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    Thank you all for joining me in September.

    It rained all day yesterday, went to Ikea and bought two new lampshades. I was going to look for some fabric to recover the existing ones but they are the type with a fabric bonded onto plastic and they were pretty old and the plastic cracked when I touched it so I think it would have cracked really badly if I tried to recover. The new ones were £3 each.

    Made a massive chilli for tea today, one portion in the fridge to have with jacket potatoes later in the week and another portion in the freezer. Picked some apples and stewed them this afternoon, one tub in the fridge to go in porridge and one tub in the freezer.

    Cycled this morning. Also drove my car into the hole made by a burst water main, car seems OK but it was a horrible noise, road was flooded and some idiot woman was racing towards me on the bend and totally covered my car in water and I just couldn't see where I was going.

    Bought a vintage skirt at the weekend for £2.49 which DD has decided she wants so I have had to make an alteration to the waist on that, it looks really good on her though.

    See you all in October.
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    Well, where has September gone? I am finishing on 11 NSDs, which I am reasonably happy with. I have had a few biggish expenses this month (new vacuum cleaner, new bedding, short trip away camping), though food etc shopping spends have been quite low.
    Looking forward to 'seeing' everyone in October :)
    Thanks for running the challenge Dolly :)
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    Thanks so much for September dolly. It's been exactly what I needed.
    I sneaked a nsd today which has taken me to a fairly decent 16 for the month. Still need to up my game in October though
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    Thank you so much for September dolly. I didn't do too badly in the end but there was lots more I could have done (wanted to but my body kept going on strike).

    Took mum to her physio appointment today and we don't have to go again. Went round the corner to our doctor's surgery and put in orders for two lots of meds and booked us in for flu jabs next week. I also took a note to the SWMS people, explaining why I had cancelled tomorrow's appointment - you know you are doing too much when cancelling one appointment / meeting makes you feel like you have just got out of jail.

    Back at mum's I did more sewing (nearly there now), fed us both (I had taken baked potatoes) and unpacked the new curtains, pole, linings and hooks. Have threaded the curtains onto poles but need to change the brackets before they can go up.

    Today I am grateful for my diary (have mum's medical history jotted down on one small page), for pleasant and helpful NHS staff and a lovely simple meal - baked potatoes and beans.
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    Thank you for running my best month yet. Xx
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    Hi all:j

    Many thanks to dolly for running the thread this month, I haven't been great at NSDs but finished with another one today - 14/15 so quite pleased with that.

    All food from stores today, will be shopping tomorrow but just for a few bits.

    Did some more in the room of doom today, also quickly cut the grass as rain forecast - and it started as I mowed - and bad weather for the rest of the week.

    Out for DHs birthday meal tomorrow so no cooking, good as it's my day for the CS stint.

    Popping in to say hi : Hello turtles!!
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    Thank you for running September dolly.
    See you in October.
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    Thank you for running September Dolly.

    Have sort of behaved spending wise. Just found it impossible to get NSD into double figures this month, but did have 2 city trips. October quieter month.

    Thanks again you're a star
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