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NST January 2020: A Turtle Quest

edited 30 December 2019 at 10:17AM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    f0xh0les wrote: »
    Good Morning Turtles!
    Today I got up, pulled on my stompy boots and have told the kids I want to see their homework at the end of the day. They all hate me. I am officially EVIL. How very dare I pull up their online homework schedules and know when their tests are and when their work is due in. Apparently this is unfair and unreasonable, and possibly against their Human Rights. 'Suck it up cupcake', and 'tell it to someone who cares' is not the response they expected. They have had 15 days. I have asked, they have mumbled and shuffled. Deadlines are looming. I am sooo Evil! (apparently). Ho hum, I'll live.
    Need a small shop today, just to get them back to school and lunchbox tat.

    Cupboard/fridge/freezer inventory looming, but as I am so evil, and will be child free in 48 hours (phew!) I am going to wait until after I have done my mini shop.

    The shouts for today are Anarchy! and I wanna be Evil! and Eartha Kitt style purring.

    Mine used to say they would phone childline or, if we were in a public place, threaten to shout child abuse in a loud voice.

    I have plans for today but my body isn't co-operating very well. I have had pills and breakfast, put out a sack and a bag of rubbish and had a preliminary scrape at the silt in the grid.

    Lots needs doing but going to concentrate on my immediate environment (bedroom) as I'm still only half unpacked and the bed is already disappearing. Starting to put together a list of jobs that need doing here and at mum's.

    Today I am grateful for my bed, bacon butties and feeling relaxed and happy
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • ditty1234ditty1234 Forumite
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    Today I got up, pulled on my stompy boots and have told the kids I want to see their homework at the end of the day. They all hate me. I am officially EVIL. How very dare I pull up their online homework schedules and know when their tests are and when their work is due in. Apparently this is unfair and unreasonable, and possibly against their Human Rights. 'Suck it up cupcake', and 'tell it to someone who cares' is not the response they expected.
    Foxholes I'm with you on this one ds has a test tomorrow and I dared mention that he might cut down training today - be less tired and get more revision done ... he then told me how much he hates A level ... it's hard to time these discussions, I just want's him to be aware that I care about if he is doing well!

    Question everything: - Your habits : I do question my habits - I feel stuck in a unproductive rut, only tidying up the top layer, only stretching the large muscles, kind of meal planning, kind of following a budget, trying to loose weight.
    My new /revised plan is to be more harsh on everyday spending to make room for one bigger thing every month like clothing, a gift and ds's training camp.
    But also plan a creative production plan for the month to go along with the exercise and the budget. I am fat up with my own key interest always coming last. (my problem, my choice, my solution).
    Ugly, unloved or unused - Minimalist Challenge. Yep all in for this one tidy shelves and prepare for ds room to be emptied next week for new floor to be laid.
    Exercise your mind and body. Run, core stretch and walk dog thi afternoon.
    Savings. Hmm this month focus is to keep savings intact. Luckily I made a bit in surveys over Christmas sitting in holiday stash account.
    Thankfulness. Thankful for visit from great friends yesterday, for ds being seizure free for 4 month, for other ds loving his sport and for a painfull body after circuit training on Friday evening.
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    Run 10k in 1h 10m 1h 07m 16.7.2020
  • Pips_MumPips_Mum Forumite
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    cuddlymarm wrote: »
    I’ve got a bout of vertigo at the moment so I’m treating myself gently when I can. Any unnecessary housework can wait. I lost one days work this week but can’t really afford any more. The doctor has given me some pills that help so it’s just a matter of waiting till it goes.

    Cuddlymarm you have my upmost sympathy, I have had daily vestibular Migraines and the accompanying vertigo for over 2 years now (it's the reason I was dismissed from work due to absence, subsequently only being able to do part time work, and current huge need for :money:) don't try to rush back to normal as I find it doesn't help and the tablets and vertigo itself will absolutely zap your energy so be kind to yourself and rest x x

    Apple - It felt VERY luxurious to be off for so long!

    Today I am using ingredients from our local "real junk food project" all items that were classed as bin worthy for being "out of date". We have had croissants, pain aux raisin and even coffee for breakfast, homemade vegetable soup and bread for lunch and for tea will be homemade pasties and veggies. ALL previously destined for the bin :eek:
    We are taking down the tree today so it will look a bit bare but in someways I quite like it, will miss the tree lights though.

    Gratitudes today: 1) A last day before the madness of school runs and clubs begins again 2) Delicious food for little cost 3) Having a hoover!!
    Debt at LBM [strike]£17,544[/strike] :eek: £5700
    :TOver £14,000 PAID OFF :T

    2020 the year of less - Less debt, less waste, less spending, less stuff, less stress!
  • GoingToDoItGoingToDoIt Forumite
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    A spendy day for me today, £4.40 at Lids as their cheese is super cheap I bought two big blocks, some discounted Xmas sweets and bread and juice. Ordered a few sale clothes items £9 collect on Tues.

    Question- if it’s discounted, I’ll buy it. Doing a lot of “want OR need” questioning, even of bargains!
    Unused- two items on the bay of E
    Exercise- walked to the shops 5k steps
    Saving- well I didn’t buy over £7 of items I would have liked to
    Thankful- that I feel better, that I am questioning and that I quit smoking
    Jan 20 - NST challenge
    Jan 20 0%cc debt 7700/7700
  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Well I've done an hour and a half attacking the drains - not sweating but feel very dirty. Shovelled the accumulated slurry from the past week onto a rubble sack (very old sack which has been used many times including moving soil to the new house and back here when I returned). Hope it's more usable when it dries out a bit. Using the old shovel which has only half a blade and that's a bit nibbled round the bottom edge. Then used a takeaway contained to scoop out surface water and rubble (I am gloved up). Most satisfying bit was using the poking stick to delve between the bars of the grid to a depth of over a foot. After a few seconds I got a tiny water fountain which turned into a mini slurry volcano. Think there are problems further down where the pipe turns horizontal to run under the garden but need Mr and Mrs Builder for that. Still hoping they can fit me in before they fly off (they worked over Christmas).

    Have also had a talk with DS3 and Beloved - introduced the five year plan to get them independent. DS3 has finally done the meter readings for me (he did clear up part of the floor after I went to mum's - I had specifically mentioned rags so he had picked those up but left the rubbish and odd bits).

    He had neglected to ask Beloved to check the DW settings when she came back from visiting her parents so has been handwashing pots (I suspect only bowls, plates and cutlery he needed not the difficult stuff like roasting tins and trays. I had cleaned all the appliances and thought the problem with the DW might be that I had accidently altered some settings (it has more lights than an airport runway and I have no idea what they mean0. So DW is now doing a test run. I have also said that worktops should be kept clear -

    I have had a sit on a stool shower and washed my hair and put a 'bung it in the oven lunch' in to cook whilst I did that. Want to tackle old papers and admin next (I have odd pages and a few scraps saved from notebooks I have been using up).

    Will only be spending mum's money today but did spend yesterday. In the middle of last year I started to investigate things I could use in the kitchen to keep it going for a few more years before replacing it (most of the units are okay but arthritis in my right shoulder has meant I can only put away one plate at a time). I found some three drawer metal filing cabinets which are nearly the same height as the worktops. They were quite expensive (probably about the same as a set of pan drawers).

    They're 40cm square (16") so will leave lots of room to get at things under the stairs, I have an old (never used) wardrobe door the right size for a worktop and they are big enough to take my largest pans (or a rack for baking trays) and pulling a drawer out is much easier than reaching up or bending down.

    When I went to buy mum's stamps I noticed they were in the sale (can't remember the original price but know they are at least 25% off that). The shop doesn't deliver but I ordered two online with free delivery. I had checked my bank balance whilst shopping and it was healthier than before. It was an extravagant purchase (for me) but if it helps my 16 year old kitchen get to nearer 20 it will be worth it (especially if it gets Beloved's gadgets off my worktops).

    Future plans - I included flour and yeast in my delivery order and am going to have another go at breadmaking. It's one of the few things I ever failed at (I've been helping my mother make wedding cakes since I was 3) and my ex went on about it for months. Buying small ceramic/ pyrex dishes for cooking/ freezing food is another. I want to set off some seeds this week - seeds are old, I will use mushroom boxes as trays and the compost was thrown out by next door so it won't cost anything and anything that grows will be a bonus. I will still have time to buy some more seeds if nothing at all happpens but I've had good results with cabbages started in January before.

    These are all little things (baby steps) but moving more towards the sort of life I have always wanted. I've enjoyed cooking at mum's over the holidays so will continue with that (and here if I manage the remaining tidy up today). Made a few decisions about Christmas next year too. Present limit will be £10 - 20 per person. Gift bags have been saved. Presents will be no waste and environmentally friendly where possible (tried this year but not 100% successful) and if they can be purchased from cs or in support of good causes so much the better. I will also continue to make a few lavender bags through the year, using up scraps I have left.

    Advice please:- I had thought of making a small sewing set each for d-i-l and d-o-l. D-i-l is a fellow Whovian so I was going to make a little Tardis needle case for her and d-o-l (aka Beloved) is a gamer so either something Link/Zelda (there are some beautiful stained glass window embroidery patterns but they might be too big a project for me now) or possibly a companion cube tied with ribbon at the top and different accesories on the inside of each panel whenit is opened. D-i-l knits and d-o-l frequently asks for sewing stuff for mending, costume making or crafting things like dice cups so they would be used.

    Then I got into worrying about whether it was a mother in law thing to do. Would they read the subtext as 'you should be sewing buttons on for my son' which was totally not what I intended. Opinions please.

    Today I am glad for shower attachments, my bed and having clean hair.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    If you made your sons a button sewing on kit each, so they don't need to ransack the girls' then that would solve the problem. Dice shaped pin cushions. Tardis / Rule book/ tentacle shaped bean filled weights for keeping your pattern where you want it to stay while you cut your material out etc.... Sounds like a lovely thoughtful gift to me. Just mention that d-0-l will need a crafting room while they are pricing up their future home:rotfl: Your gift ideas sound like they will be made with love, you rock mothernerd. Maybe a pattern for a cloth voodoo doll?
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  • lcc86lcc86 Forumite
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    Not a NSD here as went out for brunch to finish our anniversary celebrations. Only spent £9.60. I will hit my NSD targets eventually but am still only on 1/18.

    Finished the painting yesterday and did everything else on my to do list today. Went out horse riding, timed to perfection as just missed a huge running race which would've made things.... Challenging!

    Off to yoga soon and then will be making a nice spinach and ricotta lasagne for dinner. Back to work tomorrow so will be able to rack up NSD's more easily. - my original diary :money:
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    All is well - I have found the chocolates. Celebrations for those two and chunks of milk, wholenut and caramel chocolate for me. I am a happy bunny.

    Very tired from earlier exertations so going to stay here tonight and go to my Salford appointment from here (well the bus station). Can catch little bus from bus station on the way back and work out where to pick up milk and olive oil depending on whether I go somewhere else with my all day bus ticket after the appointment.

    Now on NSD 3. Think I should put some chocolate away for my birthday.

    Thanks f0xh0les.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST Feb No 6 No Debt No mortgage
  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    The bags are packed, the boarding pass printed and I'm off on my first big adventure of this year. Amsterdam until the end of the week and then on to Paris. Lots of walking planned and hopefully lots of laughter and meeting new people. All those wonderful French cakes might scupper the weight loss for a little while but I promise I will make up for it.

    Been in touch with all my relatives near and far and promised them lots of pics and postcards.

    Did a bit of short notice baby sitting for the two blond bombshells to allow their parents to attend a family funeral. It's no hardship to look after them. They make me laugh.

    Haven't been able to donate to the food bank yet as the collection centre hasn't opened after New Year but I have a plan for when I come back.

    Hope everyone is well. I'll see you in February.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • abundant1972abundant1972 Forumite
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    Good evening everyone!!!

    Thank you all so much for your advice on my car. I was all set to go today and look at a pre-reg car... and I thought again. I have another 5 months to go... I am going to throw everything at my debt... and clear my card.

    Nearer the time I can then either swap my existing card for a 0% purchase card for x months, and use that for the buy out price. If I am in a better financial position (you never know what is around the corner) then I can review my options again. It would be nice to free up £200 per month though!!!

    Yesterday was a manic day with family and all a bit rushed. As planned - was a spend day, and I was back so late I decided to hit the sack and catch up on here today...

    Today has been productive. My meditation and visualisations are coming along great and I had a real sense of it being time to let go of a few things. I wrote a nice message to my recent ex, as had been struggling with letting him go... and I also got rid of all of my course work from something I did many years back. It has sat in my cupboard, being carried around like a ball and chain - filling me with a reminder of lots of bad memories associated with it, and also of unfulfilled potential. I cannot remember the course content anymore and so I decided it was time to let it all go... and make space for something new... I am having a few wobbles... what if I want to leave my current job and haven't got this to fall back on etc... but I am trusting in my intuition, and the new insights into myself I am having. It served a purpose at the time and it has brought me to wear I am today.

    Today = NSD :starmod: 4

    Today I am grateful for:

    1) The courage to let go of my past
    2) For all the people I met on my course and the wisdom and lessons I learned
    3) For the clients I met on my journey and the lives I touched, and the stories they shared with me.

    Cleared out some clothes and took all my pristine ring binders from my course to the charity shop today, and will recycle all the plastic wallets by taking them into work to use.

    Having a reflective evening in... Am slowly emptying the freezer and cooking up stuff from my cupboards. Only topped up with some bread and fruit, and had some drinks out with a new neighbour last night.

    Have a lovely evening everyone x
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