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  • 1 off LPG 47KG Propane delivered Thirsk area N Yorks £32.50 by Flogas
    what are others paying?
  • :confused: 47 kg propane bottle in Derbyshire is around £47. I am having problems finding a cheaper supplier.Can anyone help??.Pleeeaaassseee help!!!
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    see list of cylinder suppliers here


    click on 'contents' (top left hand)

    then click on third link from bottom 'Cylinder Suppliers'

    then shop around
  • We live in North Herefordshire, just 300 yards from the end of the Gas pipeline. Transco want £10,000 to extend their pipe. So we use Flogas LPG in a bulk tank. The price has gone up three times in the last two months, and we are now paying over 36p per litre. That equates to about £110 per month to heat our three bedroomed house at five hours per day. If the price keeps rising we will resort to electric fires, that is a cheaper but less convenient option. Nobody seems to comment or care about us LPG users. I tried our MP, but you can guess the non committal answer !
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    Given that 36p per litre equates to arround 5.3p per kwh your still infinately cheaper with LPG than electric fires on conventional tariff
  • Here in west/northwest wales we were paying £38 for 47kg propane but just gone up to £41. However, it is still cheaper than calor. the price includes delivery which is regular, at least once a week, very reliable based in South Gwynedd. Supplier is called Pocock Gas. They have their own bottles and also have flogas.
  • I also am in the position of recently moving to a 4 bedroom property and have just gone through 3 x 47kg cylinders provided by Handygas at a cost of £105 in only 16 days!! We live only minutes outside Exeter and I cannot believe the village is not supplied by mains gas.

    Has anyone any advice about petitioning companies such as Wales and West Utilities encouraging them to include rural areas in the mains gas network. I have also asked my local MP to take up this issue.

    Any help or success stories will be much appreciated.
  • PCollins, I wish you luck. We are about 300 yards from the end of the Transco gas pipe. As my earlier post said, they wanted £10k to extend the pipe, and even that was conditional on my neighbour taking their gas. Then I would have to pay to have it piped up my drive, and connected to a converted gas boiler. They only seem interested in mass sales, oh yes, I tried my MP also, predictable waste of time. Private companies and all that...... We have two log burners and use them as much as possible, it is cheaper than using the CH with LPG....
  • The cheapest supplier for me in my area is Calor direct,they charge £78.40 for two bottles inc delivery. I live in a large 3 bed detached house which is double glazed and cavity wall insulated.This does not make much difference to the massive cost I have to pay to heat my home, so much so I am considering moving over to oil central heating.Even when oil prices are high it seems to be more economical than lpg.The below link is a comparitive survey for central heating costs
    Does anyone know whether a bulk lpg tank would be cheaper in the long run? I have also been considering a ground source heat pump http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/generate_your_own_energy/types_of_renewables/ground_source_heat_pumps
    Any ideas or experience would be gratefully received.
  • Good to hear from you Fizzy. I have just had my next bank of 3 x 47kg cylinders delivered to also be informed of a price increase to £112.50 (includes delivery by Handigas. I have also considered a bulk LPG tank through BP which does appear to be 12p/litre cheaper. The only issue is they want me to sign a contract before having an engineer around. After which I will be informed if my property is suitable. Having discussed further on the phone there are a number of additional 'hidden' costs including digging a trench from the tank to the property and having foundations upon which to put the tank on. I have informed them I would only consider them if they sent an engineer around before I signed any contract (remember there is also a tie in).

    I honestly cannot believe the cost of heating a home on LPG. We have moved into a lovely 4 bedroom character property and we are almost a slave to the living room which has a wood burner. I am even considering showering at work to reduce costs?????

    We do have an older Worcester boiler and I am thinking about having that replaced with a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 = £940 (recommended by Which) since it can be converted to LPG. Does anyone know if this would make a significant difference in heating costs? I have also had a £5600 quote for double glazing thinking this may also help with reducing costs and condensation.

    I feel LPG is a criminal waste of money and praying my pursuit of Wales and West Utilities may result in mains gas coming to our village. My advice to anyone considering buying a property with LPG is that when you are informed by the owners they use however much gas each year, ask them what sacrifices they are making (i.e. does this include simply putting on the CH for an hour a day plus one shower, if so you cannot call this living).

    Once again help, thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.
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