NST 07/2018 - Survive July!



  • cuddlymarm
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    Hi guys
    Checking in today with not much to tell.
    I’ve had a nice long walk in the sun so that’s my excercise done.
    My first non spend day done and all food from the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I have used up the last banana, the last bits of lettuce and a pepper that is looking a bit sad in today’s menu.
    I have done my online shop (but the money doesn’t come out until Tuesday so I will class that as a speedy day) and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Lots of food for not a lot of money.

    I’m grateful for the bit of breeze coming in to keep our flat cooler.
    Living on the coast, lovely view and nice place to live.
    For good healthy food ( not everyone is so lucky)

    Anyway that’s me for now
    Have a good day guys
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  • Toni'sfriend
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    Afternoon Turtles
    NSD No 1
    Was up early and have done the Boys washing and ironing plus all of ours. Yes. I know. He's big enough to do his own but he doesn't have an outside drying area and the weather is so nice it would be a shame not to.
    Made stock from yesterday's chicken and made three lots of soup from it for the Boy's lunches this week. All ready to go in his freezer, And it used up some vegetables that were lurking in the fridge plus some of the cooked chicken mountain. Himself and I had a lovely healthy salad using up what we had for lunch.
    It's been really hot here again so didn't manage to get any walking in but hope to rectify that tomorrow.
    No decluttering. This really is a priority. Must get on to it but the heat makes me so lethargic.
    Indigo - Please take care of yourself.
    Today I'm grateful for just about everything so that's got to be good!
    Have a nice evening.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Kerry_Woman
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    edited 1 July 2018 at 6:09PM
    NSDs will be aiming for 20 this month. NSD 1/20 achieved today.
    Will be making donations this month to charity.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Have to get shampoo bar and woman's products this month.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Decorate the whole flat. Be more positive. Be more mindful in my spending. Lose some weight. Getting through the second half of year. So far has been difficult since losing my Mum and now living on my own.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into this.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Having a nice chat with my sister on the phone.
    For the encouragement from my twin brother regarding my goals/plans.
    For having a chilled out day.
    Doing self-care today.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Went out for a walk today. Also have a 5k charity walk at the end of the month.
    Unless - Will do.
    Lose - Have already done a lot of decluttering since the beginning of the year. Will be more mindful as to what is brought into the flat. Losing some weight will be of some help to me. Decluttered some old paperwork today.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year. A few things may be added on at a later date.
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  • EarlyRetirement

    Here is my plan to Survive July.

    NSD will be looking at 15. 1/15

    S - Looking at £250 for 2 adult and 1 dog. Three time a week we have extra guests (1 adult and 2 children).
    U - Will be using up the food in my two freezers and cupboards.
    R - My goals at the start of the yaer where to lose weight and start paying off debt. Failed on both so far.
    V - Holiday in September. WE have the grandchildren a few days over the holidays so will be looking for free things to do.
    I - I will try.
    V - Going to look into cashback sites and start using.
    E - Will Do

    J - Going to walk to work on the days I dont need to use my car for work.
    U - Will be sticking to budget.
    L - Loads to declutter and weight to lose.
    Y - Two family birthday before Christmas, Started the 1p saving challenge back in the New Year, tin is unopened with some money in. Will start again and add to the tine this will cover Christmas. Few DIY jobs need doing in the next few months.

    So to day:
    Was a NSD 1.
    Done a carboot this morning and made £60.00, paid for the pitch out of this. Money made will go towards holiday spends.

    Grateful for :
    The cooling rain we had earlier today. Garden enjoyed the rain as well.
    Spending time with the grandchildren.
    Chatting to my son on the phone.

    Sorted out some more things for next weeks carboot.
    Going to watch some televison and have an early night.

    Have a lovely evening all.
  • DawnW
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    OK, here goes:

    Set my goals - will try for 13 NSDs. Budget for groceries, pet food and toiletries / cleaning supplies will be £250 again. I have other budgets of course, but this is the one where I can really make a difference!

    Use things up - I am trying to run down my freezer stocks, but garden produce needing to be dealt with is rather mitigating against this :o - I froze 3 bags of spinach this afternoon, and there will be broad beans to freeze as well. Will continue to make meals from what I have instead of buyng more if I possibly can. Must inventory larder as well as freezers.

    Revisit those January targets - I intend to look closely at my spreadsheet and work out how much has been spend against original budget. It won't be pretty as we have had health problems that have necessitated extra spending, and expensive vehicle repairs. We have also had to help out a relative financially :(
    Vacation time - we don't have holidays as such, but we have an old camper van, and tend to go away in it for a few days at a time. This isn't very spendy (if the repair costs for the camper van this year are overlooked :eek:) as we take most of our food or buy as cheaply as possible once away, and don't do expensive activities whilst away, so costs tend to be limited to fuel and pitch fees. We have NT membership, and membership of a local-ish arboretum, must make sure we use these to the full, or decide to give them up!

    Inspire others - will try!

    Value for money. Always try to do this

    very day - will try to check in daily unless I am away!

    Jump - not much jumping but walking and gardening certainly :)
    Unless budgetted for no takeaways - We rarely do this, and don't have a budget for it. Only exception might be fish and chips on the beach one night!

    Lose the excess - I have a small business selling antiques and vintage items, so there is plenty of 'excess' :o I try to keep it all as tidy as possible and out of sight unless it is something I really like, when I might have it out for a while to look at :) I have some clothes that don't fit me on ebay at the moment.They have bids, so will go in the next few days. Other items are waiting to be taken to the charity shop.
    Yearly plans - I will think about this when I have done my spreadsheet / budget overhaul / review :)

    Will check banks tomorrow to start off with!
  • apple_muncher
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    Kerry Woman - you have done so much adjusting to now living on your own. It must be hard. Hugs x

    Today I am grateful for taking dd + friend to a taekwondo tournament where she won a bronze for her individual pattern and a silver for a group pattern, for being able to help out dd's friend's mum by taking her, for gorgeous weather, for good driving conditions (M25 + M23 - who'd have thunk it?!), for realising that the bhf take furniture, for a good heavy workout, for dh mending the shower, for a day off from my marking.
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  • laurenh1
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    Me please lovely :o

    I am aiming for 20 NSDs. Tomorrow will be a NSD except for parking , however I am volunteering so I can claim it back . :D

    I have sat down and looked at budgets , we have 160 for groceries & 130 fuel. I managed to come in well under budget for my day out with my kids yesterday & I can put the extra towards the car ,which I will now be over paying my £270 :T:T Hopefully this is the first of many :D

    Off with the kids the week after next & I have a few plans : saltburn beach one day , Beamish , fountains Abbey & strawberry picking. Making the use of some passes we have & the others being pretty cheap :o

    Feeling pretty happy about where I am in the year. I have survived childcare taking all my wage & hub saving £400 of his , I have started Xmas shopping / planning, paid for one day out in Winter & actually had a lot of fun with the kids too :D I lost sleep about coping financially this year & I'm pretty Blooming chuffed :j

    So much to be grateful for this year so far although it hasn't been without its challenges.

    Food plan being drawn up tomorrow. Almost certainly doing sasauges casserole as I have left over sasauges from the BBQ to use :cool: Loving the theme of using stuff up. :beer:

    Hope everyone is having fun in the sun. Or hiding in the shade if it's more your bag :o
  • indigowarrior
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    Quitely takes back the nsd. Decided to become vegan. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Spent £47 at Tesco but am already one step a head with 9 meals of ragu in the freezer. I got a bit hyped on buying vegan things.
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  • mothernerd
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    Plan for the month - food budget increased, think DS3 and Beloved are struggling a bit (some previous customers have requested a follow on to an earlier game he made so he has two in progress but needing quite a lot of work and profits from previous games are tailing off). They seem to have gone through all the supplies they specifically requested in the 5 days I have been away (when they have money they have takeaways and Beloved cooks when she is feeling okay).

    Mum requested something from Icyland so I opted to do a big shop there (nearly £60 mine including food for those two, about £30 for mum) some things cost a few pennies more, some had to be substitued but worth it not to have to carry any of it home. Slightly indulgent, have bought 3 ready meals for me to try as still assessing how much needs to be done, due to me having been away for 5 days.

    Picked up a couple of jigsaws for mum from one of the charity shops on the way and looked in several shops for something mum has put down (things mum puts on the list do not have to actuallly exist, she says things and I have to hunt for something that fits the bill or could work instead - strange thought that if she put 'unicorn' on the list I would have no problems).

    Other budgets kept the same but aiming to do much more walking so bus fares should reduce.

    Decluttering - lots of lbs to lose, my room looks like a disaster zone again, found a pillowcase (from a set) whilst hunting for my missing dresses before the holiday, so that bag can go to the charity bin, planning a cull of clothes that are rippped, stained, not fit for purpose, need a radical get rid of it programme.

    Using what we have, Not many toiletries (donated some that did not suit my skin to the food bank last month), but I will make plans to use several lengths of material I have as well as the box of 'bits'. Will try to draw up a programme for crafts that will use some of the things I have but dressmaking (other than planning) will have to be on hold until the knitted squares are sewn together (blankets for tiny street kids).

    You know that day you are so ill you have to stay in bed and when you venture downstairs mid-afternoon the children have fed themselves but used every plate, bowl and cup in the house - well times it by 5.

    It can't be as bad as it looks. I really thought I was getting on top of it before I went away. The kitchen bin is overflowing, there are pizza boxes in at least 3 locations, the washing I did is everywhere (some still out in the yard), the only clean items left on the rack are a few pieces of cutlery, there are 2 clean bathmats but they have elected to continue using one small pedestal mat which is now tea coloured (thrown it down). Ah well a mixture of plodding and using any sudden bursts of energy, I think - have zapped various cleansers at the worst bits.

    Hoping to meet mum at her foot appointment on Wednesday and get her into town to finally close a number of small accounts - money has been transferred but think they need 'officially' closing and mum's signature is required. Think a good half inch of paperwork can go once that is done.

    Right I am going to make a plan for the week and shove a load of washing in.

    Today I am grateful for easy food (strange mixture due to using up), for the breeze that made the sunshine less oppressive, for no one staring at me even though I had a lot more flesh on show than usual (wrap dress that I usually put a t-shirt under), for the shopping expedition turning into a longish walk (many more needed).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Plan for July
    greent wrote: »
    NSDs - I'm going to aim for 13 this month.

    Set your budgets - Budgets are set, just need to stick to them now :rotfl:
    Use things up - Will do. Plenty of food to use and still making my way through toiletries I got for Christmas.
    Revisit those targets you set back in January - Unfortunately I can't exactly remember what I set but probably debt payments (getting there) and weight loss (:()
    Vacation time - Away for a week's holiday with the family, shouldn't spend much while away.
    Inspire others - Will try.
    Value for money Will do.
    Every day - Won't manage while I'm away but will try to post every day other than that.

    Jump - Started running again and have signed up to do a 10k to keep me motivated.
    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc - Got some things planned but have a social budget to cover.
    Lose the excess - Weight plus need to do a clear out of the hallway cupboard, who knows what's actually in there!
    Yearly plans - Have been saving monthly for Christmas.

    Today has been a spend day as I bought petrol, some food and a few toiletries. Gratitudes - the sunshine, spending time in the garden, a good shift at work.
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £0 (100% paid). Flat deposit - £10802.94/£15000 (72% saved). Emergency fund - £1550.15/£2000 (77.5% saved).
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