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    I can understand it would be annoying to have your tank checked needlessly several times. Can you not get on to them to fit the telemetry equipment? As far as I can recall, it was a pretty quick procedure and from my part only required me to plug in a device to the phone line to enable them to read from the tank. Unfortunately it wont help the price of your fuel, but it would cut down on the inconvenience of unnecessary calls to your property. The only time we get a visit is when the tank needs filling.
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    Hi, I had a 2000ltr underground tank installed last August. The contract for the supply of gas is for two years and my gas prices have gone up in two jumps from 39ppl to 52.4ppl (Plus 5% VAT) since installation to the present. The first increase occurred, or was announced, when a letter dropped on the mat the same day the tank was being lowered into the ground!

    Check Clause 6.2 of your contract - unless you have a VERY strange Calor contract, this will almost cretainly say that if the price increases by more than 3.5ppl in any THREE month period, you have the right to cancel ther contract, but you must inform them of your intention to cancel within (if memory serves) three weeks of notification of price increase.

    Please see the thread "Bullk LPG - Chepaest Suppliers / supply route?" for chapter and verse on this!
  • For anyone who is concerned about the rip-off nature of how this LPG market operates, I would urge you to write/email your MP (if you haven't already done so), so they can feed back your complaints by the end of Feb 2011 to the OFT Market Study. Time is running out!

    Below is a quote from Charles Hendry, (Minister of State (Renewable Energy), Energy and Climate Change, 09 Feb 2011:-

    "The OFT proposes that the market study should consider the supply of off-grid energy, to cover a wide range of domestic energy sources including heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas and renewable energy from a range of sources.
    As the Competition Commission completed an in-depth investigation of the LPG market in 2006, with market orders from 2009 to enable switching between suppliers, the OFT also proposes to focus on the effect of those orders so far. The OFT retains an ongoing statutory duty to consider from time to time whether the orders are being complied with. Market studies by the OFT involve an analysis of a particular market with the aim of identifying and addressing any aspects of market failure, from competition issues to consumer detriment, and the effect of Government regulations. This can result in a range of different outcomes. There can be enforcement action by the OFT. There can be a reference to the Competition Commission. There can be recommendations for changes in laws and regulations. There can be recommendations to regulators, self-regulatory bodies and others to consider changes to their rules. There can be recommendations to specific businesses. There can be campaigns to promote consumer education and awareness. Alternatively, a clean bill of health can be issued. It is at this point that we will need to decide whether additional regulatory powers are necessary.
    The consultation by the OFT closes on 28 February. The OFT has asked to receive representations from interested parties on the planning scope and issues for the study before formally carrying out its investigation of the off-grid energy market. I re-iterate that a market study is distinct from an investigation. A market study is not about any particular company or business, but instead considers the overall market structure. Investigations into specific companies will be prompted by direct evidence of market abuse, and be undertaken separately.
    I therefore encourage hon. Members on both sides of the House to participate actively in the investigation, and to raise their constituents' concerns directly with the OFT. We have listened to the concerns expressed from every part of this country, from every political party and from all types of different communities, and we have decided that a full investigation into the way this market is working is now appropriate.
    I am very pleased that the OFT is going to take forward that work formally. I believe that it will enable us to ensure that we can learn from the problems experienced this winter and go forward into next winter with a market that is more fit for purpose, so that all our constituents can benefit as we would wish them to do."

    If we are ever going to change this unfair market ....... please write/email your MP now, and cc the OFT [EMAIL="offgrid@oft.gsi.gov.uk"][email protected][/EMAIL]
  • hi guys looking for some advice

    i have moved into a rented cottage and it has 4 x 47kg lpg cylinders, speaking to the neighbours they said they last a good month or so per 2 cylinders on average use

    2 hours in morning and 3-4 hours in an evening as the rest of the day i am at work

    I had 4 cylinders delivered 2 weeks ago and last night i had to switch over as 2 were empty.......am i doing something wrong? can i change settings to make the most of the gas?

    the boiler has a dial on max....i have option for water or water and heating...and i have timed/off/constant

    anyhelp would be greatly appreciated as £100 every 2-3 weeks seems crazy
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