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NST 07/2018 - Survive July!



  • swimminginaseaofdebt
    Evening everyone,

    Day 1 update:
    • Remember others - will buy gifts for charity for Christmas - I’m making up a gift bag for a 9-12 month old boy, today I bought some bath sponges for 60p to put towards it
    • Budgets - £200 food/other spends and £100 social spends - £42.72 food/other spends and £6.50 social
    • Use things up - will do! - read a library book
    • Jump - will walk as much as I can, would like to do other forms of exercise but being a single parent of a 2 year old puts a stop to this. Wish there was affordable gyms with crèche facilities - walked to the supermarket and back and down to my mums
    • Read as many books as possible - 1 book finished
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  • gien
    gien Posts: 1,649 Forumite
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    I'd liek to join in again this konth - it was really helpful to me last month to know I had a challenge!
    SET your budgets - done. It's tight this month as as we 'slacked off' a bit at the end of `june so are hot carrying so much forward.
    USE things up. We dom't carry large stocks of things but we do have full cupboards so we'll start by emptying those.
    REVISIT targets - I didn't set any really back in January.
    VACATION time. We are off for a week at the very end of July (flying the 29th), so we need to have a bit put by to buy our foreign currency.
    INSPIRE others - I'll try!
    VALUE for money - really important to us this month.
    EVERY day - should be able to except when we leave on vacation at the very end of the month.
    JUMP - need to do specific exercises to build up my shoulders ready for wind surfing
    UNLESS budgeted no buying. I'm quite good - i took a sandwish with me today ehen i went into town to do some shopping to avoid having to buy licnh out
    LOSE the excess - we have so much junk thta I could probably sell.and a few kilos that `i coul rmeove from my body`
    YEARLY plans - can't believe that we are half way through the year - that's insane!

    Checking in for today I went to our nearest city and did some clothes shopping for this holiday we are going on. i got most of what I need and it wasn't too expensive - some stuff was on sale but `i also need to get a couple of things for my daughter.
    When I got home `i got everything ready for work, prepped my lunch and then went to the beach for a lovely cool swim - I'm very grateful `i can do this so easily.
    Trying to keep in budget.

  • sashanut
    sashanut Posts: 3,252 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker First Anniversary Mortgage-free Glee!
    Hi all :j

    Will try for 13 NSDs & hope to get nearer to 20....1/13 today

    Set your budgets not yet done
    Use Most definitely want to do this; have a mountain of food & stuff to clear. Have been sorting but it is a big task, not made easier by being unwell for the past few days & find the hot weather difficult especially when unwell. Will record progress on here to call me to account. Must view house as massive shop full of items which can be (mostly) sold. Have already discovered loads of clothes etc than I can either wear or sell. Also have makeup & toiletries, need not buy any of those either..

    Revisit Targets were like other peoples I think, to lose weigh (not really); to declutter - some progress; to stop wasting money - also some progress there..

    Vacation Have already booked to go to Ireland for 3 weeks from July; aim to sell some stuff to pay for spends over there. Will also be planning some days out & at least another visit to the Old Country later in the year, probably 2.

    Value Always do try to use cashback sites where possible, and find value for money in shopping. Also have a card which gives me vouchers; and do some work which pays in vouchers too. Use cheaper supermarkets & have HB & Fultons here as well, which a both good for some stuff.

    Every Checking in 1/31 Gratitudes: good health generally, debt & MF; DH becoming more helpful; lovely flowers in the garden & happy pets..

    Jump No jumping here either but in the garden every day when possible. Do try to drink water but struggle with this.

    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. Nope

    Perhaps keep track on here of items/ lbs lost and £s made:
    Hope to do this

    Yearly we are halfway through 2018. Good idea, will have a big list of outside jobs that need doing/big/small & in between. Find it impossible to get stuff done in the heat, so tomorrow DH suggested getting up earlier so we can do stuff in the cool outside, then rest later in the day if we want...

    Go turtles!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • GlendaSugarbean
    Morning all! Still waiting for my first NSD, as I need to get a few bits from the shop and take out a small amount of cash for the week. I've a busy week at work though, and a grocery delivery booked for tomorrow, so that will help.

    To do today: check online banking and budgets, TT if possible (my CC OP has been whittled down again :mad:).
    Shop for essentials only
    Buy some eggs from friend if poss
    Water allotment
  • laurenh1
    laurenh1 Posts: 807 Forumite
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    Good morning Turtles

    I am up with the birds as I am off to do my volunteering & I'd like to get it done & be back. It's quite a drive , I try not to claim in back on expenses but I will have to this month as I cannot afford it otherwise.

    When I get back I will be getting caught up on everything ready for being back at work tomorrow. Packing nursery bags & prepping lunches.

    Going for a run later but I will be waiting until it's cooler as its too hot mid day.

    Hoping today will be NSD #1. Still £160 in the budget.

    Have a fab week all :)
  • indigowarrior
    indigowarrior Posts: 745 Forumite
    Morning World,
    Up bright and early. Have to go down to the doctors later and pick up a prescription but, I dont plan on venturing further then that. Today will be No Spend Day 1 for sure.
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
  • thriftylass
    thriftylass Posts: 3,981 Forumite
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    Hello, only just realised it is already July, the 2nd :eek:.

    Can I still join please? I'll be back later with my numbers etc.
    DEBT 09/23: CC 6347 5120, Other 1763 NSDs 0/20 Planned debt free date: Dec 2024
  • greent
    greent Posts: 10,671 Forumite
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    Just a quick note to say that I've amended the first post to include the all-important point of 'Pay to your debts/ savings first and live off the rest'

    Will catch up later/ tomorrow. Sorry xx
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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  • Tropically
    Tropically Posts: 427 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post
    Count me in too please! I didn't do so good with June, but have a good feeling about July.

    July will be good because I am getting married to the love of my life! My family is coming to visit for a week! And I've handed in my notice at work so I no longer feel like a level 15 anxiety ball, I am back to level 8 or 9. I can only do the soft target, but I will try my best. I'm so much more of a 'little frequent spends' than a 'big spends' person but they add up.
    Mortgage started at £318,000 in June 2016. Original MF - 2041 :eek:
    2nd Property Mortgage at £275,000. Mortgage free: 2049 :eek:
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  • Toni'sfriend
    Toni'sfriend Posts: 4,038 Forumite
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    NSD NO 2
    I have done nothing today and I mean nothing! I didn't sleep well and feel totally wiped out. Just woke from a two hour nap. Going to make dinner in a little while and then it's off to bed early.
    Tomorrow will be a better day.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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