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    Monday was a resting day - my arms and legs were refusing to do anything even mildly strenuous. I wrote the July challenge and posted it. We had a visit from mummy of twins in the afternoon. yesterday I wrote a list of things that need doing (bits around the house that have got bad enough for me to notice, next stages in the garden. Ticked off ten of them during the day including finishing building the second raised bed and lining the first half of the other one with weed proof membrane (3 rd time of using these bits) to stop soil slipping out between the slats.

    Then filled it - 5 x 30 l buckets and 3 larger ones. Moved one bucket at a time and did other jobs in between. Couldn't find my bag of dirty washing but then found a bag with a grubby tunic and pair of leggings - second set of painting clothes. They needed washing but were less disgusting than the blue dress I've been wearing for much of the past week. Mum has called the washing machine repair man so couldn't do my washing until he's been - not much wrong with the washer IMO but knew if I put them in and set it off, he'd turn up.

    Compensated by clearing several boxes into the paper bin (squashed it with heavy weights the day before so I could pack more in) and various other recyclables. Moved many many 2 l bottles behind the shed (will be in use soon but I hadn't got a third big bag so ended up using multiple small ones and they kept rolling everywhere).

    Today I've painted the end of the shed (3 coats) and now attached the strong mesh and moved the 4 courgette plants in buckets over there, gave them a good watering (collected rainwater). Did a bit of cooking. Nothing dramatic but have some boiled eggs, Mexican rice salad, bean salad and have a few more ideas for easy healthy snacks and meals. This afternoon and evening I've been digging (have 8 empty buckets to fill). Digging alongside and in front of the roses and mum can't see because all the edging stones are in front of where I'm working. 

    The nearest rose bush is one of the older ones. I'm going to put it against the shed - mid blue shed, green leaves and yellow courgettes and the rose in front. It's a light pink but not very pale and has peachy orange tints in it.

    Grateful for bumble bees all over the broad bean flowers, a chestnut coloured butterfly, my first ladybird this year, many large worms rescued, simple tasty food, apple for running this thread, getting a £10 gift voucher for a phone survey (did an online one and this was a follow up, may be another one in another few months). Still not made it back to my house, more than 2 weeks now.
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