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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Morning all! (can't say 'good' as I am moping about the football result).
    Second laundry load done and on the line already.
    As I am grumpy I have made all the kids tidy their rooms properly before I plugged the wifi back in.
    2 beds stripped and remade already.
    Breakfast was fruit salad and coffee.

    Plants watered, I will put into their final resting places when I can park outside the house and drag the 3 bags of compost in from the boot without killing myself. So I have been wandering around trying to find suitable receptacles for the compost. Who knew I had 3 plastic bins in the shed? I am shopping from the cupboards this week so spends should be low.

    Right, I have another 3 beds to strip, and 2 still contain teenagers, this should be fun!

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    So yesterday was a spend day, went food shopping without a list and with my husband so that was a massive fail. I did manage to wash the throes from the sofa, dry on the line and then sew them together (fed up of them separating in the middle), also cut up some towels and sewed the edges to use on my daughters changing mat, whoever said girls were easier to change then boys :eek:
    Today is hopefully a NSD, started opening a tax free childcare account, went for a walk earlier in the day, and little one is currently napping on me
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    NSD today - 1/20.
    Started a bag for the cs. Binned a couple of things and recycled a few things. Recycling has been put into the communal recycling bin. Uninstalled an app on my mobile that I installed.
    Grateful for:
    Going for a walk.
    Lovely weather.
    Watching the film about the boy wizard.
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    July ninja here (fake it till you make it).

    Budgets as last month but will be monitoring food closely and travel may be high (2 appointments needing all day bus tickets tomorrow and Tuesday and then will have a better idea how often the sleep people need to see me).

    Need to look seriously at my energy provider and possibly broadband (but think the people who know about these things will not want to change - they didn't haggle at renewal date). Also want to switch banks at some point and set up a proper (separate) savings account.

    Car use - only taxis which mum pays for. Will be walking more.

    Plastic - may purchase the sod*stre*m so I can make fizzy tap water. My money off voucher has expired but my preferred supplier has a 25% off offer this month and they have a scheme where you can buy recycled canisters for $11.

    Screen time - cutting out one game which is annoying me (levels that are virtually impossible without purchasing boosters). Not really engaged with any of my games atm and have switched the laptop off quite a lot.

    Spending - will minimise food spending as much as possible (living from the freezer) but have two large purchases listed this month, the sod* and some trainers. Would prefer the mountain walking trainers like I used to have but I think they were $60 in the sale in 2005. Don't buy designer trainers (usually bought sale ones when needed for exercise/ gym going) but I need something which supports my foot properly but weigh less than the walking boots (save for winter).

    Don't think I have any toxic people or situations atm (DS3 not speaking to me as I implied that he was a burden - delicate little flower will be going into a decline). Have managed to disengage from toxic people over the years but as a result I don't see many people at all. Even mum has been mildly complimentary - although last month's quote about weird relatives struck a chord, she recently claimed that none of her family were normal (we read books, do roleplay, are gamers, some of us have piercings, coloured hair and have cross-dressed). I love my mother but have never wanted to be her or her idea of normal.

    Need to get back to my declutter mission. Stalled a bit after the last big item giveaway. Last month I started to get bogged down in the 'rubbish' mountain and did not make much headway. I need to identify my next targets and get on them (DS3, during our discussion on taking responsibility for his health, suggested an exercise bike might help - think he might have been hinting that I should buy said bike, he definitely thought I should lose one of my kitchen chairs to accommodate said item - NO).

    Unnecessary spends - lots to eliminate. Need to put a lot more thought into what I should be eating and how to organise it - I did have a 4 week period when mum and I had appointments on 3 or 4 days each week, plus her cleaner swapped days multiple times due to grandchildrens holidays and school being used as a polling station. Was really struggling to remember what day it was and where I was supposed to be.

    Waste is a problem but my main problem is that the majority of the waste is not mine, but is produced by DS3 and his Beloved. Will do what I can, where I can with what I have (using old t-shirts as multi purpose cloths, have hankies not tissues, buy stainless steel/ wood/ glass where possible). I could do better (we all could, should and need to).

    Dreams? Does being able to see the kitchen worktops count. Sorry, will try to do better.

    Education - learning new ways to do things all the time. I can peel a satsuma one-handed (left hand).

    Fruit and veg. I have increased my fruit and veg and am also eating mum's supply. Not rationing my intake atm (strictly only allowed 3 pieces of fruit) as fruit is better than sweets, cakes or biscuits so healthy swaps and will fine tune later when I have the big things sorted (I.m one of the big things).

    Fun and laughter
    My whole life is filled with fun and laughter, mainly at myself trying to do everyday things. Laughter has always been one of my best survival tools.

    to a fault (just wish I had more to give)

    Getting niggly jobs done
    I have a list (probably about six actually) and I know how to use it. Will jot down a few things to aim for this week (given that I'm not really in town let alone at home for the first two days) and add more when they have been done (so I don't get overwhelmed and want to go under the bedclothes). Ongoing project to at least the year end.

    Diabetic eye test and 2 appointments (sleep studies team and CPAP clinic) at the same time on Tuesday (phoned then emailed them and they think I'm a dotty old lady so it's their problem - was originally told they were 2 different things)
    Sleep pattern is totally out of control again (hope the above helps). Will drag it back to 'normal - ish' a bit at a time. Re-read CBT notes.
    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise - antiseptic cream where needed, E45, suncream and anything else I have lying around (vic and lip salve on my feet).
    Check with doctor if there is anything else I can do for my (supposedly sprained) ankle. Will ask physio at Friday exercise class, try strapping it with an extra bandage, put it up more. For new turtles this is something that happened before Christmas and I was told it would resolve itself in 6 - 8 weeks. It's getting stronger but still have barely able to stand up days.

    Meal planning - Need this plus a lot of grab and go healthy solutions eg bought bananas so breakfast options are fruit yoghurt stuffed with porridge oats/ 2 bananas/ crispbread with low fat spread cheese and toms. All will work as on the go/ emergency snacks with the right packaging. Adding heaps of cauli/ broc/ sprouts from the freezer to odds and ends from the freezer. Baked potatoes.

    Moving more
    Still have a few exercise sessions to go. Want to walk and dance - will start but may have to rest on days in between. Some is better than none.

    Maximising the pennies
    Two pound toucan is filling up. Not sure about the 365 challenge as DS2 borrowed some money when I was out and not sure which pile he took it from (use pile/ savings pile/ repairs pile). Want to feel fully in control. Had two bags on Friday to keep mine and mum's shopping/ cash/ receipts separately.

    Time with those you love
    Booked a day out and 3 small holidays with mum between August and the year end. There are several at the end of June so will see how she feels about another one and ask if we want to go to the licorice festival again (or any other days out). Will look for more things locally that might interest her and try to fix up some things with the boys - wanted to go to Trentham Monkey Forest with DS2 but he thinks his boss will be away (school holidays).

    Today I am grateful for getting some things done (washer and dishwasher are working, lots of recycling out into correct bins), for a few ys bargains, for it not raining on me whilst I was outside, for good books to read, for feeling hopeful.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Today I am grateful for getting some stuff done, for waking early, for my workout, for chats with friends, for the noisy neighbours being away, for my lovely generous dh, for dd playing out, for having had a relaxed and wonderful half term.
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    Gratitude execise is always good. Here are mine today:
    - for getting the idea of cutting seedheads of weeds, when I didn't have time or energy to dig them up.
    - the extra number of cupboards in my new kitchen :)

    - recovering from my mid-week tiredness jag to carry on cleaning the house and getting it straight over the weekend.
    - a few days away next week, courtesy of Sun caravans :)
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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamerDeni_debt-free_dreamer Forumite
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    HI all

    Been to the big Swedish store today with DD1 and her BF. Just treated myself to mini Dime bars (within my treat budget!) and bought DD1 a water bottle to take to work. Came home for lunch rather than eat in the caf!. Very enjoyable few hours with DD1 and her BF.
    Walked to my friends in the afternoon so done nearly 10k steps today. Lovely catch up with friend, we are both single working mums so good support for each other.
    Line dried the washing.
    Ate some veg with lunch and have made packed lunch to take to work tomorrow.

    Going to bed soon to read and have a few minutes peace before the start of a new working week.

    Deni x
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    XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Update for days 1 & 2

    We went to a lovely Christening today for DH friend's daughter. I have signed up to the C25K again but having done a fair bit of running over the last 4 weeks decided to see if I could run 5K this afternoon with no walking after only managing 10 min runs and 2 mins walk managed it and in a good time (for me) :D and have given up my spot on the course but will join the 5K group at the running club from next week. I am now on track to start my GNR training next week as planned which is a massive relief.

    Bills 1) Swap my mobile phone provider 2) Reduce gas usage - no progress
    Clutter 1) Dining room unit 2) Pink bedroom 3)Dresser drawers no progress
    Spending 1) Groceries budget £300/£90.70 due to taking DH to Asda when h only wanted beer to celebrate losing 24lbs and spent £15:eek:
    Unnecessary spends 1) Stick to our budget 2) First monthly budget meeting planned with DH for 2nd June -Deferred until end of week when I am back from a work trip 3) Cut back to avoid using CC
    Waste 1) Minimise food waste ( I can't afford to waste anything this month) - used some veg in hidden veg pasta sauce for DS, spinach in smoothies. Will need to do some prep before work trip tomorrow

    Dreams (dream big) 1) Debt free in 4 years, mortgage free in 10. DH is motivated to clear mortgage in 10 years (a very tough target) so I want to keep him focussed on this with any tactics you lovely peeps would like to share. Debt is all on 0% and will run down in the background. - spoke to DH about what he would do if we were able to retire early
    Education 1) Sales efficiency analysis (work) 2) Yoga 3) Clean eating diet and keeping it up to include batch cooking, motivation, tactics to avoid eating carp etc. - no progress
    Fruit and veg intake 5/day every day including at least 1 green veg everyday 9/150 portions Green Veg 2/30 portions
    Getting niggly jobs done 1) DS CTF/ISA 2) Sort pink bedroom back to a bedroom instead of a dumping ground 3) List freezer and re-organise contents 4) Paint porch interior 5) Paint utility, downstairs loo and spray paint cistern and replace loo seat. no progress
    Health Lose another 7lb (ideally by 25th June but this will be tough) - weigh in tomorrow :)
    Meal Planning - will post them and be accountable to keep me on track with eating well, weight loss and grocery spending. see below
    Moving more - Exercise 3 times per week and walk dog everyday I am home - Exercise 1/12 Dog Walks 2/20
    Time with those you love - Phone D&S, phone S&J, visit Mum, book meet up with J&C, phone JP, phone JL nothing done and DM is on hols
    NSD Aiming for 10 due to wanting flexibility of buying fresh food every couple of days 0/10

    Meal Plan for this week

    M & T - away with work (taking spinach soup in a flask for Mon night)
    W - Omelette and salad (late back after long drive)
    Th - Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Rice
    F - Chicken Stir Fry with rice noodles and HM sauce
    S - Morries make your own pizza (just discovered they do GF bases :T
    S - Gammon(in freezer) roast pots and a pile of veg
    Save £10,500 - £2673.77 - 25.5%
    Pay off £7000 - £1743 - 19.4%
    Make £2021 extra income - £99.75
  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all:j


    Bills Looking to get some secondary DG on our old windows to help with heating this place. This will be a long-term project IMHO. To that end:

    Clutter Lots to clear before even survey to do windows could be organised. Started in room that visitors are due to be sitting in on Monday..Progress in room 1 including removing some items, installing others. Clearing out fire grate where bird came down, ugh. Shoved old pillow up chimney (we don't light this fire) to stop any further problems until we can get someone to fit some sort of cowls.

    Spending: Need to budget for groceries. Starting with £300 including pet food.

    Unnecessary spends Try to avoid shop visits with DD who is an avid consumer. And then I spend when I didn't intend to. DD as ever went to shops but DH went with her - & he doesn't spend anything.

    Waste: Do try not to waste, especially food but will be on it. Think DH is taking it too far when he is trying to stick together a cereal bowl he just broke - well it will be ok, it's only in 3 pieces. He did stick it together but had to admit defeat when you could still see daylight through it !
    Dreams (dream big): Would like to fit the DG as mentioned earlier, also need the driveway doing but would be a very large amount of cash as it's so big....Clearing the clutter will help enormously with this, both financially & in the long term.


    Fruit and veg intake: Definitely need to increase F&V consumption, on this. Not much fruit left but lots of veg included in Nasi Goreng we had for supper.

    Getting niggly jobs done Painting inside & out, get builder to fit cowl on chimneys, get chimney swept, painting outside as well. No progress as yet. Too busy clearing/cleaning in prep for all the visitors.

    Health: Lose approx. a stone & a half. Probs no progress.

    Meal Planning: Need to meal plan as tend to go with the flow, and it doesn't always work out. Plan for next few days so far.

    Moving more - More exercise taken as gardening. Todays exercise was cleaning.

    Time with those you love: Visit of rellies on Monday for a catch up.

    NSD: 2/15

    Check in every day Here I am, hello folks
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Ninjas never lose.

    We either win or we learn.

    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
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