NST October 2023 A New Start

NST October 2023

A New Start
The Ninja Saving Turtles are all about clearing debt or saving for the life we want. We take a holistic approach and aim to make the sometimes tedious work of getting out of debt as much fun as possible. We offer support and encouragement, share our own experience and are ready with hugs and hankies when life goes pear shaped. We use many tools - budgeting, meal planning, taking lunch to work, counting days on which we do not spend any money, using what we have (anything from substituting ingredients to how to manage when your couch's springs come adrift) 

So come on in, the water's lovely and remember no turtle gets left behind.

O   Obligations. Should, ought to, must, need to - try to drop  a few commitments or say No to new ones. 
I know it's not easy but try to work out what is important to you and what you would like to achieve and start to work on those things.

C    Change the way you think. The turtle challenges are tough and sometimes you don't seem to be getting anywhere (or even going backwards). You need to lose your debt/ grow your savings/ lose weight/ get more organised and get rid of all the mental and physical clutter around you anyway so try to make it fun. Run up and down the stairs in the advert breaks to lose weight (really annoys your children), scoop up any loose pennies you see, make yourself a star chart (NSDs, glasses of water,Tilly tidies) and have rewards at set points.

T    Treat yourself the way you would a young child - Feed yourself healthy food and get outside often.  Put yourself to bed early. Let yourself take naps.  Don't say mean things to yourself. Don't put yourself in danger (your skull and your heart are still  as fragile as eggshells)

O   Obviously all the usual rules apply. Pay to debt or savings first, live on what is left. Aim for 15 NSDs or set a target that suits you (travel expenses from your budget and medicinal costs will not incur the loss of an NSD). Think of 3 things to be grateful for each day (declare them or keep them private). Be kind always and contribute however you can (local food bank and or the Moroccan Earthquake relief fund if you are short on ideas) many people are worse off than us.   

B  Be prepared. Set budgets before the start of the month. Stock take your cupboards and fridge and meal plan based on what you have. Cook from scratch whenever possible, take your lunch to work, hospitals appointments and picnics on days out. Think about what's happening this month and through the last quarter of the year (birthdays, meet-ups with friends, half term)

E   Energy prices are reducing but they are still extortionate. Think about draught proofing, door curtains, putting up double curtains if you have piles of old ones. Heat the person not the room - extra layers, hot water bottles and hot drinks in a flask. Safety - make sure you and your children can be seen in the dark, sort out an emergency breakdown kit for your car and check outdoor lighting (if you are frozen stiff you don't want to be feeling for the keyhole). Stock up on generic (cheap) medicines for coughs/ colds etc (cook double and stick one stew/ hot meal in the freezer for when you're too sick to do anything). A  few tins of soup or rice pudding are allowed (for days when anything more than 3 mins in the microwave is too much).

R   Rest, relaxation and maybe a reset.  I'm a big fan of hibernation. It's dark, it's cold, time to curl up in an armchair with a good book, unwind from the stresses of the day, work on a handicraft. It's especially important if you fell that you are coming down with something or you or others in the household are ill - rest will help you get better more quickly. No rushing off to the gym as soon as you start to improve (that's a good way to have an early heart attack). If things are really going awry, you might need a reset. If your goals feel unattainable and your bad habits are creeping back, take action. You may need to set smaller goals - baby steps, remember forward is forward, better to get there slowly than give up in frustration. Think about goals for next year and put in some baby steps on those.

So who wants to join in the latest epic adventure in out turtle quest. f0xh0les  is allowed as many exemptions as she needs and I hope your roofer doesn't go on holiday for two weeks half way through.


  • I'm in, as ever, grandmanerd. Thank you for running the month at short notice x
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
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