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NST June 2019 - Ninja powers



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    Mothernerd, I can't imagine using one of those CPAP machines. Kudos to you.
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    Hi all:j

    Checking in for the last time in June, thanks to Apple for running the thread, looking forward to July.

    Minimise: Quite a few bags of paper into the recycling bin, clearing out the office as well now. Can do that whilst sitting down when tired.

    Bills Looking to get some secondary DG on our old windows to help with heating this place. This will be a long-term project IMHO. To that end:

    Clutter: Lots to clear before even survey to do windows could be organised. Keeping going with the clutter, a little every day. I WILL get this house cleared. More clearing done, hoping that the 'puddles' will eventually join into a lake..will do another bit after this post. Trying to do a little each day, will do some more now. Cleared some space in dining room, at least 4 bags of shopping belonging to DD.

    Spending: Need to budget for groceries. Starting with £300 including pet food. Have receipt ready to file, but about £35/300. No spending yesterday, but some today.

    Unnecessary spends: None today.

    Waste: Nothing thrown today.

    Dreams (dream big): Would like to fit the DG as mentioned earlier, also need the driveway doing but would be a very large amount of cash as it's so big....Clearing the clutter will help enormously with this, both financially & in the long term. Outside painting needed now, will be a big job & need scaffolding. This again will be £££. Sold 2 DVDs & was paid for those. Was paid again for the DVDs - will have to refund though..Aim to sell some items tomorrow as it is forecast to be sunny - so can photograph things & also people more inclined to buy summer clothing...that's the theory anyhow! Have sold 3 items now so will keep on with it & have transferred money into b/a. Will press on with this. Used cash to pay back joint a/c for holiday spends today. Out today so no progress.

    Fruit and veg intake: Definitely need to increase F&V consumption, on this. Fruit eaten & some veg incorporated into supper. Today, cous cous & salad veg at lunchtime, some fruit with breakfast & throughout the day veg-less meal tonight unless you count onions.

    Getting niggly jobs done: Painting inside & out, get builder to fit cowl on chimneys, get chimney swept, painting outside as well. All our jobs are niggly, but DH did get some outstanding ones done. DH persevering with the driveway, am pressing on with the decluttering.

    Health: Lose approx. a stone & a half. Am trying with this, helps that DD is not here. Feel slimmer - does that count? Weigh in shows no loss - no gain either though! Still on it. Not too bad today although made scones & ate one. Scone may have been eaten again. Hmm Tonight was a doughnut & DD brought back cake from her friends house party. Diet not very good today, lets see what the scales say. Weigh in today & yet again no change. Feel slimmer, well new shoes fit fine.. Will continue with this, at least not putting any weight on.

    Meal Planning: Need to meal plan as tend to go with the flow, and it doesn't always work out. Have plenty of food in but still need to plan. All food from stores today plus what I made on my course we had for supper.

    Moving more - Most exercise taken as gardening. No gardening today, housework was exercise.

    Time with those you love: Good evening with DH.

    NSD: Ends June on 16/15

    Check in every day Here I am, hello folks
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    Thanks you Apple!! xx
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    Thanks apple so this months challenge. I really not sure where the last week went. In a state of shock when I realized it's July today. onwards and upwards.
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