The ups, the downs and the insides out of growing your own in 2024!

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Welcome to the new ups and downs of growing your own!

Everyone is welcome. Come and tell us about your growing shenanigans

What do you like to grow?

Are you going to try anything different this year?

Did you try anything different last year? Did you like it? Would you grow it again?

Do you have any tips for growing?

Do you make anything with what you grow?

How much does growing your own save you?

I'll use this post for links that folks might find useful. If you want something adding in, please just let me know 🙂
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  • alicef
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    Count me in.

    2023 - quite tricky for the annuals grown outside the polytunnel.  Early pea crop was very good; garlic all OK; self seeded parsnips grew into monsters; onions grow from seed ok.  Later ripening crops so-so.  Pumpkins and squashes a disaster.

    Perennials and polytunnel crops all good and we had an excellent apricot crop.

    2024 - will grow garlic in pots as I haven't cleared the ground and it's too wet now to get dug, (plus I'm getting twitchy about planting the crop in the same ground I've used over the last 5 years).  I'm going to haul out the propagators and get chillies started in Jan because I would like to grow as much as I can for the fund raiser plant sale.
  • Farway
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    Thanks for starting afresh.
    2023 was hit & miss, a lot more misses unfortunately, plums & cherries I never had one fruit to eat despite the promise during blossom time, down to birds, snails and poor weather
    Outdoor tomatoes for once came good, the blight held off, weather was just right and quite pleased with the results

    My health has stopped me mowing the grass, weeding & general maintenance, so the garden has gradually gone into decline, but I hope to keep on top in 2024. Concentrating on cane fruit like blackberries that I can tend to without falling over into the plants. :'(
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  • bamboo_socks
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    Hello and happy New Year everyone! New to the MSE forum and new to this thread. I am planning on growing small things this year, probably lettuce/tomatoes/cucumbers, that sort of thing. Despite a relatively large garden, it's quite shady so I need to be able to move my plants about (thinking grow bags, bags for life and so on).

    I've got a bit left on a garden centre gift voucher so I might audit the seeds I have then go and stock up.
  • FreeBear
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    Stuck a plumcot in last spring and moved it to its final home at the end of November - It will be a few years before I get any fruit on it. Hoping I might get a bunch of grapes off the Fragola vine that got planted at the same time.
    If not, I'll have the usual crop of weeds to contend with.
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  • 2023 was hit and miss for me too - I'm going to be much more proactive this year and improve at succession sowing! 🤦‍♀️😂 I'm hoping to massively increase production by doing better and also creating some new veggie beds in the front garden, it's quite shady but should be good for some crops; I've bought jerusalem artichoke tubers to plant out there in the spring and I'm reasonably confident that it will be a good place for salad leaves which would free up an entire raised bed at the back of the house 🙌 

    I haven't decided on exactly what I'm growing this year but dh and I are doing the planning this weekend 😁
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  • droopsnoot
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    I've got onions and potatoes outside that I planted late last year, I've had six or seven shoots showing on the onions but it was down to three last time I looked. I've put wire netting around them this time, to keep the local cat(s) from using them as a toilet. I'll be growing some chilli and tomato plants later on, but that's probably about it. I got a reasonable number of both last year, still have some chillies in the freezer, but a lot of them are quite tasteless so I'll be a bit more careful with what I plant this time.
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