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MSE News: British Gas cuts standard gas prices



  • smidgey
    smidgey Posts: 163 Forumite
    savemoney wrote: »
    He said all customers, this is not the case, so either he tried to grab the headlines or he is trying to deceive customers

    The presenter at no time did he mention standard tariff, listen to interview
    :doh: I give up.

    I understand what you're saying but you're not understanding what I am.
  • KDH_2
    KDH_2 Posts: 130 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I'm still on ClickEnergy 6 .................. just got an email.................."As a Click Energy 6 customer your prices have dropped saving an average £74** versus our new standard prices."

    ...........decipher the precise meaning of that............
  • dunloadin
    dunloadin Posts: 359 Forumite
    OK, it's only 7% for those folk who dont have access to the internet....it's still a 7% reduction, with other companies no no doubt following. Maybe all the internet account savers are unhappy because they'll be 7% less smug, come on people...any reductions in prices should be welcome news.
  • davidgmmafan
    davidgmmafan Posts: 1,459 Forumite
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    I welcome the reduction but I am also suspicious of the timing. The snow is gone in most of the country, and I wouldn't be surprised if they hiked the prices again in September or October.

    Lets hope others follow suit. This stood out for me too:-

    'Online energy plans consistently offer the most competitive prices – currently costing around £300 a year less than suppliers' standard plans. But just 5% or 1.3m households are on an online energy plan and I would urge many more to join them.'

    I know not everyone has access to the internet, and I know its not immediately clear how to compare power bills but £300 saving is £300 saving. Many people do car and home ins online for the saving so I'd urge them to do the same for gas and elec.

    BTW the quote was taken from thisismoney, where I first heard about this. Good call by MSE, the reduction rumour was reported here first and turned out to be correct.
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  • PennyForThem_2
    I am with BG and I said on line would be OK with me, but I still receive paper bills via post

    So when my term ends in Jan 11 how can I make sure online only?
  • Antispam
    Antispam Posts: 6,636 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    So the intreview this morning by BBC and Phil Bentley was misleading. The 7% as broadcast on BBC in the morning changed from all customers to customers on standard tariff when Phil Bentley was on TV at 12.30pm on BBC working lunch

    Good way to get the headlines, shame he had to mislead customers in the morning
  • Plushchris
    Plushchris Posts: 3,592 Forumite
    Also a shame they release websaver 6, they put the price on the gas down but the sneaky sh1ts put the price of electric up by about 1%! (in my area at least)
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
  • KimYeovil
    KimYeovil Posts: 6,156 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    2010 wrote: »
    Because they are dearer.
    I`m in the process of switching away from Ebico for that very reason.
    Which is precisely where Peter Duckett's moan falls apart.
  • Pincher
    Pincher Posts: 6,552 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Having a cheap rate for spring and summer is a joke.
    What I want to know is how to get a five year fixed tariff.

    Ofgem is talking about a 25% hike in energy prices in 5 years time.

    Assuming the drop in price reflects a fall in the futures market, it must be a good time to fix for the long term soon. I don't want to hedge using spreadbets, because the cost of keeping an open position is too high for the long term. What we need is for the major suppliers to buy the long term contracts, then package it up so we can sign up.

    The people who came off the five year fix from British Gas in December/January must be pretty smug right now.

    The only problem is how to keep the five year fix if I move house.
  • I am a British Gas employee and have been with the company for a while now. what these money saving websites and price comparisons dont mention are the other programes or schemes british gas have:-

    last year british gas took a ten percent average of the electric and done the same for the gas. they were offering a six percent discount off both fuels untill january 31st 2011 so people who signed up for that will be getting that discount off the 7 percent reduction that happened yesterday. with the seven percent discount british gas are not locking customers in so the customer has the freedom to chop and change whenver they want. if you pay by direct debit the discount for gas is upto £65 and the electric is upto £40. for having both fuels you will recieve a discount of upto £15. there is no standing charges and the vat is also included. if a customer is willing to submit their reading every month british gas will reward you with £40 credit after one year and give you a wireless energy monitor that will track the homes energy showing you minute by minute how much you are spending on the appliances, which can save you upto £110 per year. they also give you a stand by saver which cuts the tv saving upto £35 per year. they have an energy savings programme where if you take part in that they will aim to reduce your bill by one third by taking part in that. they are investing ONE BILLION pounds back into the british economy every year for ten years to find renewable sources. they have the worlds biggest windfarm already in the north sea and ben foggle is leading a campaign called green streets where we encourage streets to take part in our campaign and we reward them by doing so. So yeah fair enough british gas was the most expensive company in britain for many a year but not any more. you all moan about how expensive the prices were but as soon as we offer you the cheapest electric and gas anywhere in britain you all think its still doom and gloom still! we want to get the customers back on board and by doing so we have to give you a deal thats going to make you want to come back. I personally dont care what anyone has to say about british gas as i know as a company we are leading the way and changing for the future.
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