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NST June 2021: Jolly simple

NST June 2021: Jolly simple

We all need some jolliness in our lives as well as some simplicity. So June is about combining those two elements in our Ninja Saving Turtle June challenge.

Jolly – do something daily to make yourself happy. Laugh aloud. Giggle at your witty thoughts.

Overview your finances: are you aiming to be rid of debt or a mortgage (or both), or to build up your savings pots? What is your plan to get there? Believe me, crossing your fingers and wishing upon a star is not a viable plan… Nowt wrong with a bit of pixie dust though…

Look at your good habits and smile. Add another one this month. It can be a brand new one, a resurrection of one that has dropped by the wayside, or a consolidation of one.

Look after yourself physically. No stressing, but what can you do to keep well?

You need fresh air. Get out and get some. Go on walks. Garden. Sit and watch the world go by whilst contemplating world domination/ your next novel’s plotline…

Simplicity is this month’s aim. Turtles do not run around like headless chickens or blue-bottomed flies.  Choose one area of life to simplify and get plotting and planning how to do it. Then do it.

Invest in yourself. What do you want to do/learn/research by the end of the month? By the end of the year? In the next 5 years?

Mental health is paramount. Look after yours and ask for help where you need to.                                 

Plan the month – financial commitments; social commitments; clubs/groups; shopping deliveries (yep, life is that exciting)

Look at your frogs and swallow one or two. Spot any tadpoles that you can squish before they grow?

Extend a hand to others.


Who will join me in seeking turtle jolliness and simplicity?

NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!


  • ldee2111
    ldee2111 Forumite Posts: 870
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Photogenic Name Dropper
    A poor performance from me in May. Blaming the severe lack of good weather. Back in for June. 👍🏻
    NST 🐢 & MFW 🤸>> MFD was: Jun 2040 MFD now: May 2029. MFD aim: April 2026 OP target this year: £7,919/ £7,000 (upped to £10k)
  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Forumite Posts: 4,827
    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Debt-free and Proud!
    Me please apple. I have two buckets of frogspawn which is probably a metaphor for my life.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • facethemusic
    facethemusic Forumite Posts: 478
    Seventh Anniversary 100 Posts Name Dropper
    This sounds like a great plan for the month! In the quest for simplicity I will require a notebook and several lists! I do love a good list 😁. Please add me to the list. 
  • shabbychic12
    shabbychic12 Forumite Posts: 309
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Me please half way through the year can you believe it!! 
    Count down to retirement 2023
  • Kerry_Woman
    Kerry_Woman Forumite Posts: 3,130
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Can you please add me to the list.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
  • apple_muncher
    apple_muncher Forumite Posts: 14,328
    Ninth Anniversary 10,000 Posts Mortgage-free Glee! Name Dropper
    ldee2111 said:
    A poor performance from me in May. Blaming the severe lack of good weather. Back in for June. 👍🏻

    Past performance is no predictor of future performance. Every month is a fresh start.
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
  • Thrifty_Taylor
    Thrifty_Taylor Forumite Posts: 1,026
    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    I'm certainly up for it, count me in please @apple_muncher
    Use it up, wear it out
    Make do or do without!

    If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours 😃

  • Deni_debt-free_dreamer
    Deni_debt-free_dreamer Forumite Posts: 1,768
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Me please apple :)
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021 2023 Mortgage Free Wannabee #92023 Mortgage free in March 23 ! Decluttering Campaign member🏅
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