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NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

edited 2 July 2018 at 2:58PM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • plumduff55plumduff55 Forumite
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    I was all set to go to Glasgow this morning when I got a text from dil saying dgs didn't want to go to Glasgow to spend his birthday money in the Lego shop but wanted me to go to their house to taste his birthday cake and see his toys ( mainly a Minecraft computer game which I tried to play but was totally useless at ). I felt I had been saved from going over budget :j

    JUMP - After getting off the bus I have to tackle a really steep hill to reach their house. When I started going by bus (maybe a year ago) I always had to stop on the hill to catch my breath. Now I don't need to stop even if I am puffing and panting when I get to their door :rotfl:

    VALUE - On my way home I went into the £shop and bought paracetamol and Fry's Turkish Delight ( my Saturday night treat ).

    USE - I had lasagne and garlic bread from the freezer for dinner. While the oven was on I baked croissants and am going to have these instead of bread.

    GRATITUDE - I am so grateful to my 3 grandchildren who rejuvenate me xx
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  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Is anyone down (or up) for doing August. I can if no-one else wants to, but I am still in a strange mood so it may get a bit weird.

    Thanks apple I am okay but a bit in limbo. Not sure about my income until I get a decision on the WTC. If they use the same logic as last year (SE income and Carer's Allowance are both income [earnings] and as I am below the tax threshold I still get it) I am okay, can pay basic bills and buy food. If I only get the Carer's Allowance it's back to scrimping and scraping just to get by.

    DS3 is struggling a bit atm. He has paid me but it has come in parts rather than one chunk on set day. I've no desire to be rich (except that I could give more to worthy causes) but I would like enough to get by. Not fretting too much - I've done the paperwork, I can only wait for the decision and then proceed from there.

    Southport and Port Sunlight were wonderful, particularly the latter. It's the first time they have had it on their itinery and could have spent longer there - we had an hour long guided tour (stayed on the bus, thankfully) then nearly an hour to investigate the bits we wanted to. Mum was having problems with her leg so we went to the art gallery cafe but they were closing so she had some of my water and sat down whilst they set up for the day after. Lots to look at but we only really had time for the Pre-Raphaelites.

    In Southport we did lots of walking and also spent a torturous hour in a department store, where I tried on 5 or 6 outfits. I now have something to wear for DS1's wedding. It's a full length linen dress (++ points don't need tights and will be cool) but has a top part covered in lace and I would rather have had it plain. It has a matching jacket (cardigan type, mostly lace) which mum loves but I thnk is too fussy. Dress is pale aqua (nearly duck egg but definitely shading towards turquoise) and I was worried that I might not be able to find a cover up that matched. All at sale prices but way outside my usual budget.

    So, it ticks all the boxes but not sure I love it. Mum and I have different ideas about clothes and especially 'outfits' so it wasn't easy - she hated one of the things I tried because 'it was green' (white linen dress with a green 'ferny' print with a lovely 'statement ' jacket in green - have to say it was lime green but dark lime, the colour of the lime skin) and something she picked (white top, navy base dress with the colours zigzagging into each other) looked absolutely horrendous (kept moulding itself to one or other of my breasts and refused to let go).

    All the walking left me wiped out on Thursday which was also my last session with the therapist. It has been enormously helpful, I am much more open to change (perhaps because I seem to be constantly adapting to new conditions like the arthritis in my left shoulder). Lots of things about myself that I actually like and have no desire to change but just want to be able to cope a little better in social situations like the wedding. Talked through what happens at the airport too (I have taken notes). I will be having packing lists (+ list of what I've got in each bag, labels on little bottles, pills list and a list of conditions/ medication - hopefully with a translation into Italian).

    Maybe my mood is down to the fact of reaching the half way point of the year and made litttle progress on goals (particularly losing weight). A lot has happened and I am adapting well to the bits of me that don't work well, making an excellent job of not worrying about the things I 'haven't done' and working out how to do what needs to be done. Still a lot of work to do.

    So as this month nears the end, I must say I am grateful for my therapist, for adapting well and finding innovative solutions to problems, for my sleeping pattern being much better (although I do miss reading/ sewing all night long at times), for my eating habits improving and being much more proactive about getting food into the house with as little stress (or heavy lifting) as possible and for the simplifications I have managed so far.
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  • plumduff55plumduff55 Forumite
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    Mothernerd I'm up for doing the challenge next month :o. When I found this thread I thought it was only for one month hence my very enthusiastic goal to only spend £50. I'll do a normal budget for August and happy to keep going.

    JUMP - I've already jumped out of bed at 5.30 to hang my washing out. Forecast is for heavy rain from 10ish so worth the effort to get washing out in the sunshine till it pours later.

    I'm going to read my book for a wee while then hopefully go back to sleep till a reasonable time xx
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  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Did Eager _Elephant offer to run August?
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  • laurenh1laurenh1 Forumite
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    Hi all

    Today is another NSD

    We have pre booked tickets to the forbidden corner which should be interesting with the weather but we cannot change our tickets so we are going. Taking our wellies & embracing it :D

    Nothing planned for this afternoon, again the weather is hindering us somewhat.

    I have decided to go to the chiropractor next financial month about my back. (September) it won't be cheap but I can't leave it anymore I'm in a lot of pain. I've been to the doctor but they checked one thing & I never heard again. :( cannot afford it this month.

    Lunch tomorrow is chicken salad made with left overs from fajitas last night & tea tomorrow is curry made from left over chicken from tonight's Sunday roast. Rice pudding for pudding as I've had half a bag of pudding rice kicking about ages!!

    Still trying to use up toiletries too - I have been using my samples etc. The plan is to have it cleared out by the time we move.

    Not much else to report- have a nice Sunday all :)
  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Yesterday was NSD No 18 (sorry, was in bed before I realised I hadn't checked in)
    Weather was a tad unpredictable so we stayed in and I did a little (actually tiny) bit of tidying. It must have been really windy overnight. All my flower pots had blown over. In fact one was half way down the path. I don't think there's any lasting damage to the plants although the basil is looking a bit sorry for itself. It's looking a bit unsettled at the moment so not sure what our plans are for today. Himself's still in bed.
    So right now I'm having my morning coffee and doing a bit of meal planning for the coming week which will undoubtedly change as the week goes on.
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Absolutely tipping it down at the moment and supposed to rain all day. We had a bit of rain yesterday but it was really windy which wasn't on the BBC online forecast (they are totally useless online though). We were supposed to be going camping today but put it back to tomorrow, we used to camp a lot then got a caravan which we sold last year so this is our first time camping in several years and I am already regretting the decision to go thanks to the weather.
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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi guys

    Well we are nearly at the end of the month so time to check in.

    £127/£175 but still £41 online shop on Tuesday to add on yet and 13/15 NSDs so not bad at all.
    The weight loss is going well for both of us so the charity shop is getting a trickle of clothes as we shrink out of them.
    I’ve gone back to work part time which means extra money coming in which is good.
    I’m thankful for OH running me to work and back, for it being a little cooler, for the rain perking the grass up. It’s amazing how fast it is recovering.
    Anyway better get on
    I hope everyone is feeling good about their targets
    Look after yourself guys
    January NST 2/16
  • GlendaSugarbeanGlendaSugarbean Forumite
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    Yesterday was a spend day, as is today because we all need shoes! Heading to the outlet shops to keep the cost down. I also splashed out on some plants for the garden (very happy about the rainy day today) and a cheap lunch out, the first for a long while. Need to keep spends down for the rest of the week.

    Today I am thankful for the rain. And for being able to find torches when the power went off last night.
  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Did Eager _Elephant offer to run August?

    Yep - am sure that was the case :)

    Rained a little yesterday, on and off. Rained most of the night, though - and was windy. The grass already seems to look better for it :) Plans today are watching Incredibles 2 at the cinema (assuming we can get in - haven't booked yet) - cheap tickets through a work scheme and snacks/ drinks from home :) (good job, too, as 7 of us will be going, so still not a super cheap few hours out!!)
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