusing this gesture of goodwill and I asked for the name and contact number for my area rep. I received an email back that said " I have had a word with the Rep who would like your contact number so as he can contact you please ". I sent back an email with my telephone number and then waited. A few days later I got a call in the early eavening from the area rep. He told me that he had got a message to contact me, but he said that he had not been told why. Wow, aint that strange. Anyway I explained that I had received a letter from Calorgas last month that stated the price that I am paying was to increase from 35.16 ppl to 48.90 ppl. I told him that I had been emailing a person at Calorgas to try and sort things out, but I was getting nowhere. Without anymore explaining he said that the price of lpg had recently dropped and that he would speak to that person and tell them to carry on charging me at the old price for the time being. He went on to say that he did not know how long they would be able to charge me 35.15 ppl and that I should fully expect the price to go up in the near future. What would you all make of that. Today I saw that a barrel of oil had fallen to around $40.00 a barrel. Not withstanding this I already knew that the price of lpg had fallen as I keep an eye on the price of autogas. He agreed to send me written confomation that there would be no price increase and that I would still be charged 35.15 ppl. To day I got an account statement from Calorgas showing a £25.00 credit. Remember that goodwill gesture that I refused. I am now waiting for the letter that should confirm that I will still be charged 35.15 ppl. I dont think that I will be able to contain myself if I am made to wait too long. If I do get this letter then Im quids in for Chrismas.
    That will make a change. Until next April then.

  • Somehow we need to get a consumer body organised to defend against unfair price rigging of the domestic LPG market. Can't see this government helping.

    Let's get to the facts:
    1. The demand for domestic LPG is static (and now possibly declining overall because of recession). That was stated in one of the supplier's defences of the Competition Commission's 2006 enquiry.
    2. Also, a google search for StatoilHydro found a PDF showing that the current wholesale price of LPG was (as of Oct 08) at the Q3 2005 level. That is to say you should not be paying any more than you were then. What the price actually is is a closely guarded secret. It is, I'm told, 'set' by the main players in the market (Shell/BP/Calor and so on) based on some formula.
    3. LPG is a by-product of oil refining and can be manufactured from natural gas as well. Supply exceeds demand.
    4. Whilst oil prices reflect world demand LPG prices are not traded in the same way. IMHO this makes a mockery of competition - since they can decide any price they like. You cannot check that price other than by getting a quote from another supplier who is also a member of the same 'pricing club'. Thus, as we've discovered their prices are robustly defended.
    5. The Competition Commission have made it easier to switch (as of April next) but haven't tackled the core issue.
    6. Let's put some colour on this: June 2006 was the last date for my contract price. Oil was $72.50 barrel at that time. My current price is 70% more now and went up to its peak in June / July when oil reached $147. Sound familiar? Since Sept 08 oil has traded below $70 dollars and is now $40. Despite the fall in the £ that's still a sickening profit for the LPG trade. And of course no price reductions.
    7. If this was a truly competitive market, the LPG companies would need to show that they are merely reflecting a 70% increase in demand for their product. Yet as I have pointed out their own submission to the CC stated demand was at best static. This seems to confirm that the price increase in not demand led (or oil price led) - but straightforward opportunistic profiteering. They have seen other fuels rise and have jumped on the bandwagon.
    8. What I'd like to see is someone from the industry respond to this criticism and explain their actions and defend them if they're squeaky clean!
    9. I suggest that if you've a concern don't just write to a forum like this - do what I 've just done and write to Prime Minister and let's get some action on this.
  • Hi everyone,
    I commented a while ago on this forum about the prices. I use two 47kg bottles every 3 to 4 weeks through the winter. I pay £87.49 for two bottles from Calor in Derbyshire. Can anyone suggest anywhere cheaper?
    Propane seems such an expensive fuel for heating,I have looked into having a bulk tank but apart from convenience doesnt seem to be cheaper than bottles.
    I do have a log burner which helps but would love to hear from anyone else who has researched alternatives to lpg.
  • Try:
    Energas Ltd
    Haslams Lane, Alfreton Road,
    Derby, DE22 1EB
    Telephone: 01332 363251 (Equipment)
    Gas: 01332 364121

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