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    Wait until you've been paid and then report the phone as lost/stolen. That way they will lose out if you're right.
  • I'm fuming - I believe this Company's activities are fraudulent and they are obtaining property by deception. I'll be making a complaint to Trading Standards and OFT and encourage others who have similar experience to register complaints and hopefully this Company will be investigated.
    I sent them my iPhone3GS 8GB which was in fantastic condition and fully working - just a few tiny - almost unnoticeable - surface scratches. I searched on the comparison site and their offer was the highest and foolishly I sent my phone to them without checking for reviews. I suppose the fact that it was listed against reputable companies led me to believe that it was also honest and reliable - in retrospect, I'm kicking myself as I'm usually so careful.
    Anyhow, they responded with what appears to be a fairly standard response of "water indicator red or missing" and the "front or rear will need replacing due to excessive wear" - my phone had not been even close to any water and both front and rear were in great almost unmarked condition. The only reason I was parting with it was that I was long overdue for upgrade. Also, the photos they supplied were most certainly not of my phone - showed bluetooth and silver colourway which is incorrect. The phone in the pic showed obvious damage to the bottom front - such utter rubbish. If others have received exactly the same response after despatching a phone in excellent condition, I would be interested to know as they could be sending out the very same photos!
    From an initial offer of £38, this was now reduced to £3. I sent many e-mails requesting my phone to be returned to me and confirmed the IMEI reference to them - this could have been a big mistake. The response to this (again, fairly standard from the reviews) is that they have logged the receipt of another phone against mine in error and they are searching their warehouse for my phone (oh yeah). I didn't post registered delivery as I've never experienced any problem in the past. It looks like I've lost out completely - no phone and no payment. I suspect my phone in great condition has already been passed on for re-sale.
    I'm sure there must been a percentage that receive the offer price with no problems - but reading these reviews shows that there are far, far too many having problems with this Company.
    I intend to pursue a claim against them for my losses.
  • I sent off my Apple iPhone 3GS well packaged and still in it's leather case. It was in mint condition, no scratches to the screen or back. I had been offered £45 online but then received an email from Mobile Phone Xchange saying that my phone was badly damaged and only worth £14! A familiar story? It would seem so. They have now returned my phone only I don't recognise it - it has bad cracks in the back of the case and on the screen - not the phone I sent. I am sure this is not my phone and if it is, then Mobile Phone XChange have damaged it. I am checking with O2 to see whether the phone that has been returned to me has the same IMEI number as the one I sent! Be very wary of this company and sell your old phone to a company with good reviews. I will be contacting Trading Standards about my case.:mad:
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