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NST September - A Simple September

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  • Evening everyone
    I've had a day of simple pleasures :)
    Met friend at a mid-way point at a NT place. She brought food, we walked for a while then sat on a blanket and had our picnic while admiring the view. We could see black clouds heading our way so relocated to her car with a flask of coffee and chatted for 3 hours! Both needed the loo so had to find a pub where we had a cuppa tea (I paid as she bought the picnic) and then drove home. Bought YS bread which I've had for tea.
    Managed to dry towels and bedding on the line.
    Just doing some of my PT job then going to bed to read.
    Full on day at work tomorrow and just making egg salad for lunch and will take some of the YS bread plus beans from the cupboard for tea (at work as have evening meeting). Hoping tomorrow will be a NSD.....
    Hope to see you all tomorrow
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Was doing well by about 3 pm. Brushed my teeth, had a sit down shower, stood up to dry myself, got dressed. Was going to try going down the stairs when pain shot straight up my leg and I had to grab onto things to prevent falling. Not quite back to the drawing board but went back to my bed for a while.

    I have just made it downstairs. It hurt (felt every step) but no danger of my leg 'giving way' and me falling all the way down. Took a few cans out to the recycling bin, gathered up all my washing and set the machine off. Did a quick check of the freezer - my fish and vegetables are safe and there are a few potatoey bits (handful of chips, few more wedges, half a bag of mash and several baked potatoes) and a pizza I can have. I put some packs of bread buns away before I left last week (have a pack in mum's freezer too if I can find something to put on them)

    So I'm not going to starve this week but could do with fresh raw veg and some fruit to keep my intake of healthy stuff up. Coming back upstairs didn't hurt as much but was more difficult. However I am confident that if I continue to rest I will be able to repeat my performance tomorrow. Was hoping to get to mum's early as I will be coming back for a 5 pm appointment but will listen to my body and if a slow start is required, so be it.

    I have spent money on topping up my phone (£10 gives me £20 extra and the £30 lasts about 3 months) and some other things. Think I will arrange a food delivery for myself for later in the week and if I get the chance will just buy a few bits (more celery, mushrooms, maybe yoghurt or bananas).

    Noticed that the bag of pots and cans I brought down last Monday is still where I left it, dishwasher is empty but lots of used pan and bowls hanging around. Going to ignore it for now, I can't do it and can do without extra stress. I am serenity incarnate.

    DS3 has not read the meters or measured himself for jeans. If he gets round to it, I am paying for them. When Beloved moved in, I wrote a list of clothes to buy him (okay it was his trousseau) and a list of household items I would buy. As they are staying here the household stuff hasn't been needed (apart from the new bed) so I have an IOU list of things I 'owe' him. He had 2 pairs of jeans stolen last year so he only has the red jogging pants that he bought for going to the gym.

    Today I am grateful for rest, being mostly pain free, for the weather being changeable but quite pleasant.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all:j

    Pleased to start off simple September with an NSD: 1/15, although tomorrow & Tuesday probably won't be. Resisted attempts to get me to go shopping today..

    All end of month bills now paid, have quite a bit of cash in hand so will use that to start with.

    Looking forward to simplifying this month, am expecting to eat out of the freezers & stores mostly & get on with the decluttering. Have enough of everything else so shouldn't need to purchase anything very much. Although it is DHs birthday this month, when asked he said he didn't want anything. Will have to get thinking cap on..

    Checking in: Hello Turtles!!
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    Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    NSD Bo 1 (yesterday)

    I'v started off with a simple day ie I didn't do a lot.

    Did a washing for the Boy since it's built up a bit (big bit) since he burnt his arm.
    Made a goulash for dinner.
    Had some chicken from freezer for lunch
    Parsley and oregano are coming along. Mint and basil are rooting but the chives have failed miserably. Don't know what I'm to doing them.
    Avoided alcohol again. That's almost 2 months for Himself and I've only had a few drinks in that time. It has saved us an awful lot of money. It's frightening what a couple of glasses of wine each every night costs and I admit that it was usually more than a couple of glasses. Health benefits must be good too.
    Got a long list to do today. Organisation is the key to a simple life, Right?
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Can I please join for September?

    Sorry I've not posted for quite some time. I unfortunately was very ill resulting in a long hospital stay and operation. I'm back staying with my parents to rest and recover so September will be a very simple month for me - lots of books, rest, short walks to build up my strength, etc.
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    mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    I haven't been to sleep but I'm feeling okay (may konk out mid-afternoon). Not planning on doing much and will be ferrying myself around by taxi.

    Yesterday i put together an over door organiser that's been hanging around for several months (in the bathroom, in short bursts whilst using the facilities). It was originally intended for the back of the door that shuts the front room off from the stairs and kitchen. I was going to use it for multiples of cleaners but they would be too heavy.

    I've put it on my bedroom door and the baskets are 'themed'. One has all my pills and medicine creams except for the packs currently being used. Bottom basket has toiletry type stuff but things like perfume that I don't use everyday. Have also put all the nearly full suncream on there leaving two that are nearly empty on my bedside trolley to finish off (did quite a lot of using up on holiday, took the things that were running out)

    Next to bottom basket has all the things that were in my craft tool box (have been using odd coloured gel pens to do puzzles and write lists that are going to be thrown away - shopping and 'to do' when everything's been crossed off).

    It's freed up a lot of space on my bedside trolley and the cube shelves, it's a lot easier to find things (small tubes of antiseptic cream seem to disappear as soon as I put them down, probably because i've usually taken my glasses off to apply suncream etc) and have also moved a few items which 'go' with the other things but were kept elsewhere.

    Still one basket to fill (only the winter festival cards and a small notebook on there) and a few spaces if I find more tubes of cream. All the in use pills have been trimmed. I took whole blister pack sheets on holiday and some of them were for 14 days so lots of part used packs including the ones I was using before I went away. I refilled the prescription the week before as most things were running out.

    My clothes are organised. I know what I'm wearing for the next few days. I had a number of over door hooks but it had got rather crammed and messy (bags of rags, stuffing, worn once clothing taken off in favour of 'getting dirty' clothes). Some are now kondoed in the drawers but I have a few hung up where I can see them as they are starting to go in holes (lovely soft cotton that I know will look okay to everyone else until the moment it develops large tears) but will be worn out and then the good pieces used for rags.

    I had a heap of clean clothes that I brought upstairs before I left and I brought back a couple of things that didn't fit in the case (I can't carry the full case downstairs so I do the packing in the kitchen). All the stray carrier bags have been triangled and will be taken to the YMCA (I have had bags for life for many years, I have no idea where most of these carriers come from as i always refuse them in shops but the YMCA can use them and it cuts their costs).

    I have a bag of recyclables, a new donation bag and a bag of plastic coat hangers (also not asked for but some were sent with delivered items). So getting rid is going well and moving slowly and as little as possible seems to have helped my leg. I plan to take all the things I need downstairs in one trip - or possibly leave them in a row and send DS3 up to get them. Card for darling d-i-l has been addressed and stamped, 3 books can go back to the library (may not be today, depending on how I feel when I reach the bottom step).

    Not doing well on NSDs. Yesterday and today were already spend days as I topped up my phone yesterday and there is really no alternative to taxis today - an all day anybus ticket would cost nearly as much, would involve quite long (in my present state) walks and the infirmary bus will have stopped running when I come out of my appointment (and again I would have to walk across the town hall square and the car park which is normally doable but not today).

    So as I had already spent money (or am going to spend it) I have done a food and household order to be delivered later in the week. I have spent some more money. I was looking at the Centre for Alternative Technology store last weekend for some things on my wish list. I need toothpaste and they had my favourite fennel one (the black toothpaste I'm using makes a lot of mess) which I haven't been able to find anywhere since my local health food store - not the chain one - stopped selling it several years ago.

    I hadn't realised that CAT had a financial crisis in 2013 and the company side had to be wound up and 11 staff were made redundant. One of the reasons given for their losses was that people were more likely to buy from the large river company (who treat their staff abominably, don't pay their taxes and operate in other unethical ways) whereas CAT were pioneers in promoting the use of these products and technological alternatives and were once the only source.

    I know you said to buy locally dolly but I decided CAT (the charitable arm is still going and does a greatly reduced range of products) needed my money most so I've bought my bamboo toothbrushes, 3 tubes of toothpaste, lovely badger balm (it helps you sleep but is also excellent massaged gently into my knees to stop them creaking - I must emphasise that no badgers are harmed in the making of this product) and a couple of other things.

    I did resist buying the solar torches, wind up radios, storm kettles and the solar powered charger. I made a note of them for future reference/ changes and noted some things that might be gifted to other family members.

    The food order did include enough toilet paper to see me into the new year. I used to be a traidcraft rep and I don't feel safe unless I have a wardrobe's worth of loo paper - used to get raided by DS2 and his uni friends who would come in a car to raid the freezer and drag off a box of loo roll 'when you leave home you don't think about buying loo roll until you have none'.

    It is also the traditional starting point for my preparations for the winter solstice. Once the boys were old enough to have sussed out most of my hiding places (knicker drawer, wardrobe etc) and would rummage through when I was out at work (juggling multi jobs but never out for more than a couple of hours) i had to stop buying 'treats' until the last minute but they didn't use more loo roll just because we had it and the cats never learned to use a can opener so loo roll and cat food were my way of getting ahead and 'saving' money to use nearer the time.

    Okay teeth and shower time for me. Today I am grateful that it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day (good job I found the hayfever tablets), for not hurting and for my bedroom rapidly approaching sanctuary status.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Good morning!
    Yesterday was NSD1 as today is the bills and money moving about day, but I have spent £3.20 in Aldee already.

    All kids to school in the right places, at the right times, with all lunches and kit.

    Going to get rid of all the laundry today, washed, dried and returned to wearer (a more boring Elvis song). Cupboard inventory done and a meal plan assembled. Very small shopping list made. Overpaid the mortgage.
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  • Calling14Calling14 Forumite
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    misstara wrote: »
    Can I please join for September?

    Sorry I've not posted for quite some time. I unfortunately was very ill resulting in a long hospital stay and operation. I'm back staying with my parents to rest and recover so September will be a very simple month for me - lots of books, rest, short walks to build up my strength, etc.

    Hope you are on the road to recovery now. Lots of rest:)
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    Calling14Calling14 Forumite
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    Hi Let me see.

    Friday went home from work with a sick bug. Think I was just overtired, not been sleeping well with backache.
    Saturday - spent decided the only food I wanted was homemade mushroom soup, which my daughters friends cafe does with almond milk. £2 took home and it lasted me 2 days so much of it.:D
    Sunday - Lidlee shop £30 into the food budget. However healthy shop lots of fruit and veg. Did have a problem with some guy who kept handling my Kale:eek: - he got the trolleys muddled up more than once;). Ended up with extra parsnips in my haul. Men and shopping - really:rotfl:

    Today needed wedding, birthday cards and chocolate. Yes I needed chocolate, feel bit flat after a rubbish weekend feeling ill.
    Can't believe Day 2 only and I went bought a dress - £12 from peacocks, I had to got one a year ago in yellow, just feel great everytime I wear it. . So saw one in red I caved in. :DWill pay attention to the challenge from now on. Some the the dresses in the Charity Shops are priced high here anyway.

    My boss has promised me free kitchen tap but getting bit fed of nagging him to sort one out. I wish had just bought one off ebay. Now my leaking tap is getting worse, more nagging this afternoon if it saves me money but as it is my water bill will be increasing.:(

    Tomorrow will be on my best behaviour honest:D:D
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  • lcc86lcc86 Forumite
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    Started the month off well so far, yesterday I was up early and went out horse riding, then I went to my horsey volunteering and by the time I got home I was knackered so no spending money. Just relaxed in front of the TV and did some cleaning.

    Up early this morning, back was playing up so did a workout before work. I have spent £2.15 on nasal strips, my OH was complaining that I'm snoring loads, I never hear it but apparently it's bad so I have to do something about it! But that's the only spend so far.
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