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NST June 2019 - Ninja powers


Just Unleash Ninja Energy

June is about a laser focus.

With superpowers.

And an eye mask so that no-one recognises you in the street.

And a cape.

And a wand if you want one.

Minimise vs maximise.

Choose your focus and be relentless in pursuing it.

-bills (change provider, reduce your usage)
-car usage (can you walk/bike the journey instead?)
-clutter (Marie Kondo isn’t popular for no reason)
-plastic (‘nuff said)
-screen time (you’ll sleep better, get more done, be more sociable…)
-spending (why else are we here?)
-toxic situations and people (set yourself free from their entangling tentacles)
-unloved items (someone else can love them instead)
-unnecessary spends (well, we’re on a money saving site, aren’t we?)
-wants ( at heart, we are simple folk who don’t need much)
-waste – food and other (don’t throw your hard-earned money down the drain. Or in to the bin)

-dreams (dream big)
-education: learn to do something new (from plumbing to breakdancing)
-fruit and veg intake (we know the health benefits)
-fun + laughter (so important!)
-generosity (donate, give, help others)
-getting niggly jobs done (then they can stop bugging you)
-health (don’t pay for health issues later in life – be healthy now!)
-inner ninja superpowers (we all have them. Dust down the cape)
-meal planning (less waste, less shopping, less stress, less temptation to nip to the shops)
-moving more (goes with health. Get shifting that booty)
-pennies (they are powerful. Treasure them)
-time with those you love (you can’t do this once they’re gone. Make the most of them now)

  • The challenge runs for all of June from the first to the last.
  • You will have 15 NSDs.
  • You will pay to your debts/savings first and live off the rest.
  • You will budget to the last penny.
  • You will choose your personal focuses (foci?) and let us know how you are getting on. We love daily posts, if you can.

Who is with me?
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  • apple_muncher
    apple_muncher Posts: 14,806 Forumite
    First Anniversary Mortgage-free Glee! First Post Name Dropper
    edited 4 June 2019 at 1:02PM
    Reserved for ninjas:

    1 apple muncher
    2 Calling14
    3 thriftylass
    4 Kerry Woman
    5 Shrewbie
    6 laurenh1
    7 Toni'sfriend - lycra-clad chief cheerleader
    8 misstara
    9 greent
    10 shabbychic12
    11 Deni debt-free dreamer
    12 sashanut
    13 mothernerd - July ninja
    14 Fmess
    15 XSpender
    16 crazy_cat_lady
    17 dolly84
    18 f0xh0les
    19 chocolatelover93
    20 lindez
    21 Dottydaisy
    22 bizzie
    23 abbi_aurelia
    24 indigowarrior
    24 SpekySquarehead
    25 cuddlymarm
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
  • Calling14
    Calling14 Posts: 3,498 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary Photogenic First Post
    Count me in. Thanks apple muncher for the challenge.
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  • thriftylass
    thriftylass Posts: 4,002 Forumite
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Post First Anniversary
    edited 28 May 2019 at 3:31PM
    Can I join again please. Yes, yet again. But I ain't giving up on these challenges yet. I'm in a better place mentally and hope to crack it this month. Thanks Apple Muncher

    O definitely have multiple foci

    -bills (just double checked)
    -car usage (once DD starts school will cycle more)
    -clutter (no buying new clothes for till debt is paid off/xmas....)
    -plastic (making a conscious effort like no more sandwich bags but reusable Tupperware, no more clingfilm but silicon lids, no more little yogurt pots but big ones and take some in a reusable jar to work etc etc)
    -screen time (meditate before sleep or read)
    -waste – food and other (better meal planning etc)

    -dreams (wrote them down in my gratitude journal and read them every day)
    -education: learn to do something new (once my morning routine is more settled will freshen up my Russian (only language where I wouldn't have to start from scratch, but for some reason quite fancy Norwegian too) or start a book keeping course)
    -getting niggly jobs done (one every week on the to do list)
    -health (training for races again and enjoying it, side effect, finally cutting down on drinking etc. more)
    -time with those you love (and time for yourself, critical for me)
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  • Kerry_Woman
    Kerry_Woman Posts: 3,133 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper Combo Breaker First Post
    Can I please join for June? Thanks.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2024 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
  • Shrewbie
    Shrewbie Posts: 768 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Name Dropper Photogenic
    I love it, apple thank you. Especially the learning something new, valuing the people you love, oh and avoiding toxic situations!! Very good nuggets of truth there. I'm in x
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  • laurenh1
    laurenh1 Posts: 829 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post Combo Breaker
    Me please lovely xx
  • Toni'sfriend
    Toni'sfriend Posts: 4,054 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post
    Brilliant challenge, Apple. I'm away for the first three weeks in June so I'll cheer from the sidelines. I still can't post on my IPad but I'll catch up when I get back.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • misstara
    misstara Posts: 3,883 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    Please count me in apple, disappeared in May but hope June will be better :)
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  • greent
    greent Posts: 10,672 Forumite
    First Post Name Dropper First Anniversary Photogenic
    Oooh - I'd love to be a June Ninja, please, apple!! :)
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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  • shabbychic12
    shabbychic12 Posts: 315 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post Photogenic
    Please count me in x. l cannot believe we are half way through the year, where has the time gone? xx
    Count down to retirement 2023
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