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Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

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    JensFeetJensFeet Forumite
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    Jensfeet hasn't the weather been nasty here the past few days?!. Sounds like you live further out from me, as it takes me about 7/10mins to get into to town on foot. :rotfl: re your daughter and wonderful concoctions. My daughter used do this and mix lots of drinks together (seperately from the other concoctions), but never adorned my freezer.Hope you are feeling better soon. BTW, I would love your chilli jam recipe if you don't mind sharing. I have just received delivery of an Instant Pot and wonder if I could make it in that!?

    Ooooh K9s - oreo thins - not tried them but I'm sure they helped to keep good old Aunt Flo 'happy'.
    Both my kids make those drink concoctions too! They make all sorts of (disgusting) blends which turn out all different muddy colours and look dreadful. When they discover their perfect mix they stick to it until one or all of the ingredients is no longer available and then begin all over again. Yuck. (Although - lol - when I was a kid I used to pour sugar into my glass of 'sugar free' cordial until it was about 2 inches deep in the glass!! Only when my mum and dad weren't watching obviously!) Oooooh when I was little I also used to have sugar about 1/2 inch thick on top of my breakfast cereal too. Gross when I look back (and no wonder I was so fat!)

    The weather has been horrid! The wind and rain last night was so loud I was worried that the roof was struggling but all looks okay this morning. Have you read about Storm Doris which is meant to arrive here tomorrow? 80mph winds apparently. Roll on sunny Cyprus for me Friday!!

    As for where we are in our town - according to google maps it's 1 mile from my house to the funny roundabout thingymejig - but I measured it today and it's 0.6 miles. I'm a slow walker lol. We are just near the well known shoe shop with an almost rural feel with fields around us yet really just set back from the main road. Our lovely deer was strolling around the garden this morning and let me get within 20 feet from him / her and posed for photos for me too. I was grinning ear to ear.

    As for a recipe for my chilli jam - I made Nigella's chilli jam at Christmas and it was devine but there wasn't very much of it. So I sort of just added things to bulk it out and threw the bits in the pan and let it cook until the mix was almost set on a plate out of the freezer. I didn't measure anything but I used:
    3 red onions
    16 red chillis
    10 peeled tomatoes
    4 red peppers
    about 2 inches of tabasco sauce from the bottle
    about 1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon of salt
    a good amount of dried chilli flakes
    1 bulb garlic
    1 inch of fresh peeled ginger
    1kg sugar (normal type)
    some balsamic vinegar
    some malt vinegar
    some lemon juice

    I blitzed all of the veg, garlic and ginger in the food processor. Put it all in a heavy pan with the sugar, vinegars and other spices etc and just simmered it until I was happy with the consistency. It isn't a set jam (Nigella recipe uses pectin sugar but it's like 4 times the price!) but it's not runny either. It will spread well without falling off the item it's put onto. I haven't actually tried it yet but I did finger swipe the cooled spoon and it was lovely and spicy hot but sweet and tasty. There are 3 extremely full kilner jars sitting in the cupboard awaiting the return of my appetite... I do hope you're okay with 'recipe' and give it a shot or something similar!!

    Off to google 'Instant Pot' as I've never heard of this x

  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    OUT frozen fish portions, a leg of lamb. turkey breast, -pack of Mr Brains Faggots, garden peas,baby carrots and some frozen fruit.
    IN Nothing
    freezer is about 1/3 empty now, getting there.
  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    Grey miserable day here, not chilly and no wind.
    Unfortunately, I had a relapse yesterday. The coffee we like was on a very good special offer so I bought enough for six months :( It will come out of my 'bulk buy' fund.

    Joint of gammon, cut some of it into slices for use later and put the rest in the slow cooker.
    2 pieces of fruitloaf
    a few prawns
    a bag of uncooked home grown tomatoes. This year I'm going to skin and cook the tomatoes before freezing them as it should save space in the freezer because loads of water comes off them.
    3 pieces bread
    5 sausages
    HM apple crumble

    IN nothing
  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    In to freezer: two portions root veg mash
    In to cupboards: box coconut milk powder
    Out of freezer: 1 portion potato croquettes, 1 cheese "n" ham pasty
    Out of cupboards: nothing
    Use up: 1/2 tin baked beans, end of tub of cottage cheese

  • tootallulahtootallulah Forumite
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    Out: home made lasagne.
    In: nothing.

    I am hoping to get to London tomorrow on the East Coast line it isn't looking good.
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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    Out of the freezer
    Sausages for tomorrow to defrost
    2 pieces of chicken
    Last of the vienetta – vital for v sore throat.

    From stock, a tin of beans, Heinz of course.
    From the fridge cheese and eggs for an omelette.

    In - nothing.
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    NicheletteNichelette Forumite
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    Out today - pizza, 2 bits of battered fish, last of a bag of peas

    In - nothing, for once :j

    I need to buy an odd few fresh bits for my meal plan but I'm happy with how eating from the freezer is going so far. Tomorrow I'm going to have some more freezer veg & Ikea veg balls with the last of the bag of bulgar wheat. OH will behaving home made fish cakes which are defrosting as I type.

    Edited to add.. food budget is also looking pretty healthy! I went to Aldi on payday and spent £20ish on the store cupboard bits I needed for the following 3 weeks and fresh stuff for last week. Need very little else for next couple of weeks which is good. Will be very happy if I can stay under £100.
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    JensFeetJensFeet Forumite
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    edited 22 February 2017 at 10:20PM
    Zafiro - the coffee sounds like something you would have kicked yourself for not buying at a good price next time you had to pop into a shop because you had run out so I think I would have done exactly the same. And you have an allocated budget from which to spend the money too so perfect imho... You say 'relapse' - do you already have many jars in the cupboard or are you down to the last 1 or 2? My mum will buy 10's or 20's or more of her favourite coffee if there's a good deal on - it must be genetic!

    Out: 2 & 1/2 punnets mushrooms, last of cream, celery, onion, stock cube, pearl barley = cream of mushroom and barley soup for the freezer so not to throw away the mushrooms as only I eat them - although day 6 without eating a thing for me today; macaroni pasta, milk, spices, cheese to make slow cooker macaroni cheese for kids tea, end of cucumber, end of sweetcorn from fridge. I also made 2 pans of corned beef hash using cupboard and store items for guests arriving tomorrow and staying overnight before our holiday. It's always better heated up the next day so while I was cooking anyway and cleaning the kitchen it was just as easy to do it. We will serve with crusty bread (part baked baguettes in cupboard). Any leftovers my OH will eat for his lunch over the next few days as it's his favourite.

    IN: (assuming I can make space and find storage for it all) 6 portions mushroom soup; 2 portions leftover macaroni cheese.

    I still need to prep sprouts for freezer - never done it before - but going to remove outer leaves and bottom and bag up in portions. There are also 2 heads of broccoli and a cauli which I'm not convinced will be used up next week. I will blitz the cauliflower into 'cauli rice' and freeze in small portions (freezer bags). Not sure what to do with the broccoli - probably just freeze florets and stems separately in bags. I love the stem / stalk of broccoli more than the florets but is only me that does in the house. There are 5 bananas which are looking past their best so I will get the kids to make a date and banana loaf and a chocolate banana loaf using store cupboard ingredients and the last of the YS eggs from last week. Then they have cake for while I'm away (although no doubt will have to slice and store some in the freezer too. Yikes!)

    There are spring greens and a savoy cabbage too - honestly if I was able to eat these were all meal planned and would not be wasted - but I think they will be okay in the salad crisper drawer of fridge for a week so going to leave them as is.

    I have a lot of housework to get done in the morning but OH will be home and I will have some help! At least the kitchen is done and I've been sorting through the living rooms; dry laundry from last weekend had built up in utility room so I put that away - although have done 3 more wash loads done today which will need sorting tomorrow. I also need to strip my DD's bedding and wash ready for her lending out her bed tomorrow night. She is very excited to sleep on the sofa bed for some reason! And I'm sad because I get to use the steam mop (inherited hand-me-down)... Have a great Thursday everybody x

  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    Jensfeet, You have been very busy, lets hope you can relax once Friday arrives!!! The coffee - I was down to the one being used and one in reserve so I bought 10 which should last us 20 weeks, I don't drink as much coffee as my DH as I prefer water during the day so it should last.

    I had another great deal the other week 'dishwasher tablets' it was on 33% off, plus, I also got an extra 20% off with my waitrose 'pick your own' items. I bought 30 packets. I have three dishwashers so I get through a fair bit.

    What is cauliflower rice - intrigued?

    You have reminded me that I must make some cake tomorrow from cupboard stuff and lemons as I refuse to buy biscuits until my stock of cake ingredients has gone down. Just realised I also have the items needed for a date and chocolate cake, so I may do that as well if I have time.
  • FranalamadingdongFranalamadingdong Forumite
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    Used the beef from the freezer, all the carrots, the last of the potatoes and the last of beef stock cubes.... And some of the next pack I had. Haha. Stew for tea!

    Might use the freezer meals before doing a bulk shop for the month. Yesterday I didn't fancy any tea so DS had fish fingers, chips and beans and on Sunday we're going to my parents for tea so that's moved that meal into the new month.
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