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NST June 2019 - Ninja powers



  • DottydaisyDottydaisy Forumite
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    Please can I have a number, Apple, will try to post this month
    NSD 1/3,
    My mantra is After I ....I will. eg After I make my morning coffee, I will take my medication. Eventually this will become a habit,
  • bizziebizzie Forumite
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    Can I join in for the month, please.
    Groceries: Personal Spend: 0 NST NSD Goals for 2023:Self: Health: Wealth :
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    Clutter - Have already done quite a lot of decluttering over the years. Will be mindful as to what I bring into the flat and see what else I can get rid of.
    Plastic – Try and be more mindful.
    Screen time – Will carry on for this month not playing computer games.
    Spending - Have done my budget for each category for the month.
    Unnecessary spends – Will be more mindful as to what I spend this month.
    Wants – Will be mindful about this.
    Waste – food and other – Will keep an eye on this and use up what I have already in.

    Dreams – Will be concentrating on one dream at the moment.
    Fruit and veg intake - Must increase this.
    Fun + laughter - Will try and include this as much as I can this month.
    Generosity (donate, give, help others) – Will do.
    Health (don’t pay for health issues later in life – be healthy now!) – Will be looking at this. Also try to increase water intake. Have gp appointment in 3 weeks’ time to get blood test results.
    Meal planning (less waste, less shopping, less stress, less temptation to nip to the shops) – Will do.
    Moving more (goes with health. Get shifting that booty) – Will be walking whenever possible.

    Will be aiming for 20 NSDs.
    DDs have already been set up for savings. No debts.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
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    thriftylassthriftylass Forumite
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    Good morning, Payday today :j

    I paid myself first (debt, OP and savings) and then paid some bills.

    This morningI went shopping in my freezer and cupboards first and made a meal plan and shopping list for till next weekend. As last month was a long one, I had to dip into this months budget :o . Hence, I was extra keen to keep this month's first shop low.

    I started noticing a reduction in grocery and household costs since I stopped buying kitchen roll and started using my microfibre clothes. Ican't believe I even used them to catch veg peelings etc while chopping stuff for dinner rather than just getting the food bin closer or leaving them on the counter which can we wiped :p. Also, I finally started using the measuring cup for the washing powder etc more. Gosh, why didn't I think of those simple things earlier :rotfl:

    The last clingfilm roll was already finished and I finished the last roll of tin foil today. I really try to live without. Will see how that goes.
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  • abbi_aureliaabbi_aurelia Forumite
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    Can I join please? I really need to rein in the spending
  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    Mask, cape, wand, and lasso at the ready, not to mention the boots!
    bills already a reduction is noticable just by using the washing line and not the dryer, turning down thermostat on hot water tank while the weather is not cold and rejigging timers on hot water tank. Heating is firmly OFF until October unless we are noticeably cold on the sofa, then it is a +1 on the control panel.
    car usage -only used for school run and food shopping.
    clutterworking on it, signed up to local community cupboard and wastenot group, have plans for the dumping shed while DH is away for the weekend.
    plastic working on it, very aware now, and have found out what Mr M’s shopping emporium will take in their plastic recycling bin – it is surprising how much. I wish the tip had a bin for each plastic number, I would happily separate all my plastic this way.
    screen timeI could read more instead? God knows there is barely anything on tv
    spendingon top of this!! Need a wardrobe for DS1 who will start college and lose the uniform. Interested to see what he will chose for himself.
    toxic people – will endeavour for the month of June.

    dreams building works, I dream of having walls knocked down (tragic!), also white sand and warm seas. I do not know what I want to be when I grow up.
    education: I fancy learning another language - will look into it.
    fruit and veg doing well on this one already
    fun + laughterRiverside Festival, Watersports centre open day, my lovely birthday, sports day, I want to try stand up paddleboarding. Celebrate DS1s last exam
    generosity- I lovegiving stuff away!!
    get niggly jobs doneI have my list and I am working my way through it – why are there 3 shelves on the kitchen floor that should be on DS4s bedroom wall? Why is there a mass of screws and diy things above my washing machine? This all ties in with the clutter , once I do the jobs, I can put the diy tools away!! win/win.
    healtheat better, move more
    ninja superpowersI disappear into books. I make problems disappear. I have a drill and I know how to use it.
    meal planning world standard champion meal planner!
    Aim for 15 NSDs
    Report daily – F.A.B!
    4/10/22 Mortgage? What Mortgage??? Yay! I have an Architect!! NST March Turtle # 13 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢 ......... 🐢 No Turtle gets left behind. ******PROUD MEMBER OF THE TOFU EATING COALITION OF CHAOS !!!******
  • abbi_aureliaabbi_aurelia Forumite
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    f0xh0les wrote: »

    [/COLOR]education: I fancy learning another language - will look into it.

    I've been using Duolingo, it's free (as long as you don't make too many mistakes in one day), and it has loads of languages
  • Hello

    Second time writing this out as I lost first one :mad:
    Thank you Apple for hosting June.

    -bills Done all of them already but will try and keep tumble dryer use to a min
    -car usage Can't do this where I live unfortunately
    -clutter Already done this.
    -plastic Yes!!
    -screen time This will be hard as it is how I wind down in the evening.
    -spending Will try!
    -toxic situations and people Did this last year helped massively!
    -unloved items Don't think I've got anything else had a massive declutter the last few months.
    -unnecessary spends Did a lot better at this in May so hoping to improve even more!
    -wants Just want a nice peaceful month with DS and family.
    -waste – Definatly 100%

    -dreams My main focus at the moment is loosing weight
    -education: Been in the garden a lot so that has all been a learning curve.
    -fruit and veg intake Trying to reach for fruit when wanting a snack and having as much veg on my plate with every meal.
    -fun + laughter Me and DS have a lot of fun and are always laughing
    -generosity Will try and say yes everytime someone asks for help.
    -getting niggly jobs done Going to dedicate 1 day to my to-do list!
    -health Booked dental check up for next week and need to get eyes sorted too.
    -inner ninja superpowers Super ChocolateLover haha
    -meal planning I do this most of the time anyway :)
    -moving more Will do! Need to shift this weight.
    -pennies I have a jar at home with all my pennies in, they go in DS bank account.
    -time with those you loveMum's birthday this month will probably spend some time with her and go for a family meal so that'll be nice. Try and spend as much time with family and friends as I can.

    Read my diaryHere :)
  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Picked 4 from each section to focus on in June :)

    Bills - Just swapped energy provider and mobile tariff. Will look into others bills to cut. Will also monitor energy usage, try to line dry clothes as much as possible and not have the heating on.
    Plastic - Have been doing this over the last few months but could definitely do better.
    Waste - Food waste is still too high so want to work on this.
    Screen time - Aiming for a completely screen free evening each Sunday plus reducing it every night.

    Fruit and veg intake - I generally don't eat fruit at all and maybe have 1 or 2 portions of veg each day :o so something that definitely needs worked on.
    Health - Must start training for the GNR.
    Extra pennies - Trying to do at least 1 shift for 2nd job each week.
    Time with those you love - Spending quality time with OH, family and friends.

    Will aim for 15 NSDs. Budget for the month is all set in YNAB.
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £1402.86 (52.8% paid). Emergency fund - £838.07/£1000 (83.8% saved). Car fund - £836.47/£1000 (83.6% saved). Flat deposit - £6198.51/£15000 (41.3% saved).
  • Deni_debt-free_dreamerDeni_debt-free_dreamer Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    The challenges I have chosen are:

    -bills (reduce your usage)
    -car usage - can you walk/bike the journey instead or cycle?
    -clutter - reduce
    -plastic - reduce
    -spending - DD1 birthday but already bought some presents to spread cost, one other birthday to buy for too
    -toxic situations and people - leave work problems at work
    -unloved items - give to CS
    -unnecessary spends - don't make unnecessary purchases
    -wants - need not want
    -waste – food and other (don’t throw your hard-earned money down the drain. Or in to the bin) - try to maintain meal planning & eat from stores

    -dreams (dream big) - keep on with MSE journey to get closer to dreams
    -education: continue to make progress with my qualification
    -fruit and veg intake - eat more veg (already eat a lot of fruit)
    -fun + laughter - yes please!
    -generosity - give to food bank, declutter and give more to CS
    -getting niggly jobs done - get gardener in to trim hedge & tree, try to find handyperson to fix hole in ceiling!
    -health - continue to eat better
    -inner ninja superpowers (we all have them. Dust down the cape)- maybe discover what mine is ….!
    -meal planning - try harder to do this
    move more - carry on going to the gym
    -time with those you love - time with DD2 when she comes home from uni; celebrate DD1's birthday; cherish friends

    The challenge runs for all of June from the first to the last. I'll be here :)
    You will have 15 NSDs. Ok will try!
    You will pay to your debts/savings first and live off the rest. Will do
    You will budget to the last penny. Doing budget now
    You will choose your personal focuses (foci?) - mine are:
    - get fresh air every day
    - get on my bike
    - start back on decluttering mission and get my bedroom back from a dumping ground to a relaxing haven
    - find time each day to be still and quiet and peaceful
    Good luck everyone and see you tomorrow!
    Deni xx
    LBM - October 2018; finally debt free on 16 March 2021 2023 Mortgage Free Wannabee #92023 Mortgage free in March 23 ! Decluttering Campaign member🏅
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