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NST September - A Simple September

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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Checking in to say I am still on NSD1, mysteriously ran out of breakfast cereal and lovely coffee. There was loads there at the weekend, then pouf! gone. So as I had to spend anyway, found one of those £1.50 veg treasure boxes from Herr L. Lots of lovely things in there. Stocked up on Mr Twinings Earl Grey teabags (2 for £6 at Mr T's) I probably have enough to do until December now.

    Also fell into Her0n, and bought Moroccan veg pasties for the big kids' lunchboxes. The 'lunchbox supplies' mice have made an appearance again.

    One day I will convince my kids that I buy their lunchbox stuff a week in advance, and if they eat it whilst in the house, I am not going to go shopping for more. The swines.
    Just had a phone call from school, (it only took 3 days) DS3 has had his clip on tie pulled off whilst going up stairs and it is broken. So they are REVIEWING THE CCTV TO FIND THE CULPRIT WHO WILL BE MADE TO COMPENSATE US FOR THE TIE! For goodness sake! I did say I hoped it did not turn out to be his older brother I can take the £3.50 hit, but we still have spares from DS1 and DS2 so no harm done. But really? yanking a clip on tie is now a federal offence worth a letter home and financial restitution? Madness. DS3 closed the car door on DS4's head last night cos he said he was being too slow getting out of the car. I am sure his teachers would have had him in gaol for the night. Brothers eh? Who'd have 'em!
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  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Still on NSD No 2

    Had to buy a few things including mince to make a bolognese sauce for the Boy's dinner. Using the rest of the sausage casserole for us tonight together with baked potato. Had the soup for lunch and there's enough for me tomorrow. Himself should be meeting his friend if all goes to plan. I thought we were spending a bit more than I thought we should be but I've realised that it's due to Himself adding biscuits and chocolate to the shopping basket. This is replacing the alcohol which he usually pays for (but doesn't cost nearly as much) so on balance not drinking is much better for his health and he's moving the cost of the alcohol into our savings account so can't really complain.

    Finished the ironing. Ours is all put away and the Boy's is waiting for collection. Hope I don't ever have to do that much again.

    Started a new book last night. The simple pleasure of reading, a nice cup of tea and an early night.
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  • lcc86lcc86 Forumite
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    Not an NSD here. I decided to invest in an acupressure mat, been looking them up online for a while and decided to bite the bullet. I get really bad back pain and figure if it can keep me off the painkillers a bit more and increase the time needed between physio appointments then it's worth it. Other than that, everything is very quiet, work is even quiet which is unusual. I love being busy at work so this is a bit boring for me but should appreciate it while it lasts!
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  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Today I am grateful for time with dd, for being able to record things off the telly, for getting dd ready for tomorrow, for her friend out the back being back from holiday, for fresh rasps, for dd's swim teacher effectively moving her up a group as we can't make the original group time once she's at school, for baked potatoes, for a really good night's sleep.
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    NSD still 0 - some items were out of stock again yesterday - but finally in stock today! (although something else we wanted to get wasn't, so I'll be making another visit there tomorrow..... sigh....)

    TCB cashed out into Tesc0 giftcard and rounded-up amount transferred to hol fund in exchange :D

    Simplicity - still moving garden related items from garage into 'new' shed - all items being reviewed and washed before going in. Some items haven't made the grade so have been recycled/ binned as appropriate. Old pair of too-small and threadbare summery PJs removed from DS3's room to rag-recycling (worn by all 3 boys, so I had my money's worth! :D) Some books removed from DS2's room and clothes from his wardrobe and all gone into DS3's room. VGC too-small trainers of DS3 added to CS bag. Small box of cereal (unwanted - came in a pack) dropped into foodbank point. Handwash bottles topped up with cheap bubble baths - empty bubble bath bottles swilled out into sink and resulting bubbly water used for washing garden pots :)

    Harvested more tomatoes and pears. HG carrots and courgettes prepped and frozen for future use.
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  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Another nsd in the bag. Far too busy to be off spending pennies at the moment. Minor disaster at work today - all the ICT equipment basically collapsed. Not my fault but it did mean that I couldn't access any of my work related stuff. Registers, behaviour systems, presentations etc.
    Strangely enough though there was plenty of other stuff still to do.
    DD made sandwiches and chips for tea :money: so I'm home and fed, and less tired than yesterday with just a couple of little things still to do (change cat trays, fold washing etc). Hopefully another early night...
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  • KarmacatKarmacat Forumite
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    I had a simple day today :) my sister came round for a short walk, and I took her to the community farm: the pig is just about to give birth, and she was having a lovely time in a carefully created wallow, it was amazing to see her pushing the mud around! The staff had put her in the small orchard that's right at the entrance, and one of them was pulling lovely big apples off the trees, which Mrs Pig really appreciated :)
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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Dolly! You have made the weekly email!
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    A SFD. Took lots of bags for life to mum's as the food delivery was coming. Put away the fridge, freezer and cupboard stuff but the tins are all in the 'dining room'. I will put them away on FRiday (hoping I am moving better by then). Lifted some up and stacked them on the table and some in bags under the table.

    Left leg went as I got out of the taxi. I wasn't even trying to stand up, it hurt as I placed it on the pavement. Put all my weight on right leg and the stick to shuffle across the pavement.

    Bin has gone out, asked DS3 to pick various items up and pass them to me. Hauled myself upstairs. Handbag, small bag and water bottle still downstairs for DS3 to bring up. Have brought one of the plant stakes from mum's to see if I can root stuff out of the bathroom u bend (suspect it ie a mass of their hair from before I bought the trap, causing a blockage and overflow).

    Dropped off two pairs of old spectacles for the visionaid box on my way to the taxi office.

    Today I am grateful for resting on mum's bed to ease my back, a pleasant escapist fantasy book, pizza and soup from mum's stores (well I took the pizza as Beloved didn't want it).
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all :j

    Not an NSD, small shop today so NSDs still at 1/15

    Up early & shopping before stint at CS. Crazy busy, I have never seen so many donation bags in the years I've been working there. 86 bags yesterday at least - and it's a small shop in a small town.

    I took a bag there too, but it was only 'rags' ie stuff they couldn't sell with various logos on for businesses.

    Back home, quick lunch & then visit from friend, tea & cake provided by me. She brought me a gift to say thank you for her holiday, was a boxed DVD set, very kind of her.

    All meals from stores, DD had planned to come for supper but then realised she'd got something out from the freezer for herself at her home - phew!

    Will be planning a more simple decluttered space from tomorrow, Tuesday is always busy & never get much extra done. One of the things I am doing is a 15 min clear up before bed, and a list for the morrow - off to do both now, catch you turtles tomorrow!!
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