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    Aye, I'll do it, unless someone else is super eager. I wasn't sure about it but I need to get myself organised and if I can do that, organising all of you will be a doddle. I will direct operations from a reclining position on the chaise longue.

    Yesterday I had one final go at the tree stump roots, then doused it in ant powder. Decided I can't really keep calling the bugs 'termites' - even thought that might be an american name where we use something else. So I looked up wood eating bugs (I promise no photos) and they are probably Hylotrupes, Anobiidae, Bark Beetles or the outsider Bronze beetles. Haven't actually seen any of them since I moved the 'trunk' bit away and the roots are hard, very hard (sore fingers from hacking and sawing). Then covered with a layer of stones and filled in all the dips. Really hoping they don't come back. Hate stopping when I've worked so long trying to get it just right but mostly right will have to do - can't delay any longer.

    So put the third metre bag in place, stapled the top edge against the bottom of the wooden fence panel (hope it's straight because I didn't use the level) - bags are roughly the same depth as the concrete support panel. Used 4 x 40 l buckets of soil and one smaller one, used more top half of 2 l bottles for water reservoirs (only the top inch is visible, water comes out at root level) and added more cabbages. These were planted out earlier in the year and left to fend for themselves. Thought they had all died but the 2 trays nearest the shed had survived.

    Did several trips back and forth to the outdoor tap filling reservoirs at the back of the beds, added more sticks (reclaimed trellis) to support the broad beans and keep them growing against the fence rather than flopping forward. The plants at the back will more or less look after themselves until they are harvested but watering will be more difficult as the nearer plants start to grow. It has rained overnight but it soon dries up when the sun comes out. Later on I went back and sieved stones (ended up hand picking them) and put down a stone layer on the front part of the bed but have left a gap. I had intended to stop at the 3 m and do the bit near the house next - currently a 2' width of paving in front of the house and mum has decreed it should be widened to the end of the fist panel, so have to totally clear about 4' x 4' of bed with up to a foot of soil.

    Now thinking I might just carry straight on, transplant the roses into pots (mum doesn't know about that) and continue to set it up all the same (6 or 7 metres of recycled fabric bags against the side fence with 3 raised beds 8' long (2.40m) and 2' wide in a row in front.  more stones to fill in and then pots arranged in that corner. I'm hoping it will be a lot easier than the parts I've done because the soil has been well cultivated. But that is next week's problem (or maybe next month).

    Rained more last night and it has been a 'wet' day - path finally got wet but has since dried. I have been outside for 2 hours, mainly sweeping bits of the shed and stacking things in there - framework for new polytunnel, framework for mini 6' x 4' greenhouse (only stayed up a weekend, some bits broke and it was used as plant support for the rest of the summer, bits from the broken swing seat, rotary washing line and various other poles that might be useful, + sewing machine, fan and more plastic bottles. Emptied out the compost from the cabbages that died and binned the containers (green mouldy on the inside). Filled one bin bag, started another (3 things not being used/ no longer needed including sunshade from swing seat).

    Inside I've been through mum's pills, stock checked all the bathroom (soap, toothpaste, etc), baby wipes (to wipe between her toes), tissues, kitchen roll, nappy sacks, cotton wool etc (all vaguely medical), stocked the kitchen cupboard with tins (only 3 of each), rearranged the top of one of my wardrobes (moved out washing tablets last week), stock checked fresh, fridge and freezer contents in the kitchen (still need to do mine) and continued to gather rubbish and put like with like in my room, cooked sausage and mash for lunch and sandwiches for tea (I had the last of the Sunday's beef, mum had something different). May start to spend next month's money as mum has asked me to add all bran 'if you're putting in an order'. I suggested she tell me when she opens the last packet, not when she's finished it, wasn't going to do an order until the middle of next week but now have a growing list and one to revisit next month (will give me some idea how quickly mum uses things).

    Grateful for getting things done - not a lot but doing something is always better than doing nothing or sitting moaning about how there is 'so much to do', space to grow (not a huge space but more than I'm used to - my garden is 18-19 feet by about 15, it slants but I did grow quite  lot when I was younger. This is mum's yard that I'm working on - back fence is 4 panels wide, sides are 5 - 6 as far as the house. The outside fence still has the remnants of the curving driveway and when it was enclosed it is straight at the back them widens when it reaches the 'driveway'. At the side of the house the pathway is 7' wide and then there is a 4 panel addition - think large bay window shape, 2 flat panels at the back and a diagonal one either side). Grateful for my puzzle book, reading books and a good drama series.

    I'm a firm believer in using every inch, keeping the ground covered to exclude the weeds and growing quick crops in between those with a longer growing season. I have plans for expansion - I'd have a lean to greenhouse the full width of the back of the house and stacked crates in front of the outside fence - vertical gardening. Last year I did quite well with strawberries and lettuce in yet more plastic bottle plant pots, stapled across the supports for the fence panels.
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    Today I am grateful for a builder friend coming round and showing dh how to make sure the new flashing is fully flush on the roof and how to get the moss off our own roof, for getting some skipping in while dd danced, for a neighbour dropping round a crowbar and claw hammer for me to try to dismantle my freebie pallet, for finding myself some trousers to cut down into shorts in the ch shop, for dd finding a skateboard she likes.
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