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  • Debrose
    I was out of contract & had been notified of a price rise, basic package, to £32 per month. Inphoned, adamant to cancel & was offered 12 months at £11. Success!
  • brewerdave
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    As part of my former work, I was a negotiator. So, based on the messages on the Forum I thought it would be a doddle to reduce my £82.94 bill (going up by the full £4.50). I took on all the tips mentioned here. I also told him that I was retiring shortly, so money will become tighter (both true) and that we were considering cancelling Sky altogether (also true).

    The Sky representative was charming and very chatty. Then, the offer I was made was poor: firstly I was told that any offers made today are for 6 months only. The best they could do worked out as a reduction of £45 over those 6 months. I declined.

    I told him that we would contact Virgin before deciding what to do. Some of our neighbours have Virgin and don't seem to be as disappointed as the many one reads about. It didn't phase him at all.

    I'll try again in a day or so, or we'll go through with the cancellation and see if that moves them.

    Just give them 31 days notice - you may have to wait til it actually goes off - but everyone I have spoken to, gets an immediate offer -then you can use your negotiating skills to improve the offer:T
  • tight_one
    My contract run until June. reduced monthly payment by £20, Started new 12 month contract.
  • DoubleEm
    Thanks for the tips.
    Tried ringing Sky and apologised for having to cancel my contract as I was unable to pay increased costs! Was initially offered £5 monthly discount which I sadly refused. Was then offered £7.50 monthly discount which I gave considerable thought to then refused. Was then offered £10 monthly discount for 10 months which I gratefully accepted.:j
    It's a fantastic help to me so thanks again
  • bazzer1947
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    Just rang sky to cancel because of another £4.00 going on bill which would take package to £90.45per month after talking to them I was put through to retention team who eventually gave me reduction after 27years with them without any previous offers of cost going down to £57.45for 10 months and told to ring again in February 2016 to see what they can offer then :well done to money saving expert for advice .
  • Wendymarf61
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    Just got £64 per month bill down to £43.50 and a free HD box.
    I was very charming and used fact we had been loyal customers for 15 years.
    Discovered I was on old package and swapping to new family one instantly saved £5.25 a month (sure we can live without the one channel it doesn't have - F1 motor sport)!!
  • stanpet
    Thanks to Martin's weekly email I contacted Sky today about the imminent price increase and to cut a long story short my monthly bill has been reduced by 22.50 for the next 8 months. Never mind all the others Martin Lewis for PM!!!
  • cootuk
    cootuk Posts: 878 Forumite
    I've only been offered £5pm off for 6 months from their call centre - think I will have to cancel
  • Looneylee
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    Thanks to the weekly email, I've given Sky a call today. I already have free broadband with the Sky Sports Offer, and £8.50 per month discount on our Movies Package, so wasn't sure they'd be able to do anything for me. Spoke to a lovely lady who was able to offer me £12.50 per month discount for 10 months. Really pleased :)
  • [Deleted User]
    Don't settle for anything less than 50% off from Sky. They need you more than you need them. The money sky I have spent on the premier league could bankrupt them if they're not careful.
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