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Real-life MMD: Is my boyfriend taking me for a ride?

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    What a skinflint! Keep the car and ditch the boyfriend. Anyone who can be so mean is not a good prospect.
  • I hate the way some people try to assume your relationship's on the rocks just because you've asked a question about what's fare with regards to money.

    This isn't a relationship counciling forum, it's a personal finances forum!

    My own personal view point is that you obviously feel your boyfriend should at least contribute a little, as you've posed the question in the first place.

    I imagine it's actually the extra time it takes you to ferry your boyfriend around with no recompense that grates. If he'd just help out with the car insurance that would help redress the balance.

    If he doesn't want to do that then he can pay the bus driver instead.
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    I might have done it when younger but now, older and more cynical about people's behaviour, and the fact my car costs on average about £110 per month in tax, insurance, maintenance etc just to keep it on the road without taking into account petrol and depreciation, then no these days I would not bother running a non-driver around daily just because they don't drive, in fact I couldn't even be bothered to go out with someone who didn't drive, it's usually too much hassle/effort.

    I don't mind giving people lifts, friends, family, partners etc, am happy to offer, but not to drive someone around all the time on a regular occasion ie to work etc.

    What if I have an accident when I am going out of my way for someone else, it's me that has to come up with the insurance excess etc and suffer increased insurance the next year. The extra wear and tear all adds up to more maintenance/repair costs for me too.
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    epm-84 wrote: »
    but might if you had to take a diversion to do so and added 1000 miles annually.

    on this bear in mind just a 5 mile detour (10mile for both ways in a day) for (46*5) days per year gives an extra 2300 miles per year. so insurance may increase if this pushes you over a band.

    on my car it requires a service every 12000 miles so that is ~20% of a service which these days is at least £250 (not including any significant parts or tyres) so about £50
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    hogger84 wrote: »
    on my car it requires a service every 12000 miles so that is ~20% of a service which these days is at least £250 (not including any significant parts or tyres) so about £50

    Isn't a service usually recommended either annually or after a certain number of miles (whichever comes first)? Depending on the age of your car and when it was purchased you sometimes get a certain number of years free servicing included in your purchase.
  • I hate men like that. My husband is the same
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