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  • [Deleted User]
    They're practically giving it away to win back customers. Not so long ago I was offered 60% discount plus £100 credit for 12 months... So if I went for the basic package it worked out £12ish for the year!
    I still wasn't interested. I'm finding freeview HD to be more than enough.
  • chopperward
    chopperward Posts: 62 Forumite
    I rang to cancel (said I as moving to virgin as it worked out cheaper and also get BT Sport). The chap asked me if I had seen any of the discounts available and I said I wasn't aware there were any. I think you have to have this option ticked in 'my accounts' to get special offers but not certain.

    I held the line for 5minutes and he gave me £26 discount and locked in for a further 12 months. As soon as he said £26 off I was happy to agree but he kept going on saying how much better sky was over bt (I think he thought I was swithing to BT!). He said that Sky still get the highlights package for champions league games and he reckons BT have first refusal on none of the big prem games next season. TBH I will watch any game so this wasn't a factor.

    He said that after the 12 months and the price goes back up, ring back as there are always special offers available. He said it was impossible to offer these deals to all of it's subscribers.
  • pen1
    pen1 Posts: 369 Forumite
    edited 5 May 2015 at 5:54PM
    He said that Sky still get the highlights package for champions league games and he reckons BT have first refusal on none of the big prem games next season. .....
    Sky don't have any Champions League rights for 2015/18:
    BT won the exclusive rights to all live matches.
    ITV won the highlights rights- enabling them to show a highlight package of the week's matches on the Wednesday evening.

    Premier League rights for 2015/16 are unchanged- 116 live matches with 20 first picks (BT- 38 live matches with 18 first picks), so BT will continue to be able to offer a small number of the biggest games, as they have done for the past 2 seasons.

    The latest Premier League deal does not take effect until the start of the 2016/17 season.
  • rodders73
    rodders73 Posts: 5 Forumite
    hi all.
    newby here,
    been using site for some years now,
    have just spoken to sky about price hike, and have received a discount for 10 months.
    £10 month off.
    so trying works,
    great site keep up the good work

    cheers rodders :T
  • 50Twuncle
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    Sky "live chat" appears to have gone the way of TalkTalk "live chat" !!
  • roberthamilton3
    Hello All

    Newby here. Spoke to Sky Retentions Dept. on 30 April. Got £22 per month off for 10 months. For me a definite result. :T
  • NtG
    NtG Posts: 16 Forumite
    I also got £12.50 off for 10 months. We'd moved broadband and phone from SKY to BT last year so I was able to use BT TV as a genuine threat. I was asked how much were BT offering their service for and I said 'that's between me and them', which brought on the silence routine as mentioned on MSE. So I kept silent too and sure enough about 15 seconds into it, they started offering the deals
  • Brummum11
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    I'm now in my 3rd year of half price Sky (full package). Each year is the same process.
    Call up 30 days before the end of the deal and explain that I want to cancel.
    They then offer a few months half price which we decline before confirming to go ahead with cancellation.
    Each year they then ring back (from a different department) and say that they have access to 'special' prices and give us the half price for the year deal.

    I think I've an advantage as I'm not overly bothered if they did go through with cancelling it. There are plenty of other providers to choose from.
  • deffler81
    just rang them and was advised i was eligible for £20 reduction for 12 month = £240 saving. was then advised to callback after 12 month to see what i was then eligible for haha.

    ive also switched broadband to them - £9.99 line rental for 10 month and £10 unlimited fibre for 12 month.
  • grr1972
    grr1972 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Phoned sky yesterday Tuesday to cancel tv package . Told them I'm looking into changing my broadband from them as well.I was immediately offered 6 months free tv package plus 6 months free broadband . Winner.
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