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NST September - A Simple September

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Remember Dawn that if you cheer us on, you need to wear lycra and wave pompoms. That's usually enough to 'persuade' people to join!!
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Not earned a NSD so far. Ordered some parts to fix the hoovers (both the cordless and the cylinder one broke at the same time :mad:), paid for DS school lunches, his back-to-school haircut and a couple of other bits.

    Used up some dodgy bananas in pancakes and stuck to the meal plan. DH has took lunch to work for the last 6 working days which must be a record. He wouldn’t bother if I didn’t get up and make it.;)

    Got a credit note for some tickets for an event we can no longer attend this week, sold an item for £30 and arranged to give away some flagstones from the garden we don’t need (saves us trying to dispose of them) but I will need to lift a load of them myself as DH is at work on Saturday :eek:

    Had a lovely Sunday being visited by 2 sets of friends and gifted beer and chocs :)
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  • PheoniXPheoniX Forumite
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    Was hoping to get 4 nsd's in a row being at work this week for 4 long shifts but ended up going to big tesc for my bargain Yorkshire tea bags in case the offer finished. While there I bought the essentials from yesterday's shopping list, so there's a chance I won't need to spend until next week now.. fingers crossed anyway.

    As part of my simple September drive I've been eating simple meals and intend to continue with this experiment to see how little ££ I can spend.

    Warning light came on my dash on the way to work this morning showing tyres needed inflating. Light still on despite putting air in, so I'm hoping there won't be an unexpected expense due to a possible slow puncture and in needing new tyres :(
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all:j

    Well no NSD for me today, nor tomorrow as I had to get biscuits etc for the furry gang today. Also went to a couple of shops & bought a few things, but minimum spends. Very short list for tomorrow too, just mainly furry gang food/litter etc...and milk, always need lots of the stuff.

    Also joined RHS but used a 25% off offer & went through cachback too.

    So still 1/15 NSDs but hopeful for more later in the week.

    In search of simplicity all meals from stores, did a roast dinner that we should have had yesterday, turned out quite well & there is a little more space in the freezer. Meat left over to make another meal.

    Helping with the simple life, DD has finally gone back to her own home, after more than a month here …..she has another tenant renting her room & I was bothered that she wouldn't go back at all. For the last 3 years she has shared with a school friend, till she left to go to her own flat.

    Better go now as I have to wash my hair - CS stint tomorrow, first time in a month so will be tough.

    Sorry to hear you haven't been well misstara - hope you are now on the mend..

    Checking in when I can: Hello turtles!
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Welcome back Dawn.

    Last day off school for the kids today, last Tuesday when they watched Bake Off DD said she couldn't look forward to the next one because it was the end of the hols and now it's here. She actually likes school but doesn't like the early mornings.

    Took DD into town for her first ever interview, it's for a Saturday job, they are shortlisting to two either today or tomorrow, she really, really wants a paying job and has 1 years experience from volunteering in a CS.

    Returned an item yesterday to a CS, it was a pair of shoes that I really love, they were brand new M&S ones but they just feel a bit tight so it's better to let someone else have them. Didn't buy anything else whilst I was there - yay.

    Sold an item on ebay last night and am just waiting to get paid, hope they don't take too long or it will be Saturday before I can post it.
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  • ponypalponypal Forumite
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    had a cheap day yesterday in the end, I went for a meal with friends but it was one of those BYOB places and I don't drink. Saw the Mubi GO film which is 'free' as me and my partner paid for the whole year, the cinema I went to was so fancy it would have been like £15 otherwise :eek: didn't make time to do a yoga video - I am trying to build in a habit of doing 10 mins a day. Will make sure I do it today.
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  • Morning everyone,
    Had a long day at work yesterday - 11 hours. Didn't achieve an NSD as had dentist appointment; thankfully is an NHS one so cost £22. As i'd spent anyway, I ordered DD2 a rug for her uni room.
    Ate all meals from stores.
    Today i'm working at home as my car is in for MOT and service - I have a service plan but maybe something extra will be found but hoping not …..
    Will eat from stores.
    Got washing in the machine so will put that on the line later.
    Sat at my dining table to work and can enjoy my YS flowers bought for 75p a good few days ago and still going strong - simple pleasures :)
    Hope everyone has a good day
    Deni x
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  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Thanks for all the well wishes :D

    Yesterday wasn't a NSD as I sponsored my friend to do the GNR and also bought a new electric toothbrush as mine's had finally given up.

    Today will be a NSD. I've been a short walk to the doctor's surgery and will aim to go another short walk this afternoon although the weather is not great.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    I made my curry :D followed the recipe and just ended up with solid meat/veg and a runny sauce so took the chicken out and just blended the sauce, much better that way lol.

    Also got round to finally using the water flosser, that will most definitely take some getting used to!

    Today will be a NSD, not leaving work to get anything so no chance to spend! X
  • Calling14Calling14 Forumite
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    At day 3 and still no SFD.:eek:

    Boss gave me a tap but to be honest probably a very modern one but would not work for me, impossible to fill a kettle up from it. wasnt high enough. Ordered one my plumber friend recommended on ebay. £31 gone:(

    Booked train tickets for my early bday treat to myself off to see Keane:j in a few weeks more money out.

    Chipped a bit off tooth/ filling yesterday on a very hard almond. Will have get that sorted.

    Ordered joggers as mine are thread bare from Next but used gift card had to put a couple of pounds towards them. Legs getting cold now in the evenings.

    Not going out tomorrow night to attempt to not spend any money.

    Left over chicken for tea, omlette, curry or chicken/sweetcorn soup ? bit fed up of it now but its getting used up today.
    Grateful for

    The little old guy who had fallen outside work on the pavement yesterday in the rain, made a full recovery. Luckily nurse just parking her car on the scene. Gave an old coat and umbrella. Think he was just bit in shock.

    Nice warm wind out there today.:T

    Some lovely photos that appeared on our local music pub. I feature in loads and for a change they are decent:rotfl:
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