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Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    3 x mince pies

    1 portion of large turkey pieces from the carcass taken out yesterday.
    1 portion smaller turkey bits for soup
    1 portion of unidentified turkey bits including some, but not all of the skin - labelled for the dog.
    Turkey stock is in the fridge waiting for the fat to come to the surface so I can remove it before freezing.
    Just made a large slab of parkin most of which will be frozen, plus most of a chocolate cake, cooking as I type.

    I actually saw an almost empty shelf this morning - I had to do a double take. :j :j note to myself........remember- remember it's not an excuse to refill it
  • WinchelseaWinchelsea Forumite
    693 posts
    Can I join in on this please?
    I know I've got good stores of basics, in fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards, so with a bit of creativity I should be able to do it.
    Let's see, shall we?
    Keeping three cats, the car and myself on a small budget, and enjoying life while we're at it!
  • FranalamadingdongFranalamadingdong Forumite
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    Well done Sue, it's hard to make the effort when it's just you. I like to make a tomato sauce and add the sliced beef and have it with pasta as a leftover dish.

    We went food shopping on Friday and we've been using and freezing that. Overall I think our stores are quite good. But I can easily slip into bad habits! I must make a new cupboard sheet for what's in the cupboard (ours had a lot of crossings out thankfully!) I need to check through the freezer again as I didn't write what was in there. I have been able to chuck in a couple of loaves of bread each big shop we do without doing freezer jenga so I know we're doing ok. The blasted spinach and sweet corn linger on though. I really must make the effort!

    I have a late-ish drs appointment tomorrow at 5pm. I'll be dropping off DS with my parents as I don't want him present. Given the drs is always behind I'll have to factor in more time. So dinner is a quicky. The trout will come out of the freezer tonight for tomorrow, to be had with broccoli, new potatoes and peas (f). Quick and easy! Wednesday we will be having my friend's 2 oldest kids before school and I'll take them in with mine, then after work I should have the gas safety check (4th appointment lucky?!), then helping at mum and dad's again. I'll be there each day after work this week I think. Guests arrive Friday!!! So it's a busy time for us, meaning I have to be on top of things, including food stores, when things need to defrost and what I actually have time to make. Although I put together my new kitchen bench while risotto was cooking tonight!
  • FurryBeastOzFurryBeastOz Forumite
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    Very proud. I had bolognaise left out for tonight. But a couple of items (ham) went OOD today, so I made an omelette using other odds and ends and I'll take the bolognaise for lunch tomorrow with the heels of bread to mop up juice. No waste.

    Had leftover veg with the Omelette. DH will have his portion of bolognaise with the last of last nights Quinoa.

    Out for tomorrow - 1 portion lasagne for DH dinner (I'll be having the second half of the omelette.) 1 qtr ginger cake - DH lunch, and needed in the office tomorrow. 1 chocolate brownie (for ME).

    Nothing added. NSD:D
    Goals - Weight loss 6/26lb at 22nd Jan 18
    Mmmm. 26lb at 1/7/18. Oops:o
  • Mohawk_3Mohawk_3 Forumite
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    I need this thread. I'm naturally inclined to stock-pile, and in the main it helps me to save money. I love batch cooking, and like to have options when I look in the cupboard, but the reality is that I have certain things that I always pass over, and it's a waste, especially as things go beyond their best before date. And then I complain because I don't have enough room for my new favourite food I'm buying on special offer. :doh:

    This thread is good motivation for me to get rummaging, and to commit to using things up, and not just prepping for the apocalypse. Although now I think about what's going on these days, maybe I ought to get replacements. :think:
  • NicheletteNichelette Forumite
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    I've completely lost track of what has been going in and out, but my meal plan for this week is largely from the freezer and veg stocks that I've acquired. MIL had to go to Scotland at short notice - FIL stayed at home and is a veg dodger so I've been gifted the veg she bought before going as there is no chance of him eating it!

    I have so much veg as I already had a lot so I expect some will end up in the freezer, but I will make a batch of soup for work lunches to use some up. I organized the freezer last night and don't have a lot of room, so there will be a limit to how much I can fit in there... At least it is tidy now though.

    Next weeks meal plan will be heavily freezer based again. I think part of the issue is the massive amount of meat which I have some strange compulsion to buy but won't eat. I'm hoping to see my sister on Friday so I can offload a huge chunk of beef I've been saving for her which will make a bit of a dent :rotfl:.

    I'm hoping to get to a point where I have space to freeze batch cooked meals so I don't need to cook so much after work, instead of having lots of components loitering in the freezer.
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  • K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    I'd like to join for February please.

    Wrote a big reply and lost it :(

    Punnet of strawberries from f+v shop ( normally dearer but £1.50 for a large punnet, compared £2.00 from supermarket)
    Two loose onions (from shop above)
    2 x snack shortcake biscuits from work that were reduced ( I work in a shop, so even harder to resist buying), for DDs packed lunches

    Three pieces of bread with small amount of spread
    Last of tube of mushroom Pate
    Nakd fruity nibbles
    Sesame snack
    Part of tuna Tin
    Wholemeal thin
    Approx. Two chicken thighs (stuck together so hard to tell)
    a jar of Reggae Reggae sauce
    One onion
    One yellow pepper
    Half a bag of vegan Quorn chicken
    Two portions of rice from app 4/10kg
    Tub of fromage Frais (half ate, some spilt by cat, the rest binned as DD didn't like it :()
    Three strawberries
    Mrs Crumbles Dutch apple cake
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  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Today I put some of the leftover beef in the slow cooker, with a couple of carrots, some chopped onions and the last of the sweet potato which I had in the freezer, also put in a couple of potatoes. It made enough for 2 portions so will have the rest another night.
    Weight loss challenge 6/12lbs

  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    Out this afternoon: 1/4 bag of sweetcorn, a corn cob, dregs of a bag of sliced mushrooms and ditto mixed peppers, a bag of chicken stock and a bag of chicken carcass pickings. Outcome, with some added veg from the fridge, a pot of chicken "chowder" no doubt some of which will frozen later in the week.
    In - nothing

  • edited 31 January 2017 at 10:27AM
    JingsMyBucketJingsMyBucket Forumite
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    edited 31 January 2017 at 10:27AM
    Hi folks, I'm new to the forums and joined the February Grocery Challenge over the weekend. I soon realized that I also needed to join this separate thread for clearing out the pantry, fridge and freezers.

    Breakfast this morning: used up the last of the blueberries in the fridge.

    Lunch was leftovers from last night: stripped rotisserie chicken breast and combined it with a Blue Dragon oyster sauce packet I had in the cupboard to make a stir fry. Added cabbage, mushrooms, and peanuts to it.

    Dinner for me: used 2 Ikea pancakes from the freezer along with ham and some leftover cheese to have some savoury crepes. OH did an omelette for himself finishing off some frozen eggplant.

    Tonight I made a large set of baked eggs/frittata for us to eat for breakfasts and lunches this week. That used up some of the leftover milk from a friend visiting, some roast potatoes in the fridge, end of the frozen spinach and all the diced tomatoes in the fridge. OH is very happy with how it turned out. I also took a ready made quiche out the freezer for his lunch this week and a soup I made a month ago. I was so happy to get things out of there!

    Cooking for this week:
    We still have some of the rotisserie potatoes left and I'll make a potato leek soup with that later this week.

    I need some way to use the chicken carcass though. Suggestions? I might make a small and light 2-serving soup for myself as my OH is vegetarian.

    I still need to do an inventory of my kitchen and will do that this weekend. I'm up to my ears in work right now and will finally have downtime after Thursday night.
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