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    please remove mobilephonexchange from your mobile phone valuer. they are scammers, I should have just stuck with the companies I know and trust even if they promised a lower amount of compensation.

    i sent them a perfectly working xda orbit 2 with promised payout of £35 in vouchers. they have offered me £8 due to 'severe scratching' on the touchscreen. there wasn't a single noticeable scratch on the handset.

    don't make the mistake I did, AVOID mobilephonexchange!

    is it worth trying to report their website to trading standards? and how would I go about doing this?
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    Block foreign bidders and sell on Ebay. Describe it accurately and you'll have no problem and likely far more £££s. I always start my auctions at 99p, no reserve and gets interest up.
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    i wished i had read this first! i sent my virtually brand new Nokia N97 mini and Samsung jet in the the envelope they supplied. they finally inspected them after chasing them via email (as it was supposed to be quick and easy) only for them to tell me the screens were cracked/damaged on both phones. I have sent an email disputing this but without reply. MPX are BLAGGERS:mad:
  • I sent off an N95 and an X1, was offered £60 for the N95 which I believe was fair (£15 off offered price as missing battery cover/broken battery cover) but only £11 for the X1 because it was severely scratched. Emailed them and got no response so rang them today - on hold for 7 minutes but when I got through to someone they said 'yep, that's ridiculous, how about £36 instead?'
    Moral of the story - it's worth ringing them up. Apparently each fault deducts a set amount of the value and doesn't include severity so the computer comes up with a value and then it's up to you to query it if you think it's wrong. Hope this helps someone and gives them the motivation to ring up and question their inspected values
    Just started cashback-ing - makes me feel less guilty when I impulse buy!
  • Do NOT use mobile phone exchange, they are proper crooks.
    I sent a phone valued at £32 in vouchers.
    They value it at £10 due to `heavy scratch'. I query this as its nonsense, they then offer £20.
    I say No, give me my phone back,
    they say pay £10 to get phone back,
    I say Ok and send them a cheque for £10.
    They return the cheque and state that my voucher has been credited with the full amount as they are unable to send my phone back ?
    I check the voucher today and there is only £10 on it !!
    They need to be exposed!:mad:
  • Mobile Phone Exchange is a scam.

    I am in process of fighting them to release my mobile to me free of charge because of their scamming ways.

    Even mentioning that I am studying Journalism and have contacts in the area doesn't seem to help, I have told them I will only keep saying I want my mobile back to them until I get it.

    I shouldn't see why I should pay £10 to get it back when they were only giving me £18 (quote was £28) for it because of scratches on the screen.

    I did research and no other company deducts money for scratches only cracks.

    I have even mentioned on going to Trading Standards about this as it is classed as scam.

    I will let you know of the outcome as I have just received an email from them. If I don't get anywhere they will be hearing from my lawyer I can assure you.
    "If you keep trying, you'll eventually get what you want. There will be a number of knockbacks along the way, but you just have to keep trying." - Tyrone Smith, STV North Sports Presenter.
  • In reference to my email with them. They are not backing down, I said pay the original quote and I will leave you be (waiting to hear). I don't know what will happen, but for my other mobile I will be selling soon I sure as hell wont be using mobile phone exchange as they deduct for STUPID reasons....
    "If you keep trying, you'll eventually get what you want. There will be a number of knockbacks along the way, but you just have to keep trying." - Tyrone Smith, STV North Sports Presenter.
  • Small update, I got the £28 but it was paid from MPG Investments whoever they are, looked and they are at the same address as Mobile Phone exchange. Also got the mobile sent back to me, I checked the IMEI just incase they had sneakily said the mobile was stolen to the police so I couldnt do anything with it. But they havent. Just need to find out what happens next I suppose.
    "If you keep trying, you'll eventually get what you want. There will be a number of knockbacks along the way, but you just have to keep trying." - Tyrone Smith, STV North Sports Presenter.
  • My other half has recently sent his mobile to this company (mobile phone xchange) as they quoted him £67. after waiting for 5 weeks he finally received a cheque for £22 stating the screen had servere scratching to the screen so it would need replacing. this is not the truth at all. so i told them we werent happy to accept what they had sent. i was then told they could send a further £10 as a good will guesture. i told them that we would not be accepting that and we want the phone returned. only to be told that they have already passed the phone on so we couldnt have it back. we would only be able to have a phone in similar condition to his. to which again i said is not acceptable. they said that they sent an email to my partner giving him 3 days to respond. well needless to say he didnt get that email.

    so i contacted Trading Standards who were really helpful and after explaining everything to them they said that we should send them a letter giving them 7 days to send the full amount or we would be taking it further. which was sent today so we will have to wait and see.
  • Just joined to say: I was terrified when i read this thread as i was awaiting an offer from them. I was offered £110 prior to sending mine. The screen had very light scratches, but nothing heavy at all. I had also got superglue on the back cover which wouldnt budge, so i thought for sure they would offer me next to nothing after reading this......

    But they offered me £110, no faults found, payment recieved 4 days after i sent the phone to them.

    Obviously some of you have had some bad experiences, but others stumbling accross this thread should take into account that satisfied customers are much less likely to comment, or even find this thread, so all you will read is bad reviews.

    Sorry to hear about everyones bad experiences.
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