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    Not a NSD here. Small food shop and a new kettle bought from ALdee, looks like a Dellongi from a distance ;) DH bought a bargain beer fridge he’s wanted for ages from the Argos clearance warehouse.

    DH and DS have both had great weeks and DS has won an award and a prize today. Super proud :D especially on the back of last weeks training feedback.

    Hairdressers in the morning but the house is clean and the fridge is full so we can chill out and have quality family time this weekend :)
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    Hi all,
    been spendy as went out for tea with friend - £20 including wine so that was pretty good and I had budgeted for it. Had long day at work but did go out at lunch for some fresh air in between showers. Got 14 things on the Bay of E - auction ends tomorrow so hoping for some profit as well as decluttering :)
    Nite all Dx
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    Hi all:j

    Still on 1/15 NSDs as lunch food bought for friends' visit. Happy to say we now have light - and water - what a bonus & improvement from yesterday!!

    Many thanks for the well wishes folks

    Friend came round & had already been to buy a couple of replacement bits. He managed to replace the pipe section that burst & also then removed the light fitting in the dining room (he is a sparky, but clearly has other skills). It's an ornate Victorian one & water just poured out of all 5 branches......it's now drying out in the kitchen & is replaced with a plastic thingy with a bulb on the end, not beautiful but much safer. Once the fitting dries out maybe it can be put back up. Carpet is soaking in a huge patch, ceiling also looking a bit grim. However, put on gas fire to dry things out so we'll see what it looks like. Am insured but may not claim.

    Then had some lunch with friend & also DD came round before work. We sat & chatted about all sorts and ate lunch, simple pleasures. Was determined to pay friend for his work - and especially as well for the bits he already bought. No dice as he yet again absolutely refused any payment, I really will have to think about how we can repay him for the kindness!!

    Anyhow, hopefully returning to almost normal soon, or what passes for it here..

    Checking in today: Hello turtles!!
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    Sasha, I'm so pleased to read that things have started to get sorted at home. I have literally no idea what I would do in the same situation. I do know though that my heating engineer broke my stop tap (:rotfl: Calling not being able to use the male hen word) when he replaced my boiler earlier in this year and I had forgotten all about getting him back to replace it when he was 'less busy'. I'm keeping everything crossed that it all dries out ok.
    I am exhausted after a very busy week at work, and I seem to have a bit of a tummy bug as well (unless I'm already just stressed beyond belief). Woke up half a dozen times during the night because of it and so I'm not feeling great this morning. Thank goodness it's Saturday so I can sleep if I need to later.
    Won't be a nsd today unless I don't feel well enough to go out later. I want to pop to L1dl for veggies and I am hoping to meet bestie for a posh coffee and a catch up, which we haven't done for weeks. And I need to buy cat litter and pick up a couple of parcels in town as well. So I'm hoping I can manage it...
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    I am still on NSD1, I have no idea what I am doing today. DH is away from Monday and apart from one night, I won't see him again until next Sunday night. So I think I am just going to enjoy him being around and getting underfoot before I impose my reign of terror on Monday:rotfl:. Won't be too faffed about cleaning stuff over the weekend. I will have nobody to talk to in the evenings next week so my house should be close to sparkly by the time he gets back home again.
    It always is when he is not here.

    Might go scrumping at the community orchard and I still have no blackberries in the freezer. I am a slovenly wench.

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    Morning all, good to hear you got sorted Sasha - what a lovely friend you have :)
    Me neither CCL - I'd be paralysed with panic if that happened to me. Hope you feel better later and can meet your friend for posh coffee as sounds like you need a treat.
    I've had manic week at work as covering for boss (yet again). Have had verbal agreement for extra money while covering but needs to be formalised in a couple of weeks.....
    I'm going to check my Bay of E sales shortly and package them up ready to take to PO once auction ends and payments are made. Took ages to list everything last week but glad I took the time as some profit will be made for me and DD1 and, just as importantly, some clutter will be cleared.
    Also need to do some of my PT role which I often do during lunch at FT role but no time this week so need to get up to date with it.
    Going to make some soup today. Still no oven so having to cook everything on the hob - or toaster!
    Weather looks sunny so washing in the machine ready to go on the line soon.
    Hope everyone has a nice day
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    Ooh thanks for the reminder foxholes - I want to go blackberry picking too !
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021 !
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  • Hi all
    Not doing very well with the nsd.. I think it was silly of me to try while having no food in the house !! So 0/15 for me I’m ashamed to say.. I have however been popping to my local shops and picking up reduced meat for freezer and trying to stock up with on offer items
    I will need to shop today but I’m hoping next week il have enough to meal plan and then can get some nsd in..well done everyone x
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    Yesterday I went to mum's appointment with her. Doctor was very thorough and kind. They had a patient in reception who said she had an appointment but was not on their list. The doctor sent her assistant out to see her but said that whether the patient had got the wrong day or if it was an admin error, the patient should not be sent away, she would see her.

    Was thinking of going to Iceland or mum's dentist after thee appointment but it was chucking it down so opted for a taxi back to mum's. I sorted all the tins. Found myself a little cheat. The desk drawers in the shed would fit into the cupboard so took two and 'loaded' them with twenty cans before sliding them fully into the cupboard. This made doing the bottom two layers much easier (ie possible) and with that start I could manage the other layers.

    I did want to plant the things we bought last week but kept drifting into a doze. Mum was dozing on and off all the time (getting to an appointment takes it out of her). Arranged two more appointments - got the diabetic foot screening piggy backed onto a regular podiatry appointment.

    Not so lucky with the dentist. Mum wants to see the dentist and see the hygenist straight away afterwards (both have to see her in the downstairs treatment room). Phoned to arrange this or alternatively, just see the hygenist. Receptionist said this could not be done - she had to see the dentist who would then refer her to the hygenist, which means another whole day taken up with a further appointment. Put the phone down on him in the end, before I lost my temper. They were equally inflexible with mum of twins who requested a downstairs room - they were only for people who could not do stairs and she could do stairs (not with a baby on each arm).

    Decided against doing the plants (so glad I did because bits of me are refusing to do anything today) and came home early. Cooked food before I came upstairs and set off a load of washing (remembered where I put the new wash tablets) then slothed my way to an early night.

    Will find something useful to do (embroidery, lavender bags) that means I can stay up here - I only persuaded myself into the shower because of the benefits of healing jets of water on tired aching muscles. Lots I want to get done but going to act positively and work on the things I can do rather than fretting over things I can't. Gentle stretching exercises, handicrafts using what I have around me, frog list for when my body decides to work.

    Today I am grateful for a pleasant but not oppressive day, for using up odds and ends and for the luxury of time to relax and recuperate.
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    Not posted for a few days. Thursday was a spend day as I treated my mum to some lunch out, yesterday was a NSD and today I've ordered some long sleeve t-shirt as I've been feeling quite cold. Other than that, doing my 2 daily walks, reading and helping my dad out with garden stuff.
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