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NST September - A Simple September

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    DawnWDawnW Forumite
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    Remember Dawn that if you cheer us on, you need to wear lycra and wave pompoms. That's usually enough to 'persuade' people to join!!

    My goodness, that would be a sight to see :rotfl:
    Miss Tara, sorry to hear that you have been so ill :( Hope you are fully recovered soon.
    Dolly, good luck to your DD for her upcoming interview :)
    Still 2/4 NSDs for me. I spent today - I do a monthly donation to the local food bank as close to the start of the month as possible, and today was the day. Also did an online shop for ourselves, and bit the bullet and ordered a new vaccuum cleaner to replace my huge and heavy one whose hose keeps coming adrift. This was a planned purchase, and I had the money in savings, so no credit or debt involved. All spends duly noted in spending diary :o
    Hoping for another NSD tomorrow after that lot :eek:

    Simplify - gifted a box of excess kitchen stuff to a freecycler, helped them out and I now have more space in my cupboards - win!
    Today I am grateful that my horrible cough is getting a bit better without having to go to the doctor's, for having done a batch of cooking a couple of days ago meaning there is prepared food at hand in the fridge, and for fresh beans, tomatoes and raspberries from the garden :)

  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Not much to report from today - a NSD which takes me up to 3. I went 2 short walks again today. I finally got round to charging up my fitbit so I'll try and do a few more steps each day.
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  • PheoniXPheoniX Forumite
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    Quick check in!

    No spend day number 3 today. Packed lunch taken to work all week and am eating what's in the cupboards and freezer in the evenings. Have put myself down for overtime on Saturday so I can pay extra towards the credit card. I'm not a fan of overtime as I love my time off but I'm grateful there are shifts readily available when needs must and my health allows me to do them.

    Nighty night folks
    :D Ninja Saving Turtle :D
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  • Hi all, spendy times here - car cost £280 :( Today did small shop in Mr T, got cat food on special offer. Tracked spend v budget; food well under but petrol over budget; didn’t do realistic assessment taking into account long journey to collect DD2. Gone to bed early with cuppa tea & hot water bottle on aching back & watching Grand Designs - relaxing end to the day :) Dx
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Still on 0 NSD - spent in Sains including a new work top for me (bargain @ £6) and a present for a colleague of OH's (pink champers + posh chocs) as she was instrumental in him getting his new job :) Did use a £9 off coupon though.

    Simplify - added another item to CS bags and tried to donate 2 large bags full of items but CS is being refitted and closed to donations until next week - will see if I can find even more to stuff in the bags :) Also moved more things from garage to shed (cleaning everything first) and recycled/ binned a few more items whilst sorting :T

    Shattered so am off to bed. Also have poorly g-pig. Have spoken to emergency vets and agreed with them to phone first thing in morning for appt.
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all:j

    No NSD for me again today - bought some tickets for a flower show next year...also booked accommodation so that's a treat to come but not for a long while. So NSDs still 1/15

    Did do a 15 min tidy before bed & wrote list. Did a few things off it, too..

    Got outside into the garden this morning, am gradually trying to make an impression. Was driven in by the rain eventually.

    All food from stores for lunch & dinner.

    Cleaned out yukky fridge, DD hadn't eaten any of the stuff I left for her, so it was all still there since before we went away, ugh. Shan't be doing that again in a hurry.

    Then felt a bit unwell, had to take some meds & then rouse myself to make some supper. Made something quick from what we had in, although DH said he's have had beans on toast.

    Only then realised I hadn't done the accounts - which are being taken in tomorrow :eek: So guess what I'm going to be doing now...I might not get the 15 min tidy or the list done tonight. In the spirit of this thread, the accounts are simple, but they do have to be done, and tonight.

    Popping in to post : Hello turtles!
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Welcome Justforme.

    Thank you Dawn.

    Deni - boo to the car spend, necessary evil I suppose.

    mothernerd - glad to hear you are a bit more mobile.

    greent - fingers crossed that your guinea pig gets better.

    Working today, lunch is a portion of last nights Chana Masala and rice (I always make an extra portion for lunch), as usual the weather forecast is good when I am in work, hope it's still good when I got for a run this evening.
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  • lcc86lcc86 Forumite
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    greent hope everything goes well for your piggy at the vet today, I used to have guinea pigs and they're such sweet characterful little things.

    Yesterday was a NSD, had my PT session in the morning (have invested in some of these to try and strengthen my back with the aim of hopefully curing my back pain, mixed results so far!) and then just spent the day at work. Got a bit of studying done last night and then had an early night.

    Today should be another NSD, got into work nice and early so that I can leave early for a change. - my original diary :money:
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Just checking in to say I finally will be getting NSD number 2 today! :D

    placed my online shopping order for Saturday as I have a long day of work on Saturday, just need to phone up and cancel my phone insurance with my phone company and breakdown cover with my breakdown company as they are included in my bank now :)
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    mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Did another trip downstairs but forgot to bring the cheese spread back with me, so I messaged DS3 to request it and Beloved brought it. Result - no dry crispbread for me this morning. It's the little things.

    Have just woken (9 hours sleep with breaks), very hungry (hurray for cheese spread), moving better but really feeling the effects of yesterday so a quiet toddling day today, I think (want to be able to put mum's tins and dry goods in order tomorrow).

    Today I am grateful for a lovely day, sunny but with a cool breeze. For cheese spread (I have bananas but they may be too green even for me) and my bed (always supportive and good in a crisis).

    Sorry 11 hours of much needed healing sleep.
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