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  • Hi PCollins, I have a bulk LPG tank. I have just paid for my last top-up at 39.18p per litre before tax. There is also a standing charge which is the tank rental at 15.29p per day. This is with FloGas. When I first had it installed 10 years ago, I made the tank base myself, and dug the trench to the house. This cut the cost a lot, but the amount is irellevant now. There are safety restrictions on exactly where you can site the tank too. I can empathise with everything you say above, I am in the same position, although I have cavity wall insulation and double glazing already. On the subject of a boiler change. My Worcester service engineer who comes every other year says, keep your old boiler going as long as possible. You don't want to have a condensing boiler, which is the only type on sale now by law. Maybe a suggestion is install a large megaflow immersion heater for your hot water needs, as we have, it cuts down on the amount you use your LPG for, and its cheaper.
  • Hi PCollins. If you are considering spending that much on a boiler and double glazing then I would have a look at a ground source heat pump.This works like a fridge in the ground. The coils in the ground extract the heat and it is supposed to be a very efficient way to heat your home.It is initially expensive to install but there are grants available to help. i am seriously considering this.
  • Fizzy & GrandRob

    Some good sound advice from the two of you. I too will pursue some of the renewable energy sources. Fizzy do you know a very rough cost for the ground source heat pump? I'll have a look at the link in your previous post. Will keep you posted.

    Best Wishes,

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    Good evening, I am new to this site so many apologies if i am uncertain of any etiquettes. Currently buying 47kg bottles of Propane from Calor direct priced at £52.50 each. I see that other are buying this product significantly cheaper. I would appreciate any advise as to how to obtain a cheaper price; would it be correct to assume Calor operate regional pricing? I am based in Cambridgeshire.
  • Mrs Wenger,

    Welcome aboard, I also am new to this forum but have found it the best way to get some good practical impartial advice. I can refer you to a previous post which I found useful regarding LPG prices from adrOck www.lpga.co.uk/LPGA.htm. I have used this website to contact a number of providers. Everyting I have heard suggests Calor are one of the most expensive providers.

    Further to my previous posts it looks like there is no possible way mains gas will come to our village. The last time Wales and West Utilities fully funded an expansion to the mains gas network was 15 years ago! Any sugsequent projects would have to be financed through our village.

    I have had today a ground source heat pump specialist give me a quote on my property and although the technology seems efficient my problem is that in an old cottage (with new loft insulation and double glazing) with inefficient cobs walls and heating through the current radiators makes it somewhat inefficient due to the fact it runs on a thermostat. With quick heat loss in the house it means the heat pump will need to keep kicking in and it is this start up that makes it less efficient. The estimated cost was £8000 but did not include the groundwork’s or installation which could add another £3000 (grants of £1200 and VAT of only 5% are available through the low carbon buildings programme). The suggested heating method for ground source heat pumps is under floor heating, but again it is easier with a new build. In an old 4 bedroom cottage this could cost £4000+ to install.

    It was also suggested a unit could be attached to the outside of the property which works in a similar way (extracting the heat from the environment). This would heat water which again could heat the radiators. The cost would be approximately £8000 but requires no ground work and limited installation costs. However no grant is currently available in England for this technology (but grants have been available for a while in Scotland). This could change in 2009.

    Apologies for this long post, however I am becoming increasingly despondent that I will have to stick with LPG and simply freeze or go bankrupt.:mad:

    Any other suggestions would of course be welcomed. Does anyone have feedback on Biomass boilers as yet another alternative?????
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    Dear PCollins,

    Many apologies for the delay in responding. Thanks for the welcome and the referral to the previous post; it is most useful.
  • There is one aspect of using LPG bottled gas that I have not seen discussed and that is the weight of the contents in each bottle. Two or three months ago I read an article in a local newspaper where Trading Standards Officers had carried out checks on the weight of gas in suposedly full bottles. It was said that a more than small percentage of bottles had been found to be deficient in gas, some by a significant amount. Clearly this seems to be an area where Trading Standards Officers should be more vigilant.

    Alan Vickers.
  • I agree folks I bought a 4 bedroom house totally renovated double glazing etc off the beaten track with LPG and it seemed idyllic. However the bills are un-real I mean we have the heating to a minimum and yet my average 6 weekly bill is £300 the electricity is less for 6 months I am thinking of buying some halogen heaters for the house it will be cheaper. either that or installing oil for the central heating. so I can keep the power shower and gas cooker.
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    I'm trying to get some transparency on LPG rates for home use, so I'm posting on sites like this: There has been government legislation on this with some small regulation, but LPG suppliers tell me not yet law. Thus, one day the tank will be filled by all suppliers rather than solely the owner of the tank. :Flogas: June 2008. I've just been charged 43ppl + 9ppl surcharge for my 1200 litre tank. 13pp days rental. I used 7700 litres this last year June-June 2008. I'm in Bucks. Not a mansion, but circa 1540 Period & G2 Listed so no way to properly insulate, so a real gas guzzler. So I am looking to change. I've searched sites. I'm being ripped off rotten. Have had a survey (they insist) and Calor quote 36.9ppl for one year then 40.xx odd ppl but want 150 to install. 2 year tie-in. But I need Flogas pipe removed at my cost to fit theirs. So add another 5-600. Cos Flogas own my underground pipe and the surface tank. Still cheaper than Flogas after a year. But then I'll have to pay another 600 no doubt to remove Calor's pipe if i wish to change again.

    Please submit your offered deals so that we can all compare. LPG is very exensive. I use coal to my rads too. Hassle but very cheap. LPG prices vary wildly and we need to know what is in the market. I'm being taken for 4+K a year. I've looked into owning my own tank which is 1200 to fit, but then I find no one will fill it, or if they do , not at a viable rate. Any one played this game before me? I would love to know if i can get away from Calor gas and Flogas tie ins. It seems I have no choice. Pay or freeze?

    Please for all to see, can you supply your :

    1. PPL (pence per litre)
    2. rental per month or year
    3. Where you are rates seem to depend on distance from sea ports too.
    4. Supplier Name
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    I have been reading the previous posts with much interest. When we first moved to this property, almost five years ago, which is situated about 1/2 mile outside of a village which has mains gas; we applied for a quote to extend the mains to our property. At that time we were quoted in the region of £39,500, so obviously decided to stick with the LPG as it would take a long time to break even if we converted to mains gas.
    We entered into a contract with Calor, which was for five years in 2005. Written into the contract is a clause that the cost ppl would be increased no more than 2.5 per year for the term of the contract until it reached the standard price. I have now been informed that because we are in such 'extraordinary times' they are not sure that the terms of the contract can be upheld. This is due for review in September. Admittedly, now that the price of fuel has gone up substantially we are in a good position (comparably) but if the price had dropped considerably, I am sure that Calor would not accept me requesting a reduction in the ppl. Similarly, if customers opt for a capped rate of energy, that must stand for the length of the agreement? My thoughts are that a contract is a contract, and there is nothing in the small print to suggest otherwise. Does anyone have a more informed view than I do of this?
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