Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

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Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
As the previous thread here had got very long, this is a new one for a continuation of the discussion.

From the original first post of the previous thread:
Middy wrote: »
OK my freezer and stock cupboards are crammed full. I realise have spent a lot of money in the food in there. I want to save money by using these and only buy:
. Milk
. Fruit/Veg
. Bread
. Yoghurt
. Breakfast cereal (only have 2 unopened packets)
. Sandwich fillings (have one pack of ham in the freezer)

as these things I eat virtually every day

Until one of the following happens
. I ran out of food
. I have only fish fingers and cornflakes left.

It will be a challenge as I'm on weight watchers so I have to be extra creative to keep my points down.
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  • I have had a good week.

    I have managed to use a lot of ingredients from my cupboards and freezer and things are looking really good. My pasta mountain has come down from 20 packages to 4 packages, I am beginning to see a large dent in my freezer and my food bill has reduced dramatically. :D

    IN today - 5 portions of HM pasta tuna bake for hubby's lunch

    OUT today - mince for pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce

    NSD - :T
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  • I need to clear space in my freezer as I buy home grown meat off my mum (pork, bacon, gamon, beef and lamb) and as she lives 4 hours away she has been storing it in her freezer but i have been told in no uncertain term that I need to take at least half back when I next visit next month. So thanks for starting this as the motivation will help me achieve my goal and save money.
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  • Gonzo1987Gonzo1987 Forumite
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    Successful weekend, lots out the freezer and nothing in! Nearly got 1 drawer clear, can't physically open the bottom drawer.... not sure what to do there.

    Out today - 2 x scotch pies which the dog had for breakfast.

    Need to meal plan for this week, so will create more space too.
  • Where has kirri gotten too?
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  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    Nothing in again today and I have just pulled out some lamb mince for tomorrow.
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  • KirriKirri Forumite
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    Where has kirri gotten too?

    I'm here! Supposed to be painting...

    I was thinking I don't really need to be here much longer though as I've not got a lot of old stuff left in the cupboards now.. :D

    Did you complain about your maggot??

    MsT - wow that must have taken ages to read all that, impressed!!
  • I put some mince in the freezer, that I won't get to use before it's use by date.

    Will be taking something out for dinner, but what this is, I just don't know yet!
  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
    2.4K posts
    Nothing in again today, this is going well:j

    cheese buns came out to go with chilli for dinner. I even had a nsd :eek:
    One step must start each journey
    One word must start each prayer
    One hope will raise our spirits
    One touch can show you care
  • Gonzo1987Gonzo1987 Forumite
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    Quorn fillets out and chilli in. Won't be much more movement this week I don't think
  • Kirri, I think it took about 3 weeks. I tend to read while led in bed and cant sleep lol.

    Out of the freezer sausages for toad in the hole, low fat sausages and yorkshire pudding as theyre lower fat too.

    had to nip out to mr T and buy donuts as we are painting too, needed sugar rush
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