NST 07/2018 - Survive July!



  • f0xh0les
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    Me too please, up until 18th when I am going to do the 70's dementia tour of Ireland. Where I have no internet access.

    Set my goals - will try for 13

    Use things up - inventory of foodstores done. Inventory of diy materials done. I can get stuff done for £0 with what I have in. Also checked kids chest of drawers and moved stuff down which can be handed down and made cut offs out of a few pairs of jeans for running about in.

    Revisit those January targets - mortgage overpayments going really well, weight loss going badly, house improving going well.
    Vacation time - booked one night in YHA National Forest / 13 days in Ireland - overnight ferry with cabin - much less stress - / Found a football club session for 2hrs a day training for £1 each kid. Have emailed to get them on to it when we come back from (almost) relatives. Also £1 swimming at certain times a day at leisure centre.Gave up NT and EH memberships this year. If I visit one I will join, if not, I will not untill next Easter.

    Inspire others - will try!

    Value for money. Got cashback on ferry ticket plus used points from Easter trip, works out around £50 and remembered to use CC that gives vouchers for M&S

    very day until 18th, will be grateful.

    Jump - going to use my gym membership every day until I leave.
    Unless budgetted for no takeaways - ok, coffee in the park with the kids is sometimes the only way to get out of sitting in (almost/ in laws) relative's houses. Small price to pay for escape sometimes. Will try to keep it low.

    Lose the excess. Too much stuff but it is all DH's.If I got rid of it, I would have to get rid of him, and I do like him a lot. Even after 20 years.
    So I will concentrate on losing lbs, and finding ininovative storage solutions for his tat.
    Yearly plans - Main plan for Xmas present for DH is for me to pay down the mortgage to £100k in secret. Have a list on my phone for ideas for birthday presents for kids (Sept/Oct/Dec/Feb) and DH in October. All spends will come out of overpayments. Xmas too. Which is silly. really. Unless I totally blitz the o/ps. Will think on this. Good idea greent. now you have made me think about how I do this. Will ponder whilst in Ireland.

    Right, that is enough for tonight. Bills out tomorrow/Monday and then onwards!
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  • bizzie
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    Can I join in for July please.
    Off to create a plan of action for the month.
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  • Fmess
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    Please can I join? X x
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  • dolly84
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    I'm in. Thanks for the new challenge greent. Thanks for June Mothernerd and glad you had a good holiday.

    I need to spend less on bits and bobs this month and put that money aside for the school holidays so we can do a couple of low cost things each week that I am home with them by myself.
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  • shabbychic12
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    Have woke up this morning as l'm sure many of us have and realised we're halfway through the year. I feel lve coasted the last couple of months but l'm going to pull my socks up and focus , I've 6 more paydays till l finish and l need to know l can survive comfortably on what my income will be. So bring it on July l'm ready ( well l will be)x
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  • clippy_girl
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    Morning all :)

    I agree re comments about half way through the year, haven't lost any weight as per New Years resolution and have in fact put it on :( start afresh today!

    Today will be spendy as I'm going for brunch with a friend. Won't be too much, around £7. I don't mind paying to eat out the house when socialising is involved but need to ensure I don't buy coffees, lunch when I can't be bothered to make etc!

    I also need to buy a water jug. I think I'm the only person in the world who wants to buy a jug that fits inside the fridge floor, has a covered spout and is not a filter one. I don't like the taste of filtered water and at the moment the tap won't run cold and it's obviously a waste of water to run it.

    I have to say I am pretty concerned about water :( it has not rained here for 28 days and none forceast for the next two weeks. my water butt is empty and I had to buy a hose yesterday. I absolutely love sunshine and sunbathing but wish it would rain at night!

    Hope everyone has a nice day planned. I've cancelled my second social event so I can save money and also sunbathe and have time to clean when my guests check out ready for the next ones. I do love being able to dry the washing on the line :)
  • indigowarrior
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    1/20 NSD
    Today will be my first No Spend day of the month. I need to take it easy as I had a bad night concerning my heart (I have a heart condition and was up half the night with a racing heart. Dont know if its the meds I am on or something else). I find Sundays easier to not spend as the stores close earlier. :rotfl:

    I do need to clean the communal kitchen as I share with three men and only one of them is tidy.
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  • GlendaSugarbean
    Here is my plan for July - hoping that regular posting will keep me accountable! My monthly budget runs from payday on the 21st, but an interim goal is to stretch my grocery and spending pots past the 20th (rather than spending them early and digging into other pots/overdraft to cover the rest of the month):eek:

    Set target 13 NSDs

    Use Will check stores before doing weekly grocery delivery

    Revisit - No Jan targets so I'm ahead there ;). Target for Jul-Dec is to minimise spending and overpay on CC, into savings and then start OP mortgage. Monthly budget 280/500 grocery and gen spending, 100/140 personal spending. Monthly spends are done so we are on track.

    Vacation - plans made, will try to meet from monthly budget and not savings. Ditto eldest's new uniform.

    Inspire - will give it a go!

    Value: think before I buy!

    Every day 1/31

    Jump- get some exercise in every day

    Unless - crack down on impulse buys

    Lose - keep on unpacking and decluttering

    Yearly - pay into savings for birthdays and Xmas 100/500 to date

    July and August are usually terrible months for the budget and my original plan was to not think too much about money until September. New me says that keeping on track over the summer will mean so much less stress when it comes to Xmas. I am determined :D
  • f0xh0les
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    First Anniversary Mortgage-free Glee! Photogenic Name Dropper
    Set goals - 13 - but not today.

    Use things - didn't have popcorn, shops closed until after cinema opened. Went without. Nobody minded.

    Revisit targets - all on track apart from weight
    Vacation time - one night in YHA National Forest / 13 days in Ireland /Found a football training for £1 each kid. Also £1 swimming at leisure centre Ode0n £2.50 for The Greatest Showman - loved it

    Inspire others - Tip of the week - Odeon Kids, the films start at 10.00 10.15 and 10.30 Sat / Sun or every day through the school holidays. usually 3 films a day they change weekly and you don't even have to take a kid!

    Value for money. £7.50 for 3 to see a film - converted!

    Every day until 18th be grateful........ for, DH (who is terminally grumpy this week).... for the kids loving The Greatest Showman and even humming along to the bits they have to sing at school. For having water in the taps that is safe to drink, for not having any kids' birthday partys to go to this week (one next week) for the football and ice lollies.

    Jump - going to use my gym membership every day until I leave - did some excercises when I got up
    Unless budgetted for no takeaways - ok, 1/19

    Lose the excess. I had a plate of food. Ate a plate of food. Left the rest for the kids to have seconds/thirds
    Yearly plans - overpay mortgage. save money.
    4/10/22One Year Mortgage Free Yay!
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  • enchilada
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    Hello, I would like to join please, this will be my first monthly challenge and hopefully the first of many more!

    I'm in a good place financially as I have very few outgoings, but that has made me a bit spendy. I save a fair bit every month but I feel like I could be doing more. The place I think I struggle most is food- buying overpriced lunch food and too much on takeaways as well.

    I also started a new job recently and had to take some sick leave, which was unpaid- annoying but not unexpected. I have some goals this month too- I will be having my first ever violin lesson and also thinking of signing up for a Welsh course with a friend.

    My goals:
    • 15 non-spend days
    • No bought lunches, unless they are planned meals out with a friend
    • Be more mindful with spending
    • No new toiletries- I usually spend quite a lot here. It's annoying as all my skincare products are starting to run out but it makes sense to run them all down and put in a big order next month
    • Start planning a holiday for later this year- make a decision on where we're going and try to find some good deals, look up cheap activities and research MS ways to get around/tickets/eat
    • Call boiler insurance provider to discuss premiums
    • Gym membership- use it or lose it. It's only £20 but we have a gym at home now so it could be worth binning it.
    • Make a plan for the rest of the year

    My progress so far (includes some from last month):
    • Cancelled two magazine subscriptions (I took out a 3-month subscription with Readly on offer instead)
    • Cancelled the monthly beer subscription
    • Signed up for a free Tesco delivery subscription
    • Discussed cancelling the contract with the agent for the house I rent out (I've done the qualification so planning to do this myself)
    • I've been decluttering a lot lately, including bags of toiletries I wanted to donate but couldn't find anyone who wanted them. They've been hanging around for too long, they went in the bin in the end, not ideal but glad they're not cluttering up the room anymore. I need to get a bit better at regular small tidying and cleaning though!
    • Opened two regular saver accounts

    Wish me luck!
    "I don’t keep up with the Joneses, I try to drag them down to my level" - Quentin Crisp
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