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Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    Had mystery curry (turned out to be veg) with a 3 bean and squid jalfrezi. No rice for me but did some for DH. Postponed roast beef until today so that DS can join us.

    So out
    Veg curry
    Pressure cooked beans (chick peas, borlotti, cannellini)
    herbs and spices
    onions from garden store
    basmati rice
    squid rings from the world's biggest bag
    broad beans

    In - nothing :j


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  • Out of freezer 2 portions of chilli con carne, some wedges and some g/free scampi for DS. Only 2 litres of milk into the fridge.
    Yesterday used up 2 raw chicken breasts & some g/free pastry.
  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    In to freezer/cupboard: Nothing
    Out of freezer: 2 crumpets, 1 portion HM soup, 1 portion sliced cooked turkey thigh, 1 portion peas and 1 portion corn
    Out of cupboards: Nothing
    Use up: chicken liver pate,1 portion of root veg mash, 1 wrinkly apple (chopped up for the birds)

  • FranalamadingdongFranalamadingdong Forumite
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    Finished the jar of pasta. Got the next bag ready to decant. Used a portion of sausages. We've got enough leftover for my lunch tomorrow. Taken a chicken breast out of the freezer for tomorrow's tea. So far I've got tin foil and mouthwash on the shopping list for this week, but my cupboards and freezer aren't packed full. Strange!
  • Several weeks later than originally intended I finally made 3 full kilner jars of chilli jam with the ingredients in the fridge. Yeay. House smells delicious. Used up the pork that I took out yesterday and didn't use for the kids tea. Haven't managed anything myself all day again - except for water, painkillers and 2 cups of tea with barely a splash of milk - although in fairness I did swipe a finger on the jam spoon for testing the chilli heat level.

    NSD #13 done today - was hoping for 14 in the month so quite probably achieve this (touch wood). Next month I think I will increase that to allow 2 spend days a week - although when OH is in charge of the kitchen cupboards it's out of my hands. DS back to school tomorrow but DD has one more day yet so we will do something out of the house together but shouldn't be any grocery shopping or eating out - will see what she fancies. I am planning on getting their credit union accounts sorted tomorrow as have had the forms for months and I have finally located their birth certificates.

    I need to find some way to use up remaining extra thick double cream so was planning on making a small pan of cream mushroom soup to use up a punnet and half of mushrooms. This will need to go into the freezer unless I find I can eat tomorrow. But thinking about it I will need something to store it in. Hmmmmm... Maybe need a plan B. I will also need to freeze 2 big bags of sprouts I bought - I read I will need to blanche them first so was thinking to steam them for a few minutes then ice water. I can't stand mushy sprouts but I think it's definitely better to try to save them than just leave them in the fridge if they're not going to get used.

    Out: 2 YS pork steaks, bit of cheese, carrots (very bendy!), 1/2 tin sweetcorn, lo roasties from freezer; red peppers, chilli peppers, YS tomatoes, red onions, garlic bulb, spices, balsamic vinegar, tabasco sauce finished off. DS had 1/2 tin of beans and sausage on toast for lunch

    In: 1/2 tin beans and sausage; 1/2 tin of sweetcorn; 3 kilner jars of hm chilli jam. II moved the 2 pack of rib eye steak from fridge to freezer even though it had a good date on it (28/2) - bought last big shop - as it was starting to go that slightly off putting brown colour. I don't think it effects taste but they all eat with their eyes so better safe than sorry.

    I've rejigged meal plan again on the assumption I won't be able to eat until this pain passes, OH gone away for work and DS not eating with us tomorrow evening. So will attempt to use up more freezer items (I need the tupperware for soup!)

    Hope everybody has a successful week ahead of them xxx

  • joedenisejoedenise Forumite
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    JensFeet - no need to blanch sprouts, just put them in bags in meal sized portions or open freeze them and put in a big bag, depending on how is most convenient for you.

  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    Trying to run down the kitchen freezer under the fridge

    casserole venison
    peas, sweetcorn
    some sort of fruit and topping, not labelled, but it turned out to be apple with a hobnob topping so it was ok for DH
    rest from fridge and cupboards

    IN - nothing

    There are some more unidentified items in this freezer which need investigating, may be a challenge.
    A friend who had a similar problem of not labelling things put what he thought was a pack of baby onions in a stew - they turned out to be gooseberries uck :rotfl:
  • My parents are staying with me for a few days so I had dinner made for me last night which was lovely - a hearty veg stew with a spicy tomato sauce and some brown rice. My Dad had cleaned the oven while I was at work as well. Best present ever!

    I've brought in leftover mushroom risotto for lunch today and no idea what's for tea as my parents are on cooking duty again. I feel like I've got a housewife at the moment. :-)
  • joedenise wrote: »
    JensFeet - no need to blanch sprouts, just put them in bags in meal sized portions or open freeze them and put in a big bag, depending on how is most convenient for you.

    Ooooh thanks for this Denise! You've saved me a job. Much obliged x

  • FranalamadingdongFranalamadingdong Forumite
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    Oh gin! Can I borrow your parents?!

    Zafiro I had to snort at gooseberry stew. Lol.

    I was checking the freezer last night trying to get inspiration for next month's plan and what needed using (still that spinach and sweet corn...) And I found I'd put a Martini glass in there for a ready chilled glass and a plate for jam testing. I had to chuckle at myself. Anyone else have curious items in their freezer?!
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