NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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  • The challenge runs from 1st - 31st July 2018
  • NSDs - if you like to monitor NSDs, choose either the gentler target of 13 or the stretching target of 20 - or set your own somewhere in between! Usual exceptions (fuel, YS items, medical (inc for animals!) etc) apply
  • Remember others - donate money/ items/ time to a charity of your choice. Helping at PTA events comes under this! As do Random Acts of Kindness (RAOKs)
    Pay to your debts or savings FIRST and live off the rest

  • Set your budgets
  • Use things up - not just food in cupboards & freezer, but toiletries and excess cleaning products etc - share your wins! Using something up instead of buying something else is :money::money:
  • Revisit those targets you set back in January. We are halfway through the year !!!8211; how are you doing? - do you need to tweak things to stay/ get back on track or set some new targets/ aims?
  • Vacation time !!!8211; school hols have started for those in Scotland, I believe. For England & Wales the school hols will start this month. Budget accordingly - what free or low cost things can you find to do? - especially for any rainy times. Maybe check local faceb00k pages for details of what!!!8217;s on and any offers. And for those with no bother for school holiday periods, they may be planning their Summer getaways or days out. Make the most of any memberships you have (you've already paid for them, after all! :D) and any vouchers you can find. Gr0up0n sometimes has good deals for different things to do - check the local page for anywhere you plan on visiting to see if there are deals on local attractions/ restaurants.
  • Inspire others - share your ideas on here of things to do with kids/ how to keep holiday costs down/ what things you!!!8217;ve used up (especially if you!!!8217;ve used them as a substitute for something)
  • Value for money -research for any planned (or unexpected :() spends. Don't forget cashback sites for purchases. Often banks seem to have offers you can activate for cashback on debit card purchases - if you're going to spend then getting some money back is a bonus!:money:
  • Every day - check in and also remember your daily gratitudes.

  • Jump - or run, garden, swim, walk !!!8211; we all know that being active is good for us - ideally 3 or more sessions a week. Take care in warm weather and stay hydrated.
  • Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. Picnics for days out are great - maybe have a budget for ice creams and extra drinks for the way home. Social plans are hopefully already thought of (birthday meals/ takeaways/ night in pub for football etc) and can be budgeted accordingly
  • Lose the excess. Most of us have too much stuff. Declutter. Use things up. Donate to a worthwhile cause. Sell books/ CDs/ old games on Z1ff1t/ Mus1c Magp1e (not forgetting to go through a cashback site first) Sell on flebay/ gumtree/ faceb00k/ car boot sale - any money made can either be put towards debt/ savings or maybe summer treats (you all know your own situations and what would work for you) If there's excess weight, maybe jump/ run/ walk a little more and be mindful of what you are eating. Perhaps keep track on here of items/ lbs lost and £s made :D
  • Yearly plans -we are halfway through 2018. If you haven't planned on how to finance Christmas/ birthdays in the second half of the year/ DIY things which need doing (we keep an ongoing list of large and small jobs and try to knock something off it each month)/ any holiday plans you may have - NOW is the time to think about this. Perhaps draw up a list of birthdays between now and January and also a Xmas list and keep an eye out for items/ put money aside monthly. Don't forget yourself -make a list of what you!!!8217;d like for Xmas and then you'll be prepared when asked! ;)

So come along for the journey, Turtles - let's encourage one another to not just survive July, but to enjoy it as well! :) xx
I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
    Repaid mtge early (orig 11/25) 01/09 £124616 01/11 £89873 01/13 £52546 01/15 £12133 07/15 £NIL
    Net sales 2024: £20
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    Count me in please greent
  • Toni'sfriend
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    Me too please
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    Jumping in with both feet! Thanks greent.
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  • In for the whole month this time!
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    Count me in please.
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  • Count me in please!
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    Can I join in this month please?
    Cuddlymarm x
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    I'm in for another month please x
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    me too please, EE
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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