NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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    Reporting on 5 more NSD's since I last posted which takes me to 18 for the month.

    Thanks for the challenge greent and thanks to all Turtles who embrace each months challenges.
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    I have been away on holiday and totally blown food budget / lost track of NSDs :o But not too serious, as we were touring / camping, and had to buy extra food as we were away from home and the garden / stores. Other costs were fuel, camp sites and parking so as holidays go, it was a pretty cheap one. Started to make up for it today by making a lovely dinner entirely from what we have in, and except for a few jarred olives, entirely home produced :D

    Also made scones, lots, both fruit and cheese varieties, to use up slightly past it milk we brought back with us. I have frozen most of these :)

    Had to do a small shop as I had run down lots of supplies before we went / or took them with us. Managed to find some bread products reduced / yellow stickered, though the fantastic reductions reported by some lucky posters don't happen here, sadly. These are all in the freezer too.

    Loads of washing done using free washing capsules from a market research survey :D And loads of tomatoes, blueberries, courgettes and French beans picked for use or preserving over the next few days :D

    So, a mixed month - no camping planned for August (though that doesn't mean we definitely won't go :o), but looking forward to the new month :)

    Thank you for the challenge Greent :)
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    Thank you for July greent -it's been fun!

    Today I am grateful for improving weather, for a long walk with dd and dh, for finding enough gf/df food for dd, for the local history, for meeting up with a friend, for finding some playparks which dd likes, for wifi, for a washing machine.
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    Thanks for the July challenge greent :D
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    Hi all:j

    Checking in again though on hols for another 2 weeks. Not an NSD today but still got some YS items from MnS & some clothes in the sale including some sleep shorts for just €1... Old habits die hard..

    Many thanks to greent for running the challenge; whilst I have not got everything right I have certainly been surviving in July, great to read all your posts & looking forward to August

    Go turtles!!
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    Making my last entry for the month, not that I've made many. Kept to budgets except pets but now fully stocked for the next few weeks so will soon be back on schedule.
    Thank you greent for running the thread.
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