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    I've been outside for most of the day, starting at 10.30 am. Put in a food order at 9 am and it came at 11 am. Collected link-a-bord boards, nearly filled another rubbish bag (been trailing it around with me all day, a tarpaulin and two polytunnel covers folded up and added to the pile, many, many bottles and half bottles collected and bagged, broken bits of drawers put in a space behind the shed (want them to break down a bit more before binning, don't want to break the dustcart).

    Food delivery arrived and a visitor shortly after (bags were still at the gate). Brought everything in. Spread stones and soil mix (from the wettest pile) thinly on a number of gravel trays and put the trays across the potted up tomatoes and peppers so that they weren't taking up floor space. Tackled 5 separate stone/ soil piles. Cleared an area about 12 feet across by 22 feet long. Have small stacks of seed trays, pot feet, and other items, 3 new buckets of sifted soil and a full bucket of stones.

    The food order I did this morning is coming from next month's budget and I also ordered a number of random items (watering spikes, a tool rack for the shed and one to go on the fence for mum and a new book for me). I had planned to put shelves in the shed but the supports are too far apart for the uprights and none of the other options are feasible so I will have a hook and clip rack all the way across the shed and will have as much as possible hanging up (also ordered a pack of turtle bags - string bags - to hold groups of smaller items but will be visible.

    Grateful for the yard looking like I am getting somewhere (especially if you ignore the edges where I have stacked things), for prompt delivery, for a new seed catalogue.
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    NSD 15! And there are only 3 days left of June and OH and I haven't had a takeaway this month. I might need to wear one of DS's 'You're a star!' stickers. 

    Weather has been beautiful today. We had a slow Sunday morning, followed by OH, DS, and I taking a football to a big grassy park for a kick-about/stumble-over. On the way home, DS said 'my hair is wet!' 'That's called sweat, sweetie.'  :D

    Grateful today for the sun shining, for big grassy parks, and for MIL's delicious chilli jam which I had with oatcakes and cheese for lunch.
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    F0xh0les- did your dinner idea involve couscous or semolina???

    Today I am grateful for the tools lent to us by a neighbour meaning we dismantled the pallet with nary an injury, for dh making egg + chips for us tea, for big sis setting up a video call with her and mum and us, for my skipping rope, for Monopoly.
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