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Its Official Sky to increase cost of broadband .

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Its Official Sky to increase cost of broadband .

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
"We are making some changes to the pricing of our award-winning Sky Broadband service that we want to share with you.

Not only are more customers choosing Sky than any other broadband provider, but more and more of you are bundling together your TV, broadband and home phone services. We’re responding to this growing trend by adjusting our pricing so that the biggest savings are available to those customers who take Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk together.

Most of our Sky Broadband customers already take all three services and so the planned changes will have no impact on them at all. As a Sky Talk customer, you will continue to make the biggest savings on your Sky Broadband service with no change to your monthly subscription.

However, as part of our commitment to being fair and transparent we want to provide those Sky Broadband customers who do not take Sky Talk with plenty of notice of the changes that may affect them.

From the 1st March 2009 the price of Sky Broadband Base, Mid and Max will increase by £5 per month for those customers who don’t take one of our Sky Talk packages. For example, this will mean that Sky Base customers will pay £5 per month - which will still make it the best value broadband package in the market, Sky Mid customers will pay £10 and Sky Max customers - who enjoy access to the UK’s only truly unlimited broadband package - will pay £15 per month. Sky Connect customers are not affected by these changes.

The changes in our pricing are our first since launching our broadband service over two years ago. Letters notifying affected customers will go out from the 25th of November. New customers joining Sky Broadband from the 25th of November will be told about the planned changes when they sign up.

Customers who have taken up Sky Broadband in the 6 months prior to the 25th November - and are not signed up to Sky Talk - will be exempt from the price changes until January 2010.

Any Sky Broadband customers who don’t yet take Sky Talk can take the opportunity to increase their monthly savings by signing up to either of our award winning Sky Talk packages - Sky Talk Freetime at no monthly fee, or Sky Talk Unlimited for £5 a month. By signing up to Sky Talk, customers will not only get a £5 discount on their broadband – effectively maintaining their current pricing - but it means that they may also make savings on their home phone bill as well. Please visit for more information.


Sky Broadband Team"



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