NST June 2021: Jolly simple

NST June 2021: Jolly simple

We all need some jolliness in our lives as well as some simplicity. So June is about combining those two elements in our Ninja Saving Turtle June challenge.

Jolly – do something daily to make yourself happy. Laugh aloud. Giggle at your witty thoughts.

Overview your finances: are you aiming to be rid of debt or a mortgage (or both), or to build up your savings pots? What is your plan to get there? Believe me, crossing your fingers and wishing upon a star is not a viable plan… Nowt wrong with a bit of pixie dust though…

Look at your good habits and smile. Add another one this month. It can be a brand new one, a resurrection of one that has dropped by the wayside, or a consolidation of one.

Look after yourself physically. No stressing, but what can you do to keep well?

You need fresh air. Get out and get some. Go on walks. Garden. Sit and watch the world go by whilst contemplating world domination/ your next novel’s plotline…

Simplicity is this month’s aim. Turtles do not run around like headless chickens or blue-bottomed flies.  Choose one area of life to simplify and get plotting and planning how to do it. Then do it.

Invest in yourself. What do you want to do/learn/research by the end of the month? By the end of the year? In the next 5 years?

Mental health is paramount. Look after yours and ask for help where you need to.                                 

Plan the month – financial commitments; social commitments; clubs/groups; shopping deliveries (yep, life is that exciting)

Look at your frogs and swallow one or two. Spot any tadpoles that you can squish before they grow?

Extend a hand to others.


Who will join me in seeking turtle jolliness and simplicity?


MFWDate: very soonish. I hope...


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